Sunday, January 23, 2011

New from Pottery Barn!

I still have to get used to learning this new photo download and how to post.   Anyhow, I thought I would show you my new sofa from Pottery Barn.  Its PB Comfort, one of the most comfortable sofa's I've ever sat on.   Actually that is what got us!  I love the store but find it quite expensive so I waited for a sale and then jumped on it.  After the sale and the 10% gift card you get when you use the Pottery Barn Charge, its actually not that expensive at all.   The first photo is of the new couch.  I got brave and ordered it in Red or Burnt Sienna is what they call it.  The covers are removable for washing which is very atttractive to probably all of us homemakers!   We got the linen cover which so far I'm very happy with.

With the 10% gift card you get when you use the Charge I was able to go back and get the middle pillow and the large candle lantern as well as the candles that go with for no extra charge.  That was great!  I would never pay what they want for that pillow but I loved it, so it was great to get that.   That cover is also removable for washing. 

The picture above is from Kirklands, something I've had my eyes on for years.  The Hand of God I beleive is the name of the painting, from which God touches Adams hand.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that also.  I've been redoing my living room-stepping out and getting bold in my old age.  I will post the curtains later.   If you havent been to Pottery Barn, you have to check it out.  While its pricey, if you use that charge you get the 10% card back and of course pay it off quick and the interest wont affect you!

Monday, January 17, 2011

And the snow continues!

We have had another snowstorm in Wisconsin today.  This time we got probably around 5-6 inches.  It was snowing so much I left work at 12 today.  I went into a panic, actually felt like I was getting flu pains.  I think the problem is that when we had our snow and ice storm several weeks ago I lost control of my car and went into a huge ice snow bank that literally ripped the entire front fender off my car, tore off the wheel well cover.  I am still in the process of getting the car fixed.  Can you believe the car told my husband he thinks I should wait for the fender until Spring in case I do that again!!!!! I was going thru roundabout which forces you to go slow anyhow--but the nerve of him...insinuating I dont know how to drive lol.   I'm 52 and only have had one small accident in my life.  Anyhow, I came home early and enjoyed the afternoon making candles and updating Etsy and then of course you cant have a winter snow day without a big pot of Chili!

I should get some award of some sort--this is my 3rd post in the last 3 days.  I'm amazed.  Oh and the picture, is of Genie coming in from a potty break covered in snow. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small SnowStorm in Wisconsin

Hopefully you can see the snow falling if you enlarge the photo.  Last night we had a small storm by Wisconsin Standards.  I woke up to about 3-4 inches of snow this morning.  It was very pretty when I went to bed, in fact I left my bedroom blinds open so I could fall asleep watching the snow against the pretty outside lights we have left up. 
The temps here in Wisconsin havent been to bad as of late, high 20's to low 30's which is actually great for us this time of year.  Most days all I need is a sweater and a scarf.  January is usually a very brutal month for us with many days at 0!  I thought maybe we were going to escape that this year--but I just found out next week, the 0 temps are going to arrive which means at night--wind chills of well below 0!  NOT FUN!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Valenties Day--Lucky N Love!

I just listed this in my Etsy Shop today.  I made this this morning and this product is devine!  Its a sugar/salt body cleansing scrub with the Lucky n Love Scent.  I'm really enjoying this new scent for the month of Romance.  I also made this in Soy candles, shower gel, body lotion and body spritz.  If anyone is interested let me know!  The scent is made up of Wisteria, Greens and assorted clovers, you wont be disappointed!

Well now that the holidays are over, life is slowing down somewhat.  There really isnt much to do in the colder months so its a nice time to fluff up your home, relax alittle more, and for me experiment with new products.  I'm also beginning to plan our vacation.  We would like to park our camper on the ocean somewhere warm, so if anyone has some tips on beautiful places to park your RV ON the ocean send em my way.

Next month we also anticipate the arrival of the twins!  My oldest son and his wife will be expecting the twins, and they are girls towards the end of the month.  Its a very exciting time.  Its strange to me that I had twin girls and now my oldest son is having them.  I'm just secretly glad its not me, lol.  It was a great experience, but not something I would want to do twice!

I hope your all enjoying this winter time of year and i'm sure most of you just like me are eagerly awaiting Spring!