Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sleeping Bed

I had a tough time finding a photo of what I have in my mind. This however looks very inviting and a peaceful place to grab a magazine and dream away on a warm afternoon. I'm searching for a an old iron or wicker daybed, or porch bed that I can place in my shed. Right now I'm using the loveseat but its not working out. I'm finding that when we finally get to use the little cottage, we feel like stretching out and snuggling up. We've been enjoying movies out there at the end of the day. Baldyman is finishing up the trim painting and then when thats done, it will be doing the little brick patio in front of it. I also am going to hang lights around the top. We are at the very end of finishing it up. Where I live there arent very many antique stores or estate sales. If there are estate sales, they are outrageously priced. A twin size would be perfect. If anyone had ideas on how to locate something affordable and comfy...drop me a note. I did find one new antique dealer where our trailer is and I hope to get there this week. Its one of the cleanest, reasonably priced and neatest stores I've seen in years. She carries a ton of stuff, its all organized and its super super clean and in super condition. I'm hoping she will come across a little porch bed for my cottage!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell Farrah and Michael Jackson

This isnt the famous poster I grew up with. Lilly has it on her blog if you wish to check it out. This definitely shows the age of many of us bloggers, but Farrah and Michael Jackson are both icons I remember very well. At my age--all the girls wanted our hair to be cut like Farrah's. I remember going to the Salon and asking for that--and hearing it asked for. The swimsuit poster,,,i remember my inlaws got it for a gift from their sons and my FIL had it in front of his dresser. Charlies Angels--everyone had their favorite. She wasnt much of an actress, but she still had a huge prescense. Extremities and Burning Bed were probably her most valued films. I remember her marriage to Lee Majors and its demise. I remember the Playboy Spread she did at 50---to show women dont lose their sexiness at that age...while I may not agree with that morally,,,I dont judge anymore. She was the epitome of a woman who valued her health, always exercising, playing sports, and the sun goddess. Like another blogger, she wasnt my favorite of actresses,,,but I am very impressed with her courageous battle of Cancer and her willingness to show us what cancer does,,,to the rich and famous. She wasnt embarassed to show herself wittling away. Its reality of the harshest kind isnt it? I pray she is with peace now, and smiling once again.

As for Michael Jackson. For me, my 3 sons were very young when Thriller came out. We bought the tape because it was the rage of the country. I remember dancing to it--my sons dancing to just couldnt get enough of it. I also remember Michael as a young boy, and it was quite sad watching what he did to himself. Whether he did it because he was mentally disturbed or health issues,,either way-it was very sad to watch. His body and face literally fell apart. I felt his soul had to be deeply disturbed and tormented. Rumors of abusing little boys haunted his life--his career. A shameful harsh look into what fame can do to some. I also felt his childhood had to be tormenting--there is so much ickiness in that family--it dosnt take a genius to know something horrific when down in that childhood home. What a shame.

I wish him peace also...

A sad day I think in the world of entertainment. Cancer is still taking our loved ones,,,after all the money, time and research so many of us feel there should be cures by now..and yet every day it takes more. Its very troubling.

Alot of memories for so many of us, a very bittersweet feeling.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Las Vegas

I had a few more than I thought. This didnt turn out like I would have hoped. I cannot tell you how beautiful it was to come around the corner after nearly 23 hours of driving and see these lights. It was utterly breathtaking. If you ever drive to Las Vegas, plan your arrival at dusk...its just amazing how bright and beautiful this is.
This is a mountain in Utah. I think this picture turned out pretty awesome. My husband cannot get enough of Utah...I can take it or leave it after seeing it 3 times,,,,he still gets amazed.
This photo--cracked us all up. Janell (DIL) who is 8 months pregnant--had to stop and go potty. We pulled into this pretty desolate station and all that was there was this cage,,filled with grass, dented in and look at that sign!!!! Pet Exercise Area-and even funnier...Please keep it clean!!!! We just had to laugh.
This is Colorado on the way in. Its become one of our normal pitstops to get out and walk--go potty etc. It was kinda cool here, in the 60's. Its amazing how the temps change from state to state--and in Colorado from town to town. You can go literally from the 80's to the 40's in sometimes less than 2 hours. It also will be sunny and hot--then cloudy and snowing. You dont get to see those kinds of things when you fly.

I wish I had taken more--but like I said--we just werent thinking.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fountain Madness!

