Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April 1st!

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Watch out, there are all kinds of pranksters out and about today!

Is this cutest birdhouse or what?

Shellmo I thought of you when this came today (yes another box is in the garage)! this is Rooster bird house,,,and before I tell you about it--its NOT my fault it arrived here, its baldymans. He has a client that has a website that gave him 10.00 and told him to check it out. Baldyman came home and told me to order something--anything and not spend alot but ORDER! So i was only taking my "order" from baldyman seriously. Its a pretty cool website with tons of things and of course I went right to the garden section. This is much cuter than the picture.
You cant see the brilliant colors to well in this one--but you can see his dangly little boots! We put him on the hot tub and hopefully soon some sweet little bird will find this and make themselves a new home and make sweet birdie babies!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Snow Storm

Here is how Saturday started, looks pretty nice out dosnt it? It actually wasnt to bad, even temp wise. I was almost convinced maybe they would be wrong and it would pass us up.
Couple hours later you could see it in the skies that something was on its way. There are actually very light flakes occuring in this picture, but you probably cant see them.
NOWWW, you can surely see whats happenning out here. I thought it would be nice to take pictures as the day developed. The storm was coming in pretty good by now,wind was howling, temps dropped.
Yep, its arrived! I actually wasnt feeling to bad at this point because I thought,,awwww it will just melt as it hits..it wont accumulate.
Well, I was wrong wasnt I? It surely did accumulate, BUT...not nearly as much as they said we would have. They stated between 4-7 inches of snow. This is almost 24 hours later, and I'd say maybe an inch or two. Its still lightly snowing here Sunday morning but you can see the weather is going to clear, sun should come out and hopefully most of this will melt away. Our Spring Snow storm wasnt as tough as it could have been, I'm glad because at this point in the season none of us feel like shoveling anymore.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, even if your like us in Wisconsin and you had a little snow storm come on thru.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Roll Up Lasagna-Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...and here's a recipe for you! I had a craving for Roll Up Lasagna which I've never made. I just thought it would be easier than making regular Lasagna which it was. Ok, heres what i did. I cooked ground chuck and ground pork together with some minced garlic and onion in olive oil.

I boiled the Lasagna noodles til almost done--not quite--but bendable.

Then I mixed the filling:

24 oz cottage cheese 16 oz ricotta cheese ( there was some left)
2 eggs Parsley

Mix the filling. Lay out a noodle and lay some filling across the noodle. Roll it up. Place in a pan that you spray with a non stick spray and pour olive oil over that.

Once you have the amount of roll ups you want--Mix this sauce:

Add to the meat mixture: 1 can and half of Stewed tomatos--mine were various flavors. I used a 29 oz can of Tomato Sauce--but had about 1/2 of that left. I also sprinkled in chili powder--at least a 1 Tbl. When that is simmered and you like the flavor...Pour over your Roll ups. Sprinkle with Colby and Jack Cheese. Bake approx 30 minutes.

This was VERY good. I made it for company tomorrow but already snuck one. You know the cook has to sample the goods right?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You think I got a problem?

Check out all these boxes piling up in our garage. Its even worse than this--theres more, I just wasnt willing to take more pictures and show the evidence. The other day Baldyman was putting my latest boxes out in the garage and I overheard him mumbling, "the woman is nuts, she's out of control, this needs to stop", LMAO.

NOW, this isnt as bad as it appears. Its not that I'm ordering all kinds of things that I dont need or that I'm a compulsive shopper. This is what I have been doing to build my stock for my body care business. Well, not all but most. Of course I've found a few items for outside yard and a few items of clothing..but not many. (at least I dont think so) I dont shop for clothing in stores, I do all of it online, I also buy most of my home decor or yard decor online, hence--boxes! Well, when I started this body care business a couple months ago--it really added to the mess. I try to save all the boxes for shipments I may have for the business or for our kids who always seem to be moving.
I just thought I'd share with you all what my garage is looking like these days and how I thought it was funny when i overheard him in the garage. Now mind you, when the UPS guy or Fed Ex or whoever shows up with these boxes....Baldyman is just as excited at me--he comes running in--You got more stuff today!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Screen house all lit up and ready for summer!

