Sunday, September 27, 2009

One of the greatest Gifts of my life

Growing up the way I did, I didnt get to see my Grandparents all that often, and I know I missed out on alot. The times I did spend at my grandma and Grandpa's I remember good food, ALWAYS good Italian food, alot of laughter, alot of yelling (they were Italian) and my grandma's love of BIG Costume Jewelry. When she got dressed up--she had the biggest earrings, pins, etc. She died many years ago and I never had the heart to ask anyone for anything of hers. Years had to go by before I did finally share with my cousin Rose and my Aunt Yvonne that I would like something of Grandmas. My Aunt Yvonne gave me a Mary Statue that Grandma had in her room but I've always wondered about her Costume Jewelry.

This weekend my cousin Rose, her blog is here, came to visit. She brought along this Keepsake box of some of my Grandmas Costume Jewelry. It was a gift from my Aunt Yvonne, made with her and her daughter Paulette. I just about cried. I told Rose, I just could cry. This jewelry struck some memory cords in me, I remember her wearing it. I remember as a young girl thinking how "bright" Grandma was--and how everything was so BIG! Even her hair was down the middle of her back. She liked us to brush it. She also always had me use that Pretty Feet Lotion and get her dry skin off her elbows. This was one of my life's greatest gifts. Not only do I feel so priviledged to have this of my Grandma, but also because my Mom and Dad didnt let us out of the house that often I really feel like I was a lost child. There was no closeness for us and so our memories of our extended family are very few.

I'm happy to show you all this gift...its really special to me.

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mbkatc230 said...

What a wonderful, thoughtful gift. I know you will treasure this always, and the way they preserved these things in the keepsake box is just beautiful. Bless them for such a precious gift. Kathy

rosemarie said...

hey dawnie ,im so glad you love the jewerly,i know you will cherish that shadow box for many years..thanks for having us ..i hope you can come next week,the party is at 2pm and we are having alot of food,,so dont take her out for lunch ,she will be at my house.

Ginger said...

That is really neat that Rose gave you the jewelry with so many memories.
I was just at her blog and saw your son's home that he bought. Nice being on 10 acres.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift. My grandmother loved costume jewelry and I am glad you received such a wonderful memory of your grandmother. Kudos to Rose.

The Raggedy Girl said...

How lovely and what is best is the memories of your Grandmother wearing the jewelry.

The Raggedy Gril

Shelley said...

I almost cried reading this! I'm so happy for you Dawnie! How great to now have that wonderful jewelry keepsake! (My grandfather left me my grandmother's costume jewelry when he passed and it's one of my most prized possessions.)Rose is a sweetie!!

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today...
What a great blog you have! I loved reading about your grandmother and her jewelry. My grandmother was so much like yours. She loved jewelry also.
I'll be back!
Ladybug Creek