Sunday, May 31, 2009


Genie our furdaughter, has once again had surgery. About 2 years ago, she became ill, a rare illness, long story, but she wasnt suppossed to survive. She managed to survive that time of her life and for the last year and a half she's been doing really well. We thought she had kicked it all and for the rest of her life would remain ill free. When she was ill the first time, they decided to leave a tube in her that we had to drain the fluids from her chest. They said this tube shouldnt bother her.

Okkk a couple of weeks ago, we noticed she was slowing down. When she would run, she would collapse. It got so bad, when she would bark, she would collapse. Soo, we brought her back in, they did some heart tests on her, saying her heart appeared fine. The other illness--hasnt come back into play either. They decided its remotely possible the tube left in her is hitting something in her that causes her heart rate to drop which causes her to collapse. They also said removing the tube wouldnt be a big deal.

Well, She had the tube removed last Friday. Of course it took longer than they thought, was more troublesome than they thought. She is home now recovering. You can see the little bandage on her side. She has stitches and stapes on one side. She also had a heart monitor put inside her and when she collapses we are suppossed to hit this button that records what is going on with her heart. Her recovery is so slow going she isnt barking much and surely not running. Soo we havent been able to catch her collapse. She is doing ok but like i said her recovery is so slow. Its not as easy as they said it would be.

Our weekend at the camper was very nice. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I'll be around to catch up on your blogs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sad News

My little heart was broken yesterday. I came home from work and found one baby robin had fallen from the nest and was dead. I thought it might be alive at first and it may have been but only for a second and then i knew it wasnt. I said my little farewell and placed it in the shrubs. Soo for now I have 3 babies and so far they continue to do well. They look like Robins now. I go up to them and when they see me, they scrunch down into the nest as far as they can as if they are hiding from me. They are adorable. Mom makes her noises in the trees but by now she knows I wont bother them. I'm thinking next week is it and they head on out. We are off to our trailer tomorrow--I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing weekend.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have Fairies!

And heres the proof,,,enlarge the picture and you can see their tiny footprints. This is the entrance to their little home. Never mind the door isnt next to a tree and there's only a skinny pole behind the This is part of what I see when I sit in my little cottage. I bought this fairy door so I can tell my grandchildren there really are fairies and so we have this door so then can come and go. At night the window on the door glows, it looks really neat.
Heres another view from sitting on the couch in the cottage. Its shaping up pretty nicely. Baldyman is taking a break right now, but he's thinking he's gonna get back into it soon. He has some trim left-then the painting. Once that is done we will make a stone patio in front of it and to the little pond. The last two nights we have been out here watching movies and it feels like we are someplace else. We are enjoying it tons. I thought I would take a little break from the Robin babies and show you some more pictures of my little hideaway.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Babie Pictures!

Isnt this just to cute? Their little beaks are sticking out over the nests, pretty much all day long.
Click on the picture so you can see how much they've changed in less than a week. They actually look like little robins now.
this is from the inside of the house from my room.
and one more. They should be flying the coop in about a week. I noticed tonight they are moving around so much I'm afraid one is going to fall out. I dont know what to do if it does...if anyone knows let me know. I dont think we are suppossed to touch them at all. I'm going to miss checking in on them every day when they leave. Hopefully next year another one will come along, do you think they spread the word that this was a good place to nest? Heck, on warm days I even played some soft music for them.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Robin Babies Update

My Robin babies are doing great. My photos once again are not that great, but hopefully you can see enough. The first one is of Mom feeding them--I hope you can see their little beaks sticking up. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
This one is pretty good for me. This is both Mom and Dad tending to the babies. I tell ya, this has been a really neat experience to watch.
And here they are again! I hope to get more photos today when the mom and dad are out getting food. They are all hairy now and changing so much.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their Memorial Day weekend. We went to our trailer which was absolutely perfect weather. It was a really nice time. Today we are going to put in our garden and do alittle on the shed. On Friday the electric did get installed so officially now I can use it at night. I also found a few more goodies to decorate, a hanging moon and star light and some really neat hanging bells to hang from the rafters.

I'm off to check out your blogs!