Here is the Screen house all set up on the deck and ready for warm nights and sunny days! All I need is the temps to warm up--and a pitcher of homemade Sangria--some good appetizers and I'll be a happy girl. Funny thing is,,right after we put it up--it got cold outside and we've had rain and high winds for the last 2 days. I told Baldyman I think this exact thing happenned last year also when he put it up. Next year I think I will "feel" like putting it up and then wait a week or two--maybe we can bypass the nasty weather! Its still up though..and looking good. I had to do alot of little repairs on it from the winds of the last 3 seasons. It really enhances us being able to be outside--keeps us dry from light rain--and blocks the sun when its very hot out. We also have screens we attach to keep the pesty mosquitoes out. Next up will be gardening time! I have tons of ideas for that this year and cant wait to share them with you. I'm going with several themes this year. I want to have cozy places to sit and just enjoy the scents, sounds and colors of the mini gardens.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pasta Salad!

This is my absolute favorite way to make Pasta Salad. I'm going to give you the recipe the way they have it printed...but I'll let you know I dont measure any of this. What I do is simply cook the noodles that I want--add the ingrediants that I like which of course varies on whats on sale and what I'm feeling like I want in my pasta salad that day. For me personally, I have found NO better! I'm not a huge fan of those pasta salads that are made with the store bought I Italian Dressings...I just like the dressing that you mix up on your own.

Ok--here ya go!
1 Lb Seashell Pasta 1 Cup White Sugar
2 Cups chopped Cucumber 1/4 prepared mustard
2 C. Chopped Broccoli 1/4 distilled white vinegar
1 Cp. Shredded Cheese 3/4 vegetable oil
2 TB mayonnaise

OKKK thats their directions! Now let me tell you how I made mine this weekend--I cooked the noodles i wanted--added what i wanted for stir ins and then I just dumped in the sauce stuff unlike I liked the taste! I always add more mayonnaise then they state and always LESS sugar.

Just play with the dressing mix until you like the flavor--I'm sure you'll LOVE serving this, this summer! Enjoy!

It cant get any better!

What a great Saturday we had in Wisconsin. It was totally unexpected, at least for me. It started out with a light covering of snow. By mid morning that was melting away and it was getting warm. Ms. Ellie came over and we opened her sandbox. The sand was in great shape from our winter, all that was needed was to remove a few leaves that snuck in!
It was so great outside Baldyman decided it was time to put our screen house out. Here he has the frame up and had begun to string the lights around it.
Here's Ms. Ellie again enjoying playing the kitchen goodies I brought and cleaned up for her.
This kitchen stuff is from when our twins were little girls. Its about 20+ years old. Many of the pieces have been partially chewed up by our dogs thru the years. Its funny when she asks me--Grandma whats wrong with this? I have to tell her--well the dogs ate it!
Here's Baldyman again working on the Screen house. It got so warm we were able to wear shorts, sit in the sun and just enjoy the entire afternoon outside. I have a finished picture of the Screen Room, I'll post that tomorrow. For some reason I was expecting a cooler weekend, so this was a total surprise to me. I hope everyone had a great weekend, its back to work now.

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Spring Garden Decor

Yesterday I received some things I ordered for my yard. This one here is a wind chime. I really like it, but because it would be so fragile, at this point I dont know where I want to put it. Well, actually I do know where--but I picture little fingers picking it up and splat.....broke on the cement. Thats why I keep tellin Baldyman I need a porch!
This little girl is my favorite so far. Its a solar light piece so the lights will shine on her at night. Its a little girl reading and I think it depicts so much of what should be for many of us...finding a quiet warm place to take in a good book!
And I leave you with this, my crocus is about to bloom! Now I planted enough crocus to fill in this spot but of course my planting is similar to my house decorating and probably only about 10 crocus if I"m lucky will come in each Spring. I"m happy with one!

We are off to a Home and Garden Show today, to get some ideas and hopefully even some more neat things for the yard. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick post

So far so good, I've only gotten one more strange "bump". I'm thinking it cant be impetego, although its a reaction to something.
Do you ever have weird dreams? Well, I'm sure you all do, but I had a dream last night that I had another baby and it was a boy... a real cute little guy. I dreamt my boobs got REAL REAL big and that he was a happy nursing boy. Company was coming over to see him, and everyone was saying how he looked just like my other boys. Well, heres the thing, I"m tired now. I went to bed early enough but I'm very tired. I was wondering,,,could I be tired because I got pregnant in my sleep and delivered all within 8-9 hours? lol I tell you if I find a newborn in this house---I'm running away!
I'm just going to go catch up on a few blogs today...have a great thursday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I found out yesterday I was exposed to Impetigo. I'm NOT happy. About 2 years ago I was exposed to Ringworm and all I did was sit in the persons house and I got it. I had 2 patches of ringworm on my legs for months. That wasnt THAT bad but this could be quite annoying.

