Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dosnt feel like the end of summer.....

Here is a picture of the Mississippi River we took while we visited one of our State Parks a few weeks ago. I believe its Wyalusing State Park. The views were unbeleiveable.
This picture shows a neat cloud that just took my breath away. Sometimes the sky is so pretty all you want to do is capture it and stay there forever!
And this.....I'm going to get this enlarged this afternoon. This is a photo of my grandson Karson's hand and mine. I love it! He is 1 now. My summer has gone fast like they always do, but yet I'm ready to say goodbye. Its been HOT, HUMID and a Mosquito Summer here in Wisconsin. I've gotten bit so much you would have though i should have lost weight. The humidity and me dont get along...I dont like feeling and looking like a drowned rat. Hopefully next summer--I will be either not working or working part time and can get back to things such as this...I really miss blogging. I hope your all doing well and its time to check out a few blogs!