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Cabin Pictures

Okk heres the left hand corner of my little hideaway, I think this picture is neat because of the sunshine streaming thru. I LOVE this old looking victorian chair. I need to work on the pillows and seat cushion but for now its ok.
My little bistro table and a game of checkers in case someone stops by to visit me! The candle on the table, thats also from Hershey's in Pennsylvania--and the scent--CHOCOLATE! I thought it would be gross but its actually quite yummy smelling.
This picture is of a neat little stand I found at Marshall's. For now I have a Patriotic birdhouse and a couple of plants in it.
This is my dragonfly tealight candle holder. This is sooo pretty and I cant wait til I actually use it. I think its going to be so soothing. The body of the dragonfly will glow with the candlelight. I will have more once we get more done, the painting hasnt started yet. Hopefully today the electrician is coming by and then I will be able to get in there and actually begin using it.

We are off for the weekend camping-I hope everyone has a safe, relaxing Memorial Day Weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally, Cabin Pictures!

Okkk in no order and I dont have all of them uploaded yet, but heres an idea of how its looking. This is the right corner of the shed, I have some books on the table and a few other things to inspire me.
Heres my fireplace, its an electric one, and it gives off a fair enough amount of heat. The kiss on top is a gift from my 3rd son who just got back from the Hershey Store in Pennsylvania I Believe.
This is what you see when you enter the shed, the relax sign is a gift from my son and daughter in law for Mothers day..the perfect thought huh?
Here's my free Loveseat from my 2nd son's basement, I just bought a cover, some pillows and its pretty comfy! The picnic basket next to it--is my end table and it can hold quite a bit of stuff.
Heres the door to the shed. Its not finished..Baldyman has been working on these days for the 4th night in a row. He's trying to have it so when we are inside if the weather isnt good or when we close it up, it just unfolds and hinges. I love the screen door, love it. He still has quite a bit to do, he's been stumped by these doors. We are also trying to find someone to do the electricity, we though we had someone but he's not returning our calls, so much for people needing money huh? Sooo, i'm on a mission to find someone else to do it. I just want 2 outlets and a place for light for outside and also I think we will put a small ceiling fan in it. Sooo, you have an idea of how its coming along. I have more photos I will put up tomorrow. I have so many cute things inside it,,,and so many more to hang--and so many more to purchase.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Robin Babies

We have two babies born! I know its difficult to see them but if you enlarge the picture you can see alittle of the babies. I knew it would be this week.
Mama Robin was sitting on the swing watching me. My guess is that the other two babies will be born in the next day or so. I hope they make it. Its been alot of fun watching her and Daddy. Right now they are both around and really watching us. The cottage baldy is building isnt to far from the next and I think they are getting used to us alittle by now.

I want to get pictures of the cottage but I'm trying to hold off onto he at least has the door done and the trim painted. Hopefully we will have electricity in the next day or two also so I can show you how neat the fireplace looks. Shellmo, you asked if its electric, yes it is. It also gives off heat.

I'm still out searching for neat things to hang from the rafters, I want all kinds of neat inspirational things hanging to stimulate the mind. Baldyman thinks he will have the door done tonight so hopefully tonight I can vacumn it out and get a few pictures. Its really looking cozy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tara Renee's Graduation Day

This is one of my twins, Tara Renee. Today she graduated from college with a degree in Teaching. Standing next to her is her fiance Andrew.
Here's Baldyman and his twins, Annie (Elisa) and Tara.
The two girls here are my daughters in law, Janell in the gray shirt, and Toshina in the yellow. Both are expecting boys this summer. My 2nd son Jon (Janell's hubby) is next to her and the guy in the blue shirt is my cousins son Justin.
And lastly here is myself and my daughter Tara. The weather wasnt as great as it looks, it was really windy and quite cold today. She had a nice day, with just her siblings over for dinner and my cousin Rose and her children. A couple of her friends also stopped by. Everyone is gone now, house is all cleaned up and we are chillin. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few pictures of my little escape. We got it done enough so that it could be used.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Windows on Cabin

This is one of the front windows baldy made. You can remove this wooden panel and their is a screen underneath. He's going to paint the trim forest green, add some handles, maybe something decorative in the middle of it.
This is a window on the side of it, that he just purchased and put in. They were only about 40 or 50 dollars, not bad at all. He has it all cleaned out, the plan is to finish the windows today, get the trim up, possibly paint the trim if the rain holds off and move most of the furnishings in tonight. I have to tell you, I have some really cute stuff. Our daughter graduates tomorrow morning so today is all we have to finish it to get it to at least be able to use it tomorrow for folks to sit in and enjoy it. If it hadnt rained so much around here, we would have made it, all we need really is one more day. I"m on a mission to find a really neat mailbox for the front, I need window boxes for the side windows and then once we are done we are going to lay a little brick patio in front.

So, theres my last update before I get pictures with all the frilly girly stuff in it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cottage Update!