Last night I did notice some very small pimple like sores on my legs that did not feel normal to me. Baldyman says I have them all over my legs. At this point I dont know what to do, because I also was in a pool this weekend and then shaved my legs so it could be irritation from that. I'm going to wait a bit and watch the little sores and see how they look today. If I happen to have caught Impetigo, I do hope my work will cover any expenses I have PLUS not force me to use my sick time and give me comp time off. Going into clients homes, you just never know what sometimes your going to be exposed to. I'm one of those that seems to catch anything that is around.

Keep your fingers crossed that for me--this is just shaving irritation!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winters Leftovers

It was near 70 here yesterday and today the same or warmer. I took a couple of pictures of our backyard to show you the leftovers of Winters mess. Dont you just wonder how it gets this way? Each Fall Baldyman and I clean up our yard really good. We rake, put everything away--and yet after all the snow melts...this is how it looks.
This is where the feeders are for the birds. Its really bad. All we have to do though is rake all this leftover seed into the little gulley and its pretty cleaned up. Its just amazing how awful this looks though. Here in Wisconsin, we most likely will still have snow and freezing temps. We have about another month or so of weather that will fight to let the warm air in. Still, I've already gotten outside and started raking up all the debris from the cold weather. How about all of your yards, do they get this bad?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday at the Sybaris

This is MY pool, i say mine because I think they built it just for me. Its the right depth, the right length, and the perfect temperature. This room was about 90 degrees. Its attached to your bedroom. It has a waterfall over the pool, a hot tub to the left which I think you can see, and a steamroom to the right of the pool. There is a stereo system that plays thruout the room and pool area, they have it set to Jazz which is perfect for us. I cannot tell you how MUCH I love this pool. I hope they know its mine and that I will be back!
Its funny this picture of Baldyman, when we went last year, I took a picture of him and it was exactly like this--in the massage chair. He thinks this is his..kinda like i do about the pool. This man sat in this chair so long--he literally had teeny teeny sores on his back that ended up bleeding..I kid you not! Of course he wasnt wearing his coat when he sat in it for 25 hours, he was only wearing a towel.
And this is MOI holding the roses that came with the room. My son bought this for a Christmas gift for me and Baldyman, we have 2 nights coming to us...one more left. It also included robes, slippers, and these gorgeous roses. They are now sitting on my dresser and they have opened up to a beautiful blooming very fragrant Rose.

We had a great time at the Sybaris. I came home so relaxed and so did Baldyman, this place literally forces you to slow down. We just went from the pool to the hot tub,to the steam room., etc. We plan on using our last nights stay in the Fall. I hope everyone else had a great weekend,,we finally got Spring in Wisconsin. I started putting out my yard decorations and even some of the lawn furniture. I also saw my first Robin today in our yard. Its a very exciting time for us, who will still have snow!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I got sucked in once again in Anti-Aging Skin Care Products. The last one I used was Murad, and I actually did like it-would recommend it, what I didnt like was your initial purchase was I felt very reasonable and after that....Ohhh my you needed to empty the wallet. So, I was done.

Then one night which Thank you God I dont do often, I was watching QVC and came across this line. Philosophy. I thought Okkk,,,I gotta try again because I keep saying I wont go down without a fight. I waited and waited. Actually, I had to pay down my credit card--lol. So this week I was good to go. I at first was going to just order a couple of products that I thought I might like but then I decided to give it a fair shot. I ordered the Miracle Set--(dont you just love their choice of words). That is a skin care line for most of my anti-aging concerns, like lines, creases, sun spots,,rough skin--etc. Then I also ordered their product that is a base for applying our foundation. Suppossedly it gives us a fresh face that is nice and evened out, so we look better with our makeup--or ok without it. That is called Poreless-Flawless, the product that actually got me interested. I've never really been happy with how foundation looks on me.
Okkk, I'm on day 3 of this stuff. So far, so good! I like how my skin feels, I like how the makeup felt after all day at work, AND last night I used the Micro Peel and I can tell today my skin feels very soft, is shinier and has a glow to it.

