Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dream Time!

Oh yeah here we go! Sun rooms, conservatories, this is my dream time!
Can you imagine having your hot tub on the inside! I love my hot tub but I tell ya-on those super cold nights--its downright torture running to the house! (never mind thats its about 5 steps)
Just a little screen room where i can fit some wicker chairs, a tv, a radio and my funny body to sit and relax and sip tea!
Well, if I had the money 'd have this to! A swimming pool to fit all my kids and grandbabies in! Maybe a furchild to. This rocks!
A kitchen like this would be nice to! When its raining or snowing it has to be stunning.

This is what I dream of--a porch or sunporch or conservatory. We are checking out doing it our way, with our budget. Thinking of building a shed and converting that into a portable sunroom that we can take with if we dont purchase this house. At least in the meantime I could enjoy using it and it would be doable. I'm tired of waiting for things--I'm getting older by the minute. I told Baldyman if we dont do certain things soon...we might just not be able to. I picked up a book this weekend on ideas, plans for building a small little sunporch for myself. Now I just gotta get Baldyman on board. Any suggestions?

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Karen said...

Loved your pictures. It is fun to dream, but I'm with you - if we don't start to do some of this stuff, it just might not ever happen!
Well .. . you know what they say about most men! A little wine, a nice romantic dinner with some wine and candlelight . . . need I say more?
Course that wouldn't work for my husband, so GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS!!!! :)
You might look on-line for the cookbook. Or maybe you could even check out Cakebread Cellars on-line and see if they sell it and can ship it to you. It is a WONDERFUL book Dawn! I can't wait! We are going camping with 2 other couples for 3 days next weekend and I am already planning my part of one of the dinners. A mushroom appetizer, a scallop spring salad and a seafood stew that sounds DIVINE! I'll let ya know!
Good luck with that romantic dinner ... (hehehe)

Lilly said...

Sounds great Dawnie. And I loved the pics. The idea of it being portable so you could take it with you is a good one. For years I have been cutting out pictures of things I dream about and would like and put them in a book. Surprisingly the more you focus on it the more it comes true. I hope you get your wishes.

Cynthia said...

Hi Dawnie,
I would love that sun porch, screen room with hot tub etc. I guess I would try to get all the facts and costs together you can first and then go to baldyman and try to work your magic. That's how I get hubby talked into something although it's not sureproof. (Good food and Good sex helps too) LOL,have a great day, Cindy

mbkatc230 said...

These are so pretty! I'll take the one with the pool please lol. Good luck with yours, I think the "portable" idea is a great one! Kathy

rosemarie said...

put a fire under his ass..lmao

Shellmo said...

I think you should start planning for your sunporch and then it will definitely come true! (I had binders filled w/ photos of log cabins - design ideas, etc. for 4 years until we were able to do it.) I'm sure there's many neat options out there!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Those pictures are wonderful! I hope you are able to turn your dream into realty, even though I know how it is convincing your husband. Been there, done that! laurie

Anonymous said...

Beg until he gives in. I would love one, too.