Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sometimes this is all you need

Its been a crazy 2 weeks for me and my family. I cant even begin to tell you how hard it is to keep going at a full time job outside of the home, attempt to build and market my body business and candles as well as try to be a good Mom and Grandmom. Some of you may already know exactly what I'm talking about. When anything happens out of the ordinary, it just throws you completely off kilter and its almost humanly impossible to keep the pace. Trying to please everyone, do a good job at work, is just exhausting. AND..I'm trying to learn how to make new scented candles all the time--and for me its not easy. I also threw in my first Craft Show to attend to market my products and so I'm trying to build a stock....Anyhow, I came h ome yesterday after a nearly 12 hour day at work just wiped out and thinking of cancelling my craft show project because I dont know if I'll be able to get my stock up. On my table were these beautiful flowers. My first thought was---Baldyman remembered to get some nice flowers for the Thanksgiving meal. Then I saw the says ---Thank you..well I knew then it wasnt from Baldyman. What would he thank me for? Well theres alot I guess but I just sensed it wasnt from him. We've got alot of personal tough times going on with our 3rd son and trying to help him. He is the one who put the flowers there with a very nice card saying Thank you for all we are helping him with. I just thought after reading the card....Ya know, sometimes this is all you need in life--someone grateful for trying your best. I dont need big fancy houses, new cars, diamonds, wonderful trips all the time--I just need to know sometimes I'm a good Mom, grandmom and that I do my best. I may not be the best--but I do my best. So, I'm feeling very thankful that my kids know I try hard. Add to that, another nice letter came my way from someone that really made me smile inside so this week on top of being very physically and emotionally trying was also very heart touching.

I hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones and your homes are full of laughter and love. This is my most favorite meal of the year. I absolutely love it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can Life get any sweeter?

I couldnt resist these pictures of Peschi my sons cat--(who somehow lives in our home). She was sleeping at the bottom of our bed and I just couldnt kick out of the covers when I was making it and this is how she slept.
Is she not the cutest cat you ever saw? (sorry Marvin)
And of course they have to put the paw up to make themselves even cuter.
And the Ultimate in cuteness...Genie and Peschi napping together. Now mind you, Genie is NOT a friendly sort. She acts like she will eat most humans and animals..but she has a HUGE soft spot for Peschi. I find them snuggled alot together and whenever Peschi comes in from outside Genie and her will rub noses as if they are greeting each other..heck they probably are.

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend..we've had beautiful weather here all week. I dont want it to end. I'm having huge success in my candle making and actually finally have a decent stock with a decent amount of scent choices. I committed to doing a Christmas Show, my first one so I have to work hard to build my inventory for alot of the things I make. I hope it goes well. I'm very nervous. I'm also getting new customers AND orders for gift baskets for Christmas gifts so my little business is definitely moving along.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mobile Home Tour!

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of the inside of our little mobilehomey. Here is my tiny kitchen area. Baldyman and I drove it to the beach the other night, turned on the generator and cooked up a pizza. Strange i know but we always wanted to live by water. It was very nice just sitting and watching the lake. We went at night so the glow of the homes around the lake was very relaxing.
I just cant get a feel for this camera, so this picture is dark but this is the living and cabin area. I'm thinking about getting a new camera and then taking lessons because this one just dosnt cut it for me. No matter what setting I use I couldnt get a good picture.
My teeny tiny bathroom, it has another cabinet on the left side. This home is 11 years old and in mint condition. Not even a scratch on the woodwork. I'm sure we will fix that in no time. Baldyman says he is gonna take good care of it though--its his baby. We are fighting over who likes it more.
And of course our little bedroom. Its a queen size bed which is really nice. Cabinets on each side and then even a shelf under the window for pictures and candles and whatever other pretties I want. The bathroom has a shower with a tub also!

We havent done awhole lot yet to make it ours. We plan on putting in a nice TV Stereo System before we leave on our Spring trip and then also getting the Name "MobileHomey" on the back of it. The plan is to use it for Thanksgiving for our annual trek to my cousins and then store it for winter. Around Sometime between March and May we will be taking an Ocean trip and staying on the Ocean for a week. I think all our kids and grandkids plan on coming with. That is another dream vacation for us, camping on the ocean.

I hope you enjoyed the tiny tour of my tiny home,,,it really is our baby!