Note the other product next to the box-its called Hope in a Jar. Boy it makes me feel desperate lol. That is their moisturizer you use in the morning and night. Whats good about this line is that the products will last a very long time, and you can purchase just what you need as they run out and I dont think the prices are that bad. I'll keep you updated but so far, I'm happy with it. There is a money back guarantee which is nice also.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

31 Years!

I put this up because honestly this is all I could find in my pictures of the two of us bozo's together! Yesterday was our anniversary...31 years! I should have taken off of work but for some odd reason I forgot to. We did manage to make it to dinner last night-we went to the Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant. It was sooooo, soooo good! The perfect meal because its slow going and it forces you to talk, relax etc. We shared a Martini called The Love Martini...very good! They took our picture for us and gave us that in a frame--how cute! It was a nice night despite having worked a super long day. Baldyman bought me a nice pair of heart earrings and then on Saturday we are going away to the Sybaris for a night of romance. 31 years, I was waiting for someone to say--NOOOOO you could not be married that long--you look to young! No one said it, lol.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Stuff, Check it out!

On the right of my blog where it says Freebies, Different things every day...click on that! I took a picture of the two items I got yesterday so you could see that yes, its true! Now I wont lie...it takes FOREVER to get the stuff--but if you click each day and see whats up--eventually you should get stuff all the time in the mail. I've received other items but decided it was time to post a picture and let you all know that yes...it works! This Magic Eraser I've never used--has anyone used it? Its a small version but thats ok--

And the snack item--well my kids scoop up on this or I will bring it to the office for Snack Day. I've also received perfume samples, cereals, and other things thru this site. Just thought I would let you all know!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look who came to visit!

The Easter Duck has arrived! He didnt make it last year, Baldyman for some reason didnt feel like putting him out. This year I said--He surely has to come out for a visit and so Baldyman brought him out tonight. It wasnt to bad of a night to put it up...just alittle windy but the temps were manageable. I should have taken a before picture--this morning when i left for work this was all ice and snow covered. Thank YOU God for the warm enough temps to take it away! Theres only one problem with where my duck is sitting--it happens to be on the roses--and if those roses begin to grow--they could pop the duck! That would NOT be funny...Baldyman put the hay back on the rose bush...hopefully we wont screw up its growing. Pretty cute huh?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

I'm kinda glad its Monday. I'm ready for work. Friday we went to our 3rd sons house and spent the night...I didnt sleep well there, but we did have fun. Friday the weather here in Wisconsin was beautiful, we were able to walk on the lakefront, go without coats, and watch the snow disapear. Saturday, we wake up to rain, rain, and more rain. And it got chilly again. Sunday we wake up to Rain, more rain, and MORE rain. We are now in a flooding stage once again. There are small lakes everywhere you look.
Ms. Ellie came and spent the afternoon with us yesterday. She's still a really good baby to have over, and is alot of fun to be with. This is my oldest son with Ms. Ellie. They are expecting their 2nd child sometime in early August.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, I'm off to catch up on some of your posts!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fabulous Friday!

No picture today..the one I was going to use--I didnt have in yet. I"m so happy its Friday! I'm going to clean my house, rake the yard a bit--(yes I'm crazy because its still sopping wet from the melting snow) but I dont care because I cant stand seeing the accumulation of winters garbage on it. Then its off to the Dentist of which I know will be bad because I have gum disease and I dont follow all their instructions---wheewwww I need to catch my breath! lol. Then we are heading to our sons for the night for a visit. He lives about an hour and a half away from us. There is a lakefront in Kenosha that is stunning so I'm also going to walk Genie there this afternoon. I will bring my camera and hopefully get some pretty pictures. We are near 60 today so I'm beyond happy. Have a great weekend everyone....do something fun and relaxing!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

America-The Movie!

Oh man was this a hard movie for me to watch. Very hard...and its how many years later. Today at work I delivered a baby boy to his new foster home. Once a child goes into care--the first home they go to is called the Receiving Home. They are to be there for 30 days--sometimes its more--sometimes less. We like to get the babies in the "permanent home" quick so they are able to bond,,,otherwise you end up with RAD--Reactive Detachment Disorder which is a tough nut to crack once a child ages. They just dont know how to bond...all you have to do is think about that and you can figure out what that means. No bond, no emotion.

Anyhow, I work in this field and I had no idea that we can expect only about 20% of these children to make it once they age out or return home to places that arent the best place for them to be. I was one of these children. How did I make it in the 20% of success? Why me? I dont know the answer to that--but i do know that I was in touch with my spriritual side all my life..perhaps that is why. But it killed me tonight to see this movie and relive this pain--and then know so many kids just dont have a fighting chance. So many of these children have been sexually abused, abused, lied to, neglected, left on streets. The anger inside of them--its like a growing cancer. This movie--will help you understand why kids act the way they do...and more importantly why they need someone to love them, be there for them, help them get the garbage out. They need someone to help them succeed, to not end their life as a victim. They've been victimized enough.

