Sunday, August 19, 2012

A day at the beach

These photos were taken end of June.  It was a beautiful day at a very quiet, peaceful beach in Kenosha Wisconsin.  The perfect place to go to bring a book, lunch or dinner and enjoy the Lake Michigan.  For some odd reason, this beach is rarely used. Its tucked away off a very quiet road.  Thats a good thing because most beaches are full of noise, litter and just to much ativity to really relax and feel as if your on vacation.  I wanted to go back there before summer was over, but its looking like I wont make it. Every summer starts out with such good intentions, things I want to do.  I started out really well, but then once July hit, I found myself struggling to do anything.  Every weekend something was scheduled.  August has been the same.  In some ways I'm so blessed to have so much to do with family and loved ones, in other ways I crave some more free time to just be still.  I'm a person who loves to do nothing, to just enjoy the scenery, listen to the sounds, watch time stand still.  thing is, it dosnt stand still does it?  As we are nearing the end of August, I find myself once again sad that summer is being put away once again.  Fall is wonderful, but for those of us who live in 4 seasons, we know what that means!  I hope these pictures create a feeling of peace within you...picture yourself here, just enjoying the quiet.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Candle

This is a picture of the breast cancer candle.  This is 100% Soy, the lid is a tin lid that will be hot when burning.  Its also a wood wick candle with a burn time of 25-30+ hours.  Anyone considering supporting breast cancer awareness month please consider this.  If there is a purchase of 2 I will include a free gift of either tealights or clamshells for candle warmers.  The price of the candle is $15.00 plus shipping.  If your interested please email me  Shipping costs I can let you know once I know how many candles you would like.  I use US Priority and there is set costs depending on the size box.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month isnt until October.  October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer, day....just the day.  I guess I'm partial to October 13th since I'm Metastatic Stage 4.  I'm partial to anything Stage 4 simply because we are the forgotten ones.  People may not like what I have to say, but these are the facts. Out of all the money raised for Breast Cancer, all of it, which is billions, only 2% goes to research for Stage 4.  That angers me, saddens me, frustrates me, and leaves me almost speechless.   Out of the earlier Stages of Breast Cancer, 30% of those who are told they are cured will go on to Stage 4.  These are facts, no one wants to hear it especially those who are battling earlier stages.  I began my breast cancer journey at Stage 4. I didnt get the chance to fight.  I'm terminal from the get go.  I've never been angry, only sad.  Those who have followed me or know me from facebook or other places, know I'm approaching my first year of living with Cancer.  I'm in treatment, cancer is stable currently and I will remain in treatment until I die.  I could add until they find the cure, but I dont think they will.  Its to big a money maker and alot of people are making a fine nice living out of those who donate to cancer.  YES, I believe there are good researchers, good doctors, sincere people who want to find a cure.  I hope they find something for us, that will give us normal life span and soon.  I want to believe there are many that care about us.  Since I'm no longer working my full time county job, I now work at my candle and body care business to supplement my income.  I made a breast cancer candle last Sept to help fund myself since bills dont stop just because your ill.  This year I've decided i want to sell a ton of breast cancer candles.  For a few reasons, one to continue to earn an income, and also eventually I want to start a fund to help local Stage 4 Breast Cancer warriors.  Expenses when your ill, go thru the roof.  There is nothing in my small town to help those battling terminal breast cancer.  Even gas cards will go along way when your driving for treatment on a regular basis.  Sooo, this post is about my plan for this Sept and early October.  I will be making as many breast cancer candles as I can.  I would like to sell between 300-400.  Once i learn how to start a foundation or fund, I will designate 10% of each candle sold to this fund.  I will post a picture of the candle very soon.  If anyone would like to purchase one--please email me at  I need to have this project completed by early October.  I'm traveling and having alot of doctor appts towards mid to end of October.  However, you can order them anytime I just may not get them out very quickly until after my doctor appts and scans.  Stage 4, is needing to get the word spread.  We need more research, more treatments that are not so harsh on our bodies and we need people to remember us.  I've experienced personally so many that once they get educated about Breast Cancer, they no longer want to talk to me.  I'm there worst nightmare.  I understand its scary--but please remember, this could happen to anyone, YOU, your loved ones, those who are lower staged already.  Distancing from those who have Stage 4 hurts, and its painful walking this journey alone.  I'll post more on this project later and add a picture.  I hope everyone is having a great summer, we are coming upon fall!  Apple Pies, Pumpkin bread and more!

Blog is infected

Im unable to utilize this blog due to it being infected by one of these gadgets.  I'm posting this to see if this will get on and I can get to my settings to have it removed. If not, I may have to delete this entire blog which will sadden me and start over.