Friday, March 27, 2009

Roll Up Lasagna-Happy Friday!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...and here's a recipe for you! I had a craving for Roll Up Lasagna which I've never made. I just thought it would be easier than making regular Lasagna which it was. Ok, heres what i did. I cooked ground chuck and ground pork together with some minced garlic and onion in olive oil.

I boiled the Lasagna noodles til almost done--not quite--but bendable.

Then I mixed the filling:

24 oz cottage cheese 16 oz ricotta cheese ( there was some left)
2 eggs Parsley

Mix the filling. Lay out a noodle and lay some filling across the noodle. Roll it up. Place in a pan that you spray with a non stick spray and pour olive oil over that.

Once you have the amount of roll ups you want--Mix this sauce:

Add to the meat mixture: 1 can and half of Stewed tomatos--mine were various flavors. I used a 29 oz can of Tomato Sauce--but had about 1/2 of that left. I also sprinkled in chili powder--at least a 1 Tbl. When that is simmered and you like the flavor...Pour over your Roll ups. Sprinkle with Colby and Jack Cheese. Bake approx 30 minutes.

This was VERY good. I made it for company tomorrow but already snuck one. You know the cook has to sample the goods right?

Have a great weekend!

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Lori said...

Mmmmm.. that looks yummy :)

The Raggedy Girl said...

It looks good. My Mom used to tell me I made great Lasagna which was funny because I am so not a pasta girl. But I ought to try it again because I recently had a small love affair with a plate of pasta salad. I will give your recipe a try.

Roberta Anne

LisaShaw said...

I'll be right over with my fork in hand :)

Have a tremendously blessed and peaceful weekend dear sister.

Bridget said...

How did you know that I've been having a serious craving for Italian food? I am so going to have some tomorrow!!!!
Have a great weekend, Bridget

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I've never heard of roll up lasagna. It does sound like a little less trouble. We love pasta, so I'll be trying this recipe. laurie

Sassy said...

OOOOOOOOOOH...This sounds so yummy! I have not done it this way but think I will next time...sounds de-lish!

grammy said...

Now I have a craving for Lasagna (o:

Ginger said...

It looks delicious. I am lazy when making sauce, I cheat and use the jars of spegetti sauce.
Have a good time with your company.

ellie mae said...

Oh, this does sound good! Yummers!

Anonymous said...

This sounds great. I'm going to try it but I have to use Prego since that's the only sauce my guys like. Sigh. BTW - I have a dumb question but since I'm cooking challenged...
Do you place the rolls vertical or horizontal in the baking dish?

Shelley said...

You always have great recipes posted Dawnie! I think you & I have the same tastes. I love lasagna so this will be fun to try.