I see kids go into foster care all the time. Today--for some reason maybe it was because I actually delivered the baby and his 2 bags of worldly possessions...it tugged at my heart. I actually got into my car and cried as I watched the Foster Mom pull away. I do believe this baby will be well taken care of. In the Receiving home he was in--in just 30 days I've seen remarkable changes in this baby. I do love seeing that in our children. Its amazing how physically these kids change once in foster care. Where I live--we have some fantastic foster parents--and I've seen wonderful, loving, genuine care. Still, when this baby left today--I sat and wondered---what will his little life be like? Will he ever reunite with his birth Mom? Will he end up with RAD? Will he be ok? Will someone be there to ensure his life is a successful one--I probably wont be working in this field when he is older to see if he is a victim of this or a successer.

If you havent had the chance to see this movie--make it a point to see it. Take the time to see how so many of America's children are living. If your able--open your heart and home to them. And if not--that is ok to--but add these kids to your prayer chains. They need it,,,I know because I was one of them. I made it--and its sad that so many dont. I think tomorrow--and hopefully for the rest of my working days in this job--I will look at this differently. I have to, I need to see some of them be able to do what I did--toss the demons aside and move forward.

Rosie O"donnel did a fantastic job with this as well as the boy who portrayed America. What an inspirational and eye opening movie.

I came back to add this.....America's children need our help. This is what i see in my county.

If you cant shelter a child,,,,pray for them!
If you have extra money here and there and want to KNOW it will go to good use and not partly good use--partly administrative costs...then contact your local Human Services Agency where they provide Foster Care and offer them some Gift Cards for Teens. Cards that we need all the time are---Hair Cuts, Gift Cards for Walmart so we can provide basic needs such as personal care products, underclothing, socks, etc. So many of our children come into care with nothing. And I mean nothing. Last week we placed a set of twins that came into care with the clothes on their back. Can you imagine the foster parents having to run out and provide clothing for twins? The county does help--but again our funds are limited due to this horrific economy.

Please if any of you can provide try to make this something maybe you do once a month--a commitment to a haircut or Personal Gift Card for a child. It truly does make our job easier and also the life of the child. I remember when I went into foster care at 15, I was one of those children whose parents would not allow me to take my things--so I went into care with the clothes on my back. I remember the first thing my Case Worker had to do was take me to JC Penny to buy underclothes. It meant the world to me to have clean, items that I needed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I had to post the Great NEWS!

I have 3 grandaughters right now! I love them to death--and thank god all the time for my family. I'm expecting 2 more grandchildren this summer and honestly--i truly only care about them arriving here healthy. BUT....today we found out we are having our first grandson..and I'm beyond excited for my son and his wife. They have 2 daughters now--8 and 7 and decided to have one more child. For years they said they were done...but I always said I know you will change your mind later and have another and I know it will be a boy. I was right! They decided this summer have one more child and today found out its a son! My son wanted to experience having a boy--and his wife wanted him to carry on the name...so today my family is over the top with praise and joy. I'm going shopping this weekend just to pick out something for a boy....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The price of beauty!

Forgive this photo of my funny feet...BUT this is what I was given at birth. I got some gift certificates for Christmas and my birthday that needed to be used. I went tonight for a pedicure which one certificate covered and then I had another certificate for 60.00 at the same salon. I got myself my hair trimmed...a bottle of shampoo, a thing of anti-aging makeup. I owed 12cents!!!!! Can you believe that? I figured I would have had about 20 or 30 dollars left to maybe treat myself to something else I wont ever buy for me. So between just a hair-cut-no styling, a shampoo, make up--60????? WTH!!!! My toes need polish because I just wasnt blessed with very pretty feet. Can I have 2 birthdays a year without getting older? I decided on the way home I wonder if I should give up on my anti-aging campaign and give in. The price of beauty is overwhelming. Every lady that went to the counter had a bill of a minimum of 67.00!!!! For haircuts--and styles!!! WOWZER! Add a massage, or pedicure, manicure and easily your over 100.00.

I dont know about everyone else but for me..I just cant afford to do this. I do enjoy going to a better salon for my hair because there is a dintinct difference in those and those places that charge maybe 12 or 14.00. For pedicures I'm finding that the little Vietnese ladies that charge 30 dollars and give you great leg and foot massages are the best bargain. They also paint pretty designs on your toes, get your heels nice and soft. Where I went tonight--the price was 30 with no massages or exfoliation of dry skin. And no pretty design.