I would have to say if I have one addiction it would be fountains. I cant get enough of them, the sound of running water is very soothing to me. This is my newest fountain. The Serenity Fountain from Hallmark. I think its wayyyyyy overpriced, but when you love something you tend to somewhat overlook that. I've waited about 2 months to get this. With my leftover vacation money, I finally went and purchased it.
This fountain sits on the deck. He makes alot of noise...I love him because of that. AND my cat and dog thinks that these fountains are for them to grab a quick drink.
This is the fountain that started it all. Baldyman bought me this about 6 years ago for Mothers Day. We've replaced the pump at least 3 times now. This is Genies favorite stop for a drink, its right next to the front stoop to enter the house and so she'll just about drain this of water before she comes in. I have to refill this sometimes twice a day.

I have a few more fountains, one small one in the office, one in the little cabin, and then my little pond. I'm on the lookout now for the clearance fountains for outside because I want some on the sides of the house also. The birds will enjoy taking a dip in those!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hello fellow bloggers!

We made it there and back problems! The trip was exhausting, we did alot of running, constantly going out, wanted to see as much as possible. I lost about 120 dollars, then on the 3rd night I wont it all back. I gambled a bit my total loss was about 32.00. Not bad considering I hit the slots ALOT! We saw so much this time around. The only real disapointment was we just couldnt seem to find a reasonably priced good meal. AND...get this--I only took one picture! I got a picture of us arriving at nighttime, all the lights. It was so beautiful. I will post that tomorrow. I dont know why we didnt take any pictures..we just didnt. I'm glad to be home. We drove straight thru...left Las Vegas Thursday morning--arrived home Friday afternoon. Unreal. We were in the car about 24-25 hours, except for potty breaks.

The picture above is of a couple weeks ago--Genie and Bugsy laying in bed with me. This was before Genie got sick. Genie was doing pretty poorly up until 2 days before we left. She seemed to be slowly improving so we went ahead and left. When we came back--our neighbor who watches her for us, said "Let me tell you about your dog Genie....she's got better each day I watched her", "She's getting healthier and better every day". I was so happy. She still collapses when she runs, so we try real hard to not let her run or get real excited. Its hard because her personality is of a fast, nosy, pesty animal. BUT... we want her around as long as possible and she continues to fight to. She's only 6 so I just cant imagine life without her.

When we got home, it is hotter than in Las Vegas. I'm lovin this weather. I hope everyone is doing fine--I have alot of catching up to do!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

See yas!

This is me, baldyman, our daughter on the left, daughter in law on the right, last May in Vegas at the Wynn. Daughterinlaw is now 8 months pregnant and on her way to Vegas. She didnt want to go but once her doctor gave her the go ahead they packed up and left last night. She wont be drinking or having that cigerette like last year,,(thank god). Our daughter Annie, just passed her RN exam and found out yesterday so she may have a celebration drink. I'm just starting to get excited. I hope to see lots of sun and hot temps.

See yas next weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

While we are sleeping....

Look who keeps busy in the night! This spider web sits just above the entrance to the hot tub. Its rare you get to see a decent web these days to...all we normally get are the scary spiders!
Its a pretty good web if you click on the picture to enlarge it. No bugs are in it yet--and we havent seen the spider. I try not to think about this web when I climb into the hot tub at night--I mean wonder if its a HUGE spider sitting just above my hair as i climb in....eek!!!!

The weather in Wisconsin since Saturday has just been better word. Its cold, cloudy, damp,,,and today is starting out the same. It dosnt feel like Spring or summer here, in fact it feels like early Fall.

Nothing else going on here, but trying to plan our vacation and looking forward to some sunshine.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Las Vegas

Well, Ms. Silly I'm gonna miss you by about a week or so! Finally we have plans in place for Las Vegas. We are leaving late next thursday night and hope to arrive by late saturday night. We are driving once again, this will be our 3rd year doing so. This was me and family last year having dinner at Mortons in Vegas. I'm super excited. We stay at a timeshare that is absolutely relaxing and very very nice. The drive isnt bad either, we all love it. What I like, is that i'm done getting my tan in one afternoon! And I adore just floating in the pool and sleeping in the sun. I hope everyone has a great weekend,,I plan on getting alot done before we leave.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The nest is empty once again. 2 days ago, they flew the coop. I saw 2 of them leave, one flew off nicely, one flew but then landed and went into the shrubs and the parents went after it. I dont know how they are doing, I wish I did. We have alot of shrubs and bushes in the back and i'm hoping they are around. It was the neatest experience watching all this. Maybe I'll get privledged and have it again next Spring!

Genie is doing ok, still being fussy about eating, her stitches come out this week. So far no collapsing, but then again she is not up to par, so she's not running around. We are hoping it was the tube in her that was giving her problems.

I'm off to check out blogs--nothing else new here!