Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of the greatest Gifts of my life

Growing up the way I did, I didnt get to see my Grandparents all that often, and I know I missed out on alot. The times I did spend at my grandma and Grandpa's I remember good food, ALWAYS good Italian food, alot of laughter, alot of yelling (they were Italian) and my grandma's love of BIG Costume Jewelry. When she got dressed up--she had the biggest earrings, pins, etc. She died many years ago and I never had the heart to ask anyone for anything of hers. Years had to go by before I did finally share with my cousin Rose and my Aunt Yvonne that I would like something of Grandmas. My Aunt Yvonne gave me a Mary Statue that Grandma had in her room but I've always wondered about her Costume Jewelry.

This weekend my cousin Rose, her blog is here, came to visit. She brought along this Keepsake box of some of my Grandmas Costume Jewelry. It was a gift from my Aunt Yvonne, made with her and her daughter Paulette. I just about cried. I told Rose, I just could cry. This jewelry struck some memory cords in me, I remember her wearing it. I remember as a young girl thinking how "bright" Grandma was--and how everything was so BIG! Even her hair was down the middle of her back. She liked us to brush it. She also always had me use that Pretty Feet Lotion and get her dry skin off her elbows. This was one of my life's greatest gifts. Not only do I feel so priviledged to have this of my Grandma, but also because my Mom and Dad didnt let us out of the house that often I really feel like I was a lost child. There was no closeness for us and so our memories of our extended family are very few.

I'm happy to show you all this gift...its really special to me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bridal Survicor Island!

This is SOOO cool! Our daughter who is engaged and driving us nuts with her forever changing wedding plans entered this contest...and found out today she is a contestant! Go check this out for information and the $20,000 Wedding she is trying to win. She recently decided that she wanted the wedding to be at our sons new home next summer so at least we have that in place but she's been changing dates, plans, wants for about 2 years now. If she wins this--she can have the wedding of her dreams, still at our sons house, but also her honeymoon and so many other great gifts.

I'll keep everyone posted, she begins her stay on Bridal Island October 1st. I beleive there is live internet coverage of the brides 24/7. I will post all that so anyone who would like can check out my daughter. I'm so excited for her and cant wait to see how this goes. Even if she dosnt win, there are prizes given out all along, and I'm just excited that she got picked to be a contestant and have this neat experience.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Martha Stewart

This is my Martha Stewart Witch. I need to take another photo, but if you click on it maybe it will look better. I waited for her for 2 years. We were going to actually make one, but then I found the GrandinRoad Catalog and decided I would make it easy and just pay for it.
These legs are adorable. I'm thinking I'm going to place them in my trunk and let them hang as if I stuffed the rest of the witch inside. Arent they the cutest?

The book, is called Wednesday Letters. I ordered that from a Victorian Magazine. It was described as a book where a husband wrote his wife a love letter on the first night of their marriage and then proceded to write her a letter every Wednesday for the duration of their marriage which I think extended over 40 years. I thought it was true...I dont know if it is or not but I can say for me I'm disapointed in the book. Its hard to follow, to many players and to many things going on....its not just about the letters. If it gets better I'll let ya know!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Splish,Splash Look whose takin a bath!

This little guy decided he wanted to try out my bath products. I think he got my bad ones because he lost way to much weight! Not much left of him!

I saw this idea somewhere in a magazine and just HAD to do it. This bathroom dosnt get used to much so I figure he can sit in here til Halloween. Suppossedly, he's taken a bubble bath, kinda looks like that. Baldyman loves it, my son said I'm losing my mind....but hey, the one who is losing their mind is the one who THOUGHT of this idea--I just used it! Either way, pretty cute huh?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking Girl!

Wow! Been along long time since I made a thinking girl post. I'm taking a couple days off of my regular job so I actually h ave time to play around. I'm in the process of teaching myself to learn how to make candles. I only wish I had another stretch of time to much to learn.

Anyhow, I was blog reading this morning and came across a post that got me thinking, hence the thinking girl! Why do most of us blog? Surely most of us have some sort of reason. To vent, to utilize a tool to promote our home based business, to just have a place to come to, to meet fellow potential freinds...I dont know...many reasons I guess. For me personally, I began this blog just have something to do, that was it., Period. I found I got to enjoy the recipes, the home decorating and even many of you ladies. So much talent out much.
I personally made the decision to keep my blog pretty much drama free (sometimes I cant help but rant about politics though) and I figure most of us have difficult enough lives that we dont want to come to blogland and see more "crap". Still, at times "crap" is there.