The price of beauty--its pretty amazing isnt it?

Memories of Grandma

Since I left my birth home at the age of 15 and aged out in foster care, I dont have anything from my childhood. So many of you have such neat things from your childhood, its got to be wonderful to reconnect with when you were a little child. For me, even though I was at my birth home for 15 years, before that, we werent allowed to socialize much with our extended family, like our Grandmas, Grandpas, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, etc. When I see old family films or pictures I see how much I didnt really know my extended family and how much fun stuff I missed. For me, This statue was given to me a couple of years ago by my Aunt. It belonged to my Grandma who passed away when my twins were born. She was able to hold them and see them at about 4 months of life--then she left us. My memories of my grandma werent that great, to me what i remember is a woman who was sick, stayed in her home alot and just not a generally happy person. I do have some memories of when I was really young--of her playing jokes on me and my cousin. She liked to play jokes on us kids. She also liked to cook and was an Italian one at that. I can still taste that homemade bread out of the oven slathered with butter and jelly. And we cant even begin to talk about the meatballs or Lasagna!

The older I get I've been asking some of the family members that i do talk to if they have anything of Grandmas that I can have. Aunt Yvonne gave me this Mary Statue a couple of years ago. It plays or played music at one time. I keep this on my dresser, I call it Grandma! lol...NOW I DO NOT--DO NOT believe in ghosts. But when I got this, I attempted to have the music play and it wouldnt. Well, gosh its probably at least 50 years old. So on top of my dresser it sits. Last summer, I was taking a nap with my furchild Genie and we were laying there and all of a sudden I hear this music...I look around my room like oh oh--did I die during my sleep and i'm on my way to the pearly gates or is someone in the house? Genie looks at me like What the hell is that? I realize its the statue. It hasnt been touched in at least a year because I dont dust! lol...did i admit that? Well, the statue played for us for about 5 minutes. It was quite nice. I figure it was my Grandma letting me know she is ok. Hasnt played since or before that.

This is about the only thing I have as of now of my extended family memories as far as something I can place about my house. My Uncle a few years ago took all of my Grandpas old time movies and had them made into a VHS movie. I did get one of those and that is neat to have also. Isnt it funny though--now VHS is out of style so i may have to get that redone to! I love seeing many of you bloggers with your treasures of your youth--I'd thought I'd share mine!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Easter Decorations!

this first photo you cant see real well but i have little tiny chickends on the buffet. I love them, I just didnt realize I had so many--lol. I started having to place them all over the house. If you click on the picture to enlarge it-you might catch a better glimpse of the little furry cuties.
These I got from Cracker Barrel. Chair covers! Arent they the cutest? Hubby thinks I'm nuts but like any of us care about that.
This little guy is new this year also. I just thought he was so cute I had to have him.
And this Easter Bunny light I've had for years now. I love him to! Next to him is a nice chubby yellow duck which I adore to. How about any of you, do you decorate for Easter? I have so many things, I didnt even put them all out yet. I also have a huge blow up Yellow Easter Chicken that we put outside, we've just been waiting for it to warm up enough for Baldyman to get outside and be able to put it out. Its just been to darn cold here. I dont think we've been above the teens for weeks now. Have a great Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dream Time!

Oh yeah here we go! Sun rooms, conservatories, this is my dream time!
Can you imagine having your hot tub on the inside! I love my hot tub but I tell ya-on those super cold nights--its downright torture running to the house! (never mind thats its about 5 steps)
Just a little screen room where i can fit some wicker chairs, a tv, a radio and my funny body to sit and relax and sip tea!
Well, if I had the money 'd have this to! A swimming pool to fit all my kids and grandbabies in! Maybe a furchild to. This rocks!
A kitchen like this would be nice to! When its raining or snowing it has to be stunning.

This is what I dream of--a porch or sunporch or conservatory. We are checking out doing it our way, with our budget. Thinking of building a shed and converting that into a portable sunroom that we can take with if we dont purchase this house. At least in the meantime I could enjoy using it and it would be doable. I'm tired of waiting for things--I'm getting older by the minute. I told Baldyman if we dont do certain things soon...we might just not be able to. I picked up a book this weekend on ideas, plans for building a small little sunporch for myself. Now I just gotta get Baldyman on board. Any suggestions?