Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thinking Girl!

Wow! Been along long time since I made a thinking girl post. I'm taking a couple days off of my regular job so I actually h ave time to play around. I'm in the process of teaching myself to learn how to make candles. I only wish I had another stretch of time to much to learn.

Anyhow, I was blog reading this morning and came across a post that got me thinking, hence the thinking girl! Why do most of us blog? Surely most of us have some sort of reason. To vent, to utilize a tool to promote our home based business, to just have a place to come to, to meet fellow potential freinds...I dont know...many reasons I guess. For me personally, I began this blog just have something to do, that was it., Period. I found I got to enjoy the recipes, the home decorating and even many of you ladies. So much talent out much.
I personally made the decision to keep my blog pretty much drama free (sometimes I cant help but rant about politics though) and I figure most of us have difficult enough lives that we dont want to come to blogland and see more "crap". Still, at times "crap" is there.

The one thing I see time and time again is people betrayed online--that wont ever end. But..what does confuse me to no end, is when people complain about "freindships" online and how they have been hurt, ignored--etc. It amazes me that some people will complain about this--and yet they do it all the time. I've been to many many blogs--as I'm sure most of you have...and many many times--the blog owner will NOT even pay us a visit..extend the courtesy. And then, that very same person will complain about this being done to them. I'm sorry folks but I cannot understand all. If you are trying to support and encourage fellow bloggers--the courtesy needs to be extended..period. Now I know so many blogs are so "busy" with followers that it would take days to drop a quick post....I get that...BUT...over time a quick hello, how are you would be appreciated.

My blog to me, is just as important as anyones blog is to them...and no blog is more worthy than another. Why do things we do in "real life" in time--end up h ere also? Again, I think life is hard enough--coming here for smiles, ideas, encouragement should be what its all about. Remember when strangers come visit--they are looking for the same courtesy. Their blog is important to them also.

Drama, to me, needs no place here. I wont be a part of it, at all. Blogging to me, NEEDS to be stress free.

My thinking girl thoughts for today!

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Nina Diane said...

I don't like blog is just my life. I document it for my kids and grandkids. That's all...and making friends along the way is just a nice side dish.

rosemarie said...

i hear ya nina diane,i noticed some people have tons of friends thats got to be hard..i couldnt imagine having that many,i do love meeting friends on here..and its nice to see friends stopping by..i dont like drama either,i love posting and it relaxs me,

Calming Scents said...

Nina, Amen!

Karen said...

Oh Dawn, I am so over drama in my life. But, I've told you all this before. Why do I blog . . . probably because it is calming and therapeutic for me, I meet wonderful people, making new friends is always great, I find inspiration and hope to offer some.
And that is about it.
The great recipes are a BONUS!!!!! :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

I am sitting here trying to figure out why I blog and I think it is about visiting others more than posting for myself but I love people to drop in and say nice things. I don't want drama either as I get enough in the real world. I love the decorating and the recipes too, the women who blog are just incredible.

Great post!

The Raggedy Girl