The one thing I see time and time again is people betrayed online--that wont ever end. But..what does confuse me to no end, is when people complain about "freindships" online and how they have been hurt, ignored--etc. It amazes me that some people will complain about this--and yet they do it all the time. I've been to many many blogs--as I'm sure most of you have...and many many times--the blog owner will NOT even pay us a visit..extend the courtesy. And then, that very same person will complain about this being done to them. I'm sorry folks but I cannot understand all. If you are trying to support and encourage fellow bloggers--the courtesy needs to be extended..period. Now I know so many blogs are so "busy" with followers that it would take days to drop a quick post....I get that...BUT...over time a quick hello, how are you would be appreciated.

My blog to me, is just as important as anyones blog is to them...and no blog is more worthy than another. Why do things we do in "real life" in time--end up h ere also? Again, I think life is hard enough--coming here for smiles, ideas, encouragement should be what its all about. Remember when strangers come visit--they are looking for the same courtesy. Their blog is important to them also.

Drama, to me, needs no place here. I wont be a part of it, at all. Blogging to me, NEEDS to be stress free.

My thinking girl thoughts for today!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zuchinni Quiche

Its been a LONG LONG time since I shared a recipe with all of you, and tonight when I put this on my plate I thought....this looks so dam good (pardon my language) that I have to take a picture and post the recipe. After I ate it...I am sooo glad to tell you--its AWESOME! Now, lucky me I was able to walk outside and pick my zuchinni and use it fresh. The pumpkin bread I made from scratch also, and it was the best I've had....very moist. And an extra note before I post the recipe.....check out the candle. I am teaching myself how to make candles to add to my bodycare line. This is my first candle and its a success. I'm making soy candles in containers and once I learn how to do it good enough to sell, I will also add votives, tealights. I plan on carrying a regular Victorian Jar line--(6.5 oz) and then for special holidays I will have candle's like above--in pumpkins, christmas jars etc. Soo, if you like Zuchinni,, please make this recipe. I found it in a magazine but tweaked it to what i like and my husband who isnt a huge fan of Quiche, couldnt stop eating this. I threatened to slap him if he didnt leave a slice for me for lunch tomorrow!

Zuchinni Quiche

1 Tube of Crescent Roll Mix
3 Medium Zuchinni ( i used the small zuchinni and just put it one and then sliced up a big one I had)
Diced Ham
Minced Garlic
2 TB Butter ( I never measure)
Fresh Parsley, Fresh Dill
Pepper ( I never add salt)
1 Cup Monteray JacK cheese
3 Eggs
Cut Up Onion
Take the Crescent roll dough apart and place it in a greased pie will have to play with it. The pointed side faces the middle of the pie plate.

Fry up your zuchinni, minced garlic, onion, ham in olive oil. Add 1/2 of the cheese when Zuchinni is near done.

Put this mixture in the Pie Crust Plate. Place some butter on the top of this..I just placed 2 spoonfuls. I use I cant believe its not butter. Then mix 3 eggs and pour over this. Sprinkle rest of cheese on top. Bake 350 until its set approx 30 minutes. I also placed some foil around edge of crust so it wouldnt be to dark.

Let sit for about 5 minutes--slice and enjoy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Haunted Buffet!

Instead of serving desserts, I"m serving "hands". I decided not to store the cake server for Halloween, but instead place a h and inside it. I know my grandkids will enjoy this! Each Halloween we have a Party for the girls and I try to make it more "scarier" each year,,but in a fun way!
Also, since i made the decision to do a more elegant decor this year, finding her is awesome. A black crow is no longer just a black crow when she is dressed in diamonds! and click on the picture you can see she has sparkles in her hat.
and here is the buffet from a distance, looks better at night. All kinds of creepy things are popping up around my place.

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Halloween Decor!

I guess you could say i'm officially accepting that summer in Wisconsin is closing and Fall has arrived. This is my fireplace. I cant wait for Halloween to hand out treats, my pumpkin is always ready for Grandchildren's little hands or my kids when they pop in or guests. I end up filling up this pumpkin at least 3-4 times before Halloween is even here. Once the pumpkin is on the fireplace mantel, everyone knows there are goodies in it.
I dont do tablescapes. This would be as close as I come. I decorate my table for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years and Easter Dinner. Thats it! I've added Halloween now to. I even forgot that I have a Ghost and Pumpkin Salt and Pepper Shaker.
And here is my fireplace all lit up! I still have so much more to put out,,,this isnt even a touch of what I have. I'm going to scale back though, big time. I've told my kids to come pick out thru my decorations because I'm scaling down and what dosnt go--is getting donated. Last night it was a great night to have the fireplace lit up once again, all decorated. I hope everyone had a nice weekend and you can all say We are officially into Fall!