Okkk here it is! This is the window Baldyman built. YEP he built it, he's to cheap to buy a window or windows so he's designing his own. This is the screen part and he's just about done with the cover for it...he's building that to. We found windows for as little as 25.00 but he didnt like them. He said he wants a specific look....okkkk, i won't argue.
Here are the skylights--he made these to. We had rain 2 nights ago and they leak--lol...well he's got a fix for that to. We'll see, but I told him if I'm in there watching a show or snoozing away and i get rained on--I'm gonna be one hot mama and not the in the way he wants. From the inside they look good, he's just gotta go back and do some work to stop the leaks which arent real bad, so he says. The walls will remain just like you see, I dont want walls. We are going to nail different size pieces of wood here and there though so i can have built in shelves for all my cutsies. Shellmo you asked a while ago if I was buying things for my little hideaway and yes...I have been saving up all kinds of things. I also got some things for Mothers Day. My 3rd son bought me the fireplace for it, i've been using it in my bedroom and I tell ya--it rocks. My 2nd son and daughterinlaw bought a relax sign and some dragon fly pictures. I will take a picture this week of all my goodies.

My daughter Tara graduates from college this weekend. My hopes is that this will be done in time so I can have an Open House. As much as i appreciate what Baldyman is doing for me, I doubt this will happen. But, he says its like Extreme Makeover and he's on his timeline now. Yesterday I was having a conversation with Tara's twin (Annie) and she made a comment, "you know Dad, he's slow",,, I couldnt stop laughing because I said in what! I think its both!

Anyhow, here's my little update!

Happy Mothers Day

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing day yesterday.

We did, we stayed home and just made a light lunch and the kids popped over whenever. I didnt feel like going out and I didnt feel like a big meal. This little bike planter was a gift from my oldest son and daughter-in-law along with two yard ornaments. Its really adorable. The plant needs alittle trimming up which dorky me didnt even notice until i uploaded the picture,,,I would have trimmed it before I took it! I found a neat place to put it, next to my pond, where I can see it from the my cottage when its done. (if its ever done-lol). Actually, there is progress being made, I will get a picture tonight. I have just about everything I need for it now except for a rug.

Well, its back to work for alot of us, I hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Mama!

Baldyman took these pictures when we woke up this morning. This is Mama! Her tail is pushed right up against our screen.
She's watching us like hawks. She hasnt quite figured out yet how this works. My side of the bed faces her so when I get up she takes off. I can lay there and watch her for quite some time though. I'm hoping she will soon learn we wont bother her as we move about our room and she wont fly off. There are now 3 beautiful deep blue eggs in the nest. I read up on it yesterday and its looking like we have about 2 weeks before the babies arrive. I sure hope this continues to go well, its going to be so exciting to watch. I cant imagine how noisy the mornings will be when they wake up bright and early yelling for breakfast!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Robin Nesting

If you look real close at the bedroom curtain and you can enlarge by clicking on the picture,,you will see the outline of the Robins beak while she's sitting in the nest. I LOVE this picture. I have been checking on and off when I'm home to see if the Robin is ever in the nest. This is the first I've seen of her. When I left for work this morning-I did see 1 egg in the nest. When I came home, there were 2!
I was experimenting alittle with my camera=sorry this is a blurry shot, but you can see the eggs.
Here's another shot--clearer. Arent they beautiful? I feel so blessed to have this going on right in my bedroom window. I'm going to tie back my curtains tonight so I dont disturb her when she's resting. I sure hope this goes well all the way thru and we get to see the babies and watch them grow. I've never been priviledged to have this experience so close at hand.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hot tubbin

Our grandaughters were all over tonight and to end the fun night they all wanted to hot tub. They had a couple of friends along to! Sure looks fun, the water was perfect. My 3 are the 3 you see, Ms. Ellie being held by Kaitlyn and Kaylee who looks like she's digging in her

Things are coming along on the little hideaway we are making. Baldy is working on the roof now and the skylights. Once he's done with that I'll take another picture. I cannot believe I'm only able to get on here about 2 times a week now. Its amazing how fast the days go by. I think for me,,,its because the weather is much warmer and after work I head outside and on the weekends I'm either out gardening or working in the yard or now, we have also opened our trailer for the summer.

Things are going well here,,,for now. We plan on taking our vacation to Las Vegas within the month. We drive there and absolutely love it. For us, its about a 22 hour drive. So far, it looks like about 3 out of our 5 kids will be coming with.

I hope everyone is doing well, and enjoying the warmer weather. I'll be checking out your blogs!