Saturday, December 26, 2009

RUN to see this movie!

For the first time in our life, we went to see a movie on Christmas Day. Baldyman, one of our daughters and my sister went to see Its Complicated last night. We laughed out loud many times thruout the movie. I have to say it was the perfect movie to see on Christmas night after all the hoopla is done and your looking to unwind.

The gyst of the movie most of you can guess or know, they dont hide it. I think they handled the ending fairly well. Alec Baldwin to me--in my humble not worth much opinion, acted his best I've ever seen in this movie..he was truly likeable, funny, whiny, and selfish but in a nice way. He also had you feeling kinda sorry for him--despite his bad decision!

Meryl Streep was great to, better yet awesome. Steve Martin--well if your a fan of his--which we are was good, but I just cant get enough of his me he's like a Madea-I never get tired of his antics.

Sooo, if your looking for a laugh, entertainment and even some soul searching thoughts--definitely put this on your Holiday Go see List!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas.......

Here is our little tree with all the unwrapped gifts just waiting for the kids and grandkids to come check them out. I have such a large family now that I have presents all over the house in piles because I cannot fit them under this tree. I love this last day of looking at the tree so neat and tidy with the gifts.
Take a real close look at this gift. Why? Because its MINE! Hubby placed it out yesterday thinking I wouldnt you tell me what woman does not know when a gift she didnt place there shows up? He multi-wrapped it meaning we must be low on paper--lol. NOW...I'm going to sound greedy but I'll admit that I am feeling greedy this year. I was kinda hoping for a new necklace or bracelet..but I think I know what he got. I can put my guess here because he never reads my blog. Its a kitchen aid mixer...check back later to see if i'm right! I told him I think I know what it is but then I guess all this weird stuff to steer him

Anyhow, I got Baldyman a wedding band. We've been married 32 years OMG its been that LONGGGGGGGGGG!!! This will be his 4th, YES 4th wedding band that I have purchased him. He loses them, he twirls them on his finger while driving, places them on the top of the car roof and know dumb stuff. I'm thinking if he loses this one--I am done. Its pretty bad when you keep losing them..maybe he dosnt want to be married lol...

Anyhow, I hope each and every one of you has a Merry Christmas and that your family is safe, happy and warm this Christmas night. For me, I want to spend this last hours focusing on my faith and all my blessings God has been so gracious to give me,,, in such economic hardships we are doing ok. I cant imagine any better gift than being ok. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My little store!

This is my little "store" in my office. I'm trying to have a place where alot of my products are on display so when guests come by, it might entice them to buy! I have all my Scents of Candles out plus a sampling of my body care products.

I really need to make it a priority to find a bigger place this year. While I've enjoyed living in this house, I'm outgrowing it. They say as your kids grow and leave, you can shed things and scale down. I feel like I'm expanding! I dont want to scale down. I want to have a room for all my products, candles as well as a storage room for all my ingrediants. I need to get things in place so I can see at a glance what I'm low on, and what I have for stock.

Not to mention, I need an office, a guest room for kids and grandkids!

I hope to post a few pictures of all my holiday decorations soon. I've seen so many of yours and they all look so warm and inviting. I'm all done shopping, wrapping and baking cookies! Its time to enjoy Christmas movies, good food and company!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Soy Candles!

I'm successfully up to 14 Scents for my Soy Candles. These are 100% Soy, burn 40-50 hours and highly scented. I've tested them all and I have to tell you, I've enjoyed having my home have so many different scents since October. Baldyman says he misses coming home to different scents all the time. I've stopped testing for bit to get thru the holidays but hopefully maybe even this weekend I will start testing my Valentines Day fragrances and then head into Spring and Summer Scents.

If anyone is interested here's the scoop!
8Oz Mason Jars $8.00 plus shipping
6 Oz Victorian Jars $6.50 plus shipping

Victorian Jars come in only 2 Scents right now
Lilac & Transendence

Mason Jars:
Vanilla Voodoo
Frankincense & Myrhh
Eucalyptus and Ivy
Pumpkin Coffee
Hazellnut Coffee
Sultry Angel
Cranberry Glaze
Cucumber Melon
Winter Woodlands Whisper
Starry Nights
Fall Leaves

If anyone is interested please let me know!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Ms. Ellie and her Christmas Friends!

Here is Ms. Ellie with her Christmas Yard Decorations that we bought for her. I wanted her to have a few things to put in the yard to brighten up her holiday. The Snowman to the right of her is roasting a marshmallow and it moves up and down over the little fire. The penquins are just a blow up decoration and then we got her a set of the Christmas light bulbs that you use to line up the walk way. She really liked the snowman.

I have to get around and check out everyone's home and decorations. We only have alittle over a week and Christmas is here. For some reason this Christmas seemed to creep up on me. I dont feel overwhelmed with anything but I do feel like it just came to fast.

I'm just about done with my shopping and baking. I hope your holiday season is going well and your finding time to enjoy it all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our First Snowfall!

Can we say SNOW DAY REAL LOUD? I am so happy! Today was our first major snowfall AND of course that means NO WORK! YIPEEEEE....I had Christmas Cookies in the oven by 7 AM and baked this morning. Then I made a huge pot of Chili, Taco Meat, cleaned the house and now I'm bored! I wanted to go Christmas Shopping but the power is out in many places. Not sure how much we got--but I'm guessing close to 10 inches.

My little snowman didnt fare to well with this wet heavy snow, but Baldyman went out cleaned him off and now he's standing proud. Bad thing about these types of snowfalls is by tonight we will be greeted with temps of 25-30 BELOW zero. That is hard to take.

Have any of you been greeted with Old Man Winter yet?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The best Ornament!

I saw this in the Hallmark store and couldnt stop laughing. They had a baby bib also and that to was adorable. I try to buy a new ornament or two each year, well this one is home sitting on my tree.

My first craft show was a disaster financially BUT is was a success in learning for us. We learned all kinds of things we will do next time to promote my stuff, market it better which hopefully will help things out. The crowd was not that great which didnt help. The other thing I didnt like about this one is that we had to get up at 430 AM to be there and get everything settled. I was so tired that I didnt have the best personality. Anyhow, its over, I'm relaxed and ready to begin my Christmas baking!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Tree!

Here's my Christmas Tree for this year. I decided to move my recliner out of the living room and have the tree here. This way you can view it from the dining room table as well as the living room. I like it! I never like the way I decorate the tree, but to me this is pretty good. I just feel that I dont do well at this kind of thing.

I have my first craft show this weekend and I'm nervous. I have made so many candles and body care products and I just dont know what to expect! The candles that I have sold so far everyone is loving....but still being that its my first I just dont know how the shopping mood will be. I hope it goes well!

After this show is done, I'm going back to relaxing some at night--and I hope to catch my favorite holiday shows as well as enjoy some Christmas Baking. I've got a good portion of my holiday gifts purchased already.

How about all of you, how are your holiday plans coming to pass?