Wednesday, June 1, 2011

just thoughts

Its been so long I almost forgot I have a blog!  Yep life is still busier than I would like it to be..and nope I havent been able to leave my full time job and do my business....still waiting for that though!

I love this picture because it reminds me of what so many of us love to do after a long hard day...soak our tootsies!

Its been a rough Spring here in Wisconsin--slow to warm.  We finally have our garden in and most of the flowers planted.  We also have a vacation planned soon, hopefully that will work out...I get scared to talk about it because so many times I've planned things, they didnt work out.  Either way, even if we dont go anywhere, I will have 10 glorious days to enjoy home.

My business is still putzing along, i have so much stuff its hilarious.  I just continue to learn to make more products, new candle scents and I dont ever get tired of it.  I guess it relaxes me from my full time job and life.

I would like to say I'll post more often but it seems that when we say that--we disappear for weeks!