Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone in blogland!  I wish everyone a safe, loving and peaceful Christmas.  I said Happy Holidays to someone the other day and i felt immediate sadness.  It wasnt intentional at all, it just came out, but the pain I felt of not saying "Christmas" was swift.  It is Jesus's birth and thats the most important of all in this special day!  Soooo, Merry CHRISTMAS to all of you!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I know I've posted this before...but heres another one!

This is after I attempted to resize them.  Looks like crap lol.  I"m  trying to learn all this for Etsy and I'm finding I'm NOT good at all at this type of thing.  I cant even figure out postage lol.  I think my mind is in to many places at one time.  I'm trying to balance full time work, family, grandchildren, marriage, my business and I'm thinking I"m sinking.   My goal was to be out of my full time time soon, but to be honest since some recent changes happenned at work, I'm not feeling so frustrated and so I'm going to continue on.  I do like what i do overall,,,and i LOVE my business but fact is--I am still putting into the business and not making anything.  Its done mostly out of love and joy of what I do.  Besides I have some personal goals I want to meet.  

One good thing --I've received my new sofa from Pottery Barn!  First time ever hubby and I custom ordered anything and waited 2 months for it!  We love it, and I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with RED!  I will post pictures after I get it all set up.  Right now its got funny tiny pillows on it and its not flattering at all.

My soaps are in a store now in my little town and so far doing very well.  I'm excited about that.  Once I get this Etsy thing figured out I will work on that also.   Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great winter so far and looking forward to the approaching Christmas!