Friday, September 11, 2009

Haunted Buffet!

Instead of serving desserts, I"m serving "hands". I decided not to store the cake server for Halloween, but instead place a h and inside it. I know my grandkids will enjoy this! Each Halloween we have a Party for the girls and I try to make it more "scarier" each year,,but in a fun way!
Also, since i made the decision to do a more elegant decor this year, finding her is awesome. A black crow is no longer just a black crow when she is dressed in diamonds! and click on the picture you can see she has sparkles in her hat.
and here is the buffet from a distance, looks better at night. All kinds of creepy things are popping up around my place.

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Tootsie said...


mbkatc230 said...

I want to come to your Halloween party! How fun. And I LOVE the crow! Hope you have a great weekend. Kathy

Shelley said...

I love what you did w/ that crow!
What time should I arrive for that Halloween party??? :-)

Nancy said...

Hi Dawnie, Everything is just looking so festive at your house!!! I haven't even started on it yet...think I'll keep it simple this year...maybe...LOL ;) Hopey you have wonderful weekend! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Very clever!

rosemarie said...

so you are all decked out.looks great ,are you all ready for halloween? i havent had time to do anything ,maybe this weekend.just cant believe summer is almost that crow..

Anonymous said...

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