Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing like a bowl of homemade Soup!

With all the Flu going around, I came home from work last night and just didnt feel to good. I went to bed thinking how nice it would have been if someone had made a big pot of Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Sometimes you just wish you were young again and had a Mom that did this for you. So, I went to bed early, so did Baldyman and I woke up at 530 and made him a list and off he went to the store. I had my pot of Homemade Chicken Soup done by 8:30 AM! And let me tell you, it is SOOO good. I added some white wine, extra garlic and some of Paula Deen's House Seasoning, Thyme and Oregano and the flavor is just heavenly. My grandaughters are officially going thru the Swine Flu. Both of the girls are getting better so that is good. I cannot tell you how many times I've been exposed to the Flu and other illnesses in the last 2 weeks. So far all I've gotten is some mild aches and pains and just overall fatigue. Today I'm feeling pretty close to normal and gonna go enjoy a movie and some shopping for my business. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get Yours Fast!

Here ya go folks, now dont fight over them....I have 3--thats right 3 candles to sell! LOL....I just couldnt help but laugh. After nearly 2 months of testing, working, learning and playing I have 3 candles that I feel good enough to sell. Here they are. These are Vanilla Voodoo..I normally dont like Vanilla but I LOVE this Scent of it.

I've already sold 2 of them so I only have 1 in stock--isnt that hilarious? I'm just so dern proud that I actually got to this place. When I closed the lids I was very excited. I believe I'm at 4 Scents now that I can make and have ready to go. Once I get a REAL Stock I will post so just in case anyone is interested they can let me know. I'm only making 8 oz Mason Jars and 6 Oz Victorian Jars at this point. Believe me, as slow as I'm learning this , I'm not going to try another jar for awhile. I have some really nice Pumpkin Jars, Acorn Jars and Apple Jars but they wont see the light of day for quite some time.

I forgot to take pictures of our little Halloween Party this weekend--bad Grandma that I am. We had a blast until the way home. We were going down the interstate having a good ole time and POP--a pretty loud exploding noise and then some noise underneath the motorhome that scared the Devil I'm sure and I tell ya, my grandaughter jumped in my lap so fast I didnt even know she was there--my dog took off so fast he ran underneath my husbands feet (while driving) and we were all yelling! Well, turns out the tire blew up. That caused a whole lot of other things to happen to our little Motorhomie. I'm NOT happy because it turns out that the tire pressure was uneven causing to much pressure on the one that blew. We are hoping they will at least give us abreak in some of the repairs. We need a new tire, hub cap, and the tire when it blew damaged the pipes that lead to the Propane Tank so we need that fixed. The exhaust pipe also got damaged. We were stalled for about 3 hours by the time Triple A got us up and going. All the rest of the way home the girls were scared..well so was I. I told them to write a story about their Scary RV One of my grandaughters said she will never go in this RV again....I told her You'll be missing out because we are going places!

Anyhow, life is just a bowl of mishaps isnt it?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Annual Halloween Party!

Its that time of year once again. Our annual Halloween Party for the Grandkids. Here is my table so far. My Menu--Brain Sandwiches, Haunted Casserole, Blood and Guts Dip, Skeleton Bones, Boo Fruit Salad, Chocolate Pumpkin Cake! I'll get a picture of the Food before we all dive in and make it messy.

Tonight by 5 they should arrive, then we plan on having dinner, going looking at some Scary House Decorations and then back here for Scary Movies, Haunted Hot Tubbin and then off to bed to dream of Ghosts. In the morning we are packing up, and taking our RV to the State Park for the day and night and having a Candle Lit Nature Walk thru the park. Should be a lot of fun. If the weather cooperates we are hoping for a campfire and then we can tell Scary Ghost Stories. The state Park is awesome, full of woods, very scenic. Its booked solid so alot of folks should be out having fun. Thats my plans for the weekend, what are yours?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Testing, Testing, Testing!

This is my life lately, well besides my daily full time job. When I come home, I light these all over my house. Each room has a different candle, different scent. I'm teaching myself how to make soy candles. Its NOT easy. I thought I could just melt the wax, toss in scent, let them harden and sell em. What a fool I was! There is so much waste I have a huge container on my stove now for all my candle meltdowns.....BUT,,,the silver lining is that once I get them right--I wont have to do this again.

I have about 10-12 Scents that I'm testing. You have to get the right wick, which is hard also, at least for me. I've been doing this about 2 months...and I think so far I may have 3 scents. Not much progress, but some. I'm not tired of doing this, but I will admit I was sooo looking forward to my first success. I think that has come in Voodoo Vanilla, which is a very light vanilla and I'm loving how my bedroom smells each night.

Thats what I've been up to folks, working during the day, and doing my home business at night. I'll be checking out your blogs to see where life has been taking you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Do you think he likes him?

I put my Scary Monster up in front of the living room window this Halloween Season. Bugsy came to spend the night with his grandma Friday night and when he saw him--he went nuts. We had to cover him up with a sheet so Bugs would stop barking. He barked until he was hoarse.

Today, (Sunday) I brought Bugs over for another little visit with Grandma and he went nuts again. He just cant get used to this guy. When I turn the voice on,, he gets even wilder. I snapped this picture as Bugsy was going nuts. I'm wondering if he really likes him and just dosnt know it.

We nicknamed the monster Skully after our grandaughter Ellie named him that. I'm thinking of getting another monster but that might set Budgy over the edge!

Friday, October 9, 2009

RV Time!

This is it folks! I found my Rv. I gave up for awhile, even thought I might not want to do it. We surely cannot afford a big bus one and I knew after doing alot of research for us, we wanted the Class C kind. We wont be living in it or traveling much. I've made the decision that what I want to do come Spring, is to travel near the states where I live and attend craft shows and sell my body care products and my candles once I get those going. I began looking a couple of weeks ago and found this one near us. We went to see it last week and knew it was the one. Its rare me and Baldy like something together. This one sleeps 6, and is big enough for us. The inside is like new. Its a 98, was always stored indoors.
Silly me by my new baby.
We wont be picking it up until late next week. If you enlarge the picture you will see how the handle is broke, they are fixing that and then steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery as well as going over everything. The beauty of this RV,,,,for as old as it is, its only got 18,000 miles. Thats rare to find. I hope to get at least 2-3 weekend little trips in it before we store it until Febuary.

Thats what I've been up to this week,,,I will head to your blogs and find out what all of you been doing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Jason! (31)

31 years ago my firstborn was born! How can that be? You wouldnt know it by looking at me would ya? be good and agree with me.....

Isnt it amazing how time goes by? Last week when I looked at the date and it said September 28th, I was thinking-holy crap 31 years ago this was my due date.

I'll be making a Prime Rib dinner for him and his favorite dessert which is cheesecake....sometimes I like their birthdays just so I can eat good! Happy Birthday Jason.