Monday, March 26, 2012


Recently we went to visit our 3rd son who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma.  He works on the road alot so he stays in this motorhome.  We stayed in it with him.  It was quite comfortable, although I surely missed my own things.  We stayed 9 days which was quite long for me.  I sure miss him though.  Oklahoma has been very nice weather wise...HOWEVER, let me say my husband and I must have brought bad luck because it rained the entire time we were there and didnt stop until 2 days before we left.  It was awful. Rained day and night. 

This is a ditch behind the rv park which was empty on the day we arrived.  We walked up there walking the dogs and you could walk in it,,,very small amount of water if any.  Not after the rain we brought!

This is Wisteria, which is my first time seeing it.  It was amazingly beautiful.  I want to see if I can get some here in Wisconsin...not sure if our climate is good for it.  I didnt like Tulsa, much at all.  Alot of poverty. Homeless everywhere, you could see their belongings underneath the was very very sad to me. Alot of vacant buildings and alot of fences.  Fences everywhere,,,on just about every home, no matter how cheap or expensive.  The elite homes were so well fenced you could not even see their homes.  The food was good, Oklahoma Bar B Que cant be beat.   If it were not for my son staying there we would not go back.  I"m kinda hoping he comes back home.  Last summer he was in Texas and that was awesome.  Tulsa,  thumbs down.  The other weird thing was, we did not see kids outside playing.  In the 9 days we were there, I saw 2 kids.  I wondered if they allow children in the state lol...very odd.  Anyhow, we did alot of shopping, visiting and enjoying our son.  I miss him already but I am glad to be back home.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Crocus

I bought a new camera that I've learning to use.  Its a Sony Cyber Shot, not the greatest of greatest but appears to be pretty good. I got tired of the bigger Fuji Camera that I forget to lug around and wanted something very small to carry in my purse at all times.  When you think of all the wonderful things we see, and then are unable to capture them because we left our camera at home.  Sooo, I finally went out and got a small camera that I can have with me at all times.  This is a close up shot of my crocus.  They popped open this weekend. Wisconsin is having unusually warm temps right now.  Of course we are all hoping that means they are here to stay.  No more snow, no more cold temps right????????  Well, we all know the cold and possible snow flurries will return..but the nice thing is-they will not return for long.  Spring has definitely arrived.   I saw my first robins on March 11, went to get a picture but they flew off and havent seen any since.  I'm excited for it to be a daily recurrence.  I'm continuing to do ok...cancer continues to show signs of diminishing.  Its very hard to get excited about this because I know with Stage 4...its always there lurking.  It will progress again...just dont know when.  My hope and prayer is that it regresses long enough for them to find a medicine that will surely give us a chronic condition..not a death sentence.  I am one who really believes there will NOT be a cure.  The money that pours into cancer research is will not be given up.  Soo I think the best we can hope for are new meds to give us longer life, but the cure will forever elude us.    I'm getting used to being off of work.  I am doing ok except that I am longing to be outside.  I get restless being couped up in the house for days on end.  I just returned from a 4 day Metastatic Breast Cancer Retreat that was amazing.  I kept getting asked, "am i having fun", "did I have fun".  This was the first time in my life I could not answer that question.  It wasnt was heavy, spiritual, deep, and one of the best experiences of my lifetime.  The closeness and understanding from woman to woman when they have cancer is unreal.  We are all traveling a path we would never have picked, but yet its not all bad.  Some of it is very very good.  The women are amazing fighters.  All the same reason for wanting to survive---our families.  That is the hardest part of all for me, knowing most of us may not make it very long and yet all we want is more time with our families.  Gut wrenching.  
I'm also getting my home ready for spring.  We have all our deck furniture out.  Nice so when its nice outside,,i can enjoy sitting out to get our Vit D the natural way!  I plan on a small trip this week to Oklahoma to visit our son. I'm looking forward to a long roadtrip and checking out the sights of a new city!  Hopefully i'll have plenty of pictures to share with you on my return!