Friday, August 1, 2014

My trip to buxton- little pink

This is the home we stayed in for a week. It's located right on the sound, so it's great for paddle boarding, kayaking etc.  This home was the most beautiful place we've ever stayed in or had the pleasure of even being in. When I first became ill, you remember I was told I had 6-12 months of life. While that was challenged a few weeks later, in my mind, I had to see something out there. We just never traveled much, just did not have the money. I began searching right away for free or help with vacations for those terminally ill.  I came across Little Pink Houses of Hope. This was the only vacation offer I found for adults with cancer. All others you have to have children. I applied immediately as there is a wait list. I was informed we did not make it that season 2012, but we were placed on a wait list. Very soon after I was contacted again, saying we were picked if we could go. I was in heaven! All we had to do was get there. We made the decision to drive as I don't like flying. This trip was set for October, which I thought would be nice, extend our summer alittle longer. We would be staying with 6 couples, including us. Only one other lady had stage 4 cancer. This was Little Pinks first couple retreat.  Each couple is assigned a volunstar, meaning this person ensures all your needs are met. Their goal once you arrive is to make sure you spend no money, get pampered, try to forget you have cancer. We had a wonderful drive there, stopping along in Tennessee to meet a friend with my cancer. When we arrived in buxton, our breath was taken away by this home. We were greeted, showed our room. Each couple had their own room with their own bathroom. The rooms had beautiful fresh flowers and a gift bag awaited each couple. It was so intense, it was hard not to cry. I cried a lot, a lot. Never in my life have I spent time with people who truly took pleasure in waiting on you. Meals were cooked, snacks, any craving you had was fulfilled.  My port was causing me trouble and I left messes while sleeping, they changed our sheets without us even knowing. Activities were available, a date night out, shopping. We were given a gift card to shop at a local store. Date night was amazing overlooking the ocean.  Beach days planned. Paddle boarding. I did eventually try the paddle board, despite my not liking water, despite my being afraid of my bones.  I cannot ever share enough how good for us this trip was. We don't travel, so seeing the ocean, the beaches, the drive was so overwhelming.  I learned about IBC this trip. Inflammatory breast cancer, another deadly cancer.  The couple that owned this home, were fairly young, early 40's I believe. They made the decision to donate this home to cancer patients once a year to enjoy, as the wife herself was suffering from ovarian cancer. Her goal was to be our cook for the week and spend time with us. Sadly, she passed during this week. She fought for many years, I believe 7.  We felt her presence in the home. Before she died her and her husband had committed to donating their home again, for another retreat. They were in touch with little pink and knew how much we were loving their home.  Sleeping near the ocean was very spiritual. Listening to the waves was soothing. Meeting these people was one of our greatest gifts ever.  Little pink takes excellent care to ensure cancer patients feel freeing of cancer for a short time. It's the best gift to forget, the word cancer.  I had one of my god stories here. I don't wear much jewelry, don't have much. But when we got there and I was getting ready for date night, I thought, I wish I had brought a bracelet.  I sat outside praying while waiting to go. I was begging god for answers to my journey, would I have time? I'm not ready to leave. Greg came out shortly, we got in the car and he hands me a box. Now knowing him, I know he didn't buy me anything, lol, and tells me a volunstar got this for me today. I open it, it's a bracelet!  A bracelet that says, miracles happen. I started crying. I took that as god telling me I will have time, and that he cares of such small things here for his people, that he provided me with a bracelet I forgot to pack!  Amazing. This trip will never leave my heart. The other lady who had stage 4 has passed. She was a real pink lady, loved all pink, wore tons of bling, perfume. The opposite of me. I teased her that I could smell her perfume an hour before she came into the room. She was hurting then. I was not. I was just weak.  If you are reading this, and you ever want to donate, please consider Little a Pink Houses of a Hope. I know how we benefit from the donations. You will be ensuring either a couple, or a family has one of the best weeks of their life. At the end of the trip a photographer takes photos and each family receives these once home. I know those who have passed on, their loved ones smile each time they look at those photos. It's a memory of pure joy. Nothing beats a sick person, forgetting they are sick and getting up on that paddleboard. Nothing beats having a wonderful dinner overlooking the ocean.  My trip with little pink still makes me cry, a true gift.