Friday, January 30, 2009

New Dining Room Set has arrived

and look it didnt take me long to stuff our crap inside the stools! This is going to be the best part about this set. Baldyman always tosses his hats, gloves, and junk on my table and it just irks me to no end. When I saw these stools had storage--I knew this was the one. AND its deep storage AND he has 2 stools to fill up. I did toss my ironing in there to but he wont figure that out!
See it all looks nice and neat--no one has any idea what pigs we are!
And this is the table and chairs. I wont get the other chair for a couple weeks and it does have a leaf so we can still seat 6-8 when all the ankle biters are over. For now, for just me and Baldyman its nice and small and compact. What else we liked about this set is that its counter sized so its higher. That will be nice for baking, or working on things. So there it is...nothing fancy...but we like it!

You will be amazed at Monday's post. I did take pictures of my bedroom, clean side, dirty side..and its pretty bad...and I hate to admit this is how it is EVERY day.

Before......Todays the Day!

Please dont look at all the extras I seem to have laying around--but this is the spot where my new dining room table will be going today. Sometime between 12 and 2 it should be arriving. Baldyman moved out the old one last night, we vacumned up the little rug and this is what we have left.
I need to get in here this morning and clear out all the extras that dont belong. I have a huge bag of birdseed, shoes, Baldyman has boxes for god knows what. Can you tell we are clutter freaks? I'm getting excited, and I'll be back later to show you the new set!

P.S. When I'm feeling brave--I'm gonna take a picture of my bedroom on the clean side--and then MY about disgusting!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a reminder

that summer really does exist in Wisconsin. This is me and my 3rd grandaughter Ms. Ellie last July. I love this picture of her and I. We were getting ready to empty the pool out but decided we would do it slowly and just lay on the pool and let the water run. Funny thing is--after this shot--I laid back on the back side and she went over to that yellow ball and so much water came out--she floated right out of the pool and down the grass. If you could have seen her face! She looked at me--Grandma where the H..... am I going???? I laughed so hard. Being that we still cant get much above 0 here,, this picture is reminding me of the fact that YES Wisconsin does get hot...and I'm definitely getting ready for it!

P.S. Please excuse the semi-undecent dress of myself!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ducks and Dining

Look at what arrived yesterday! My little Spa Ducks. I have a pretty neat collection now of these little fellas. I never knew you could get so many various kinds of ducks. The Valentines one and the one in fur are so tiny its funny. The fur just about buries the one duck. I think I need to start checking the measurements of some things!
This here is my dining room set now. This table is about 25 years old. The Chairs could use some work but the table itself is in pretty good shape. I normally have a tablecloth on it--but after Baldyman's birthday dinner the cloth was in pretty bad shape. So I figured since its leaving here tomorrow night--I will shine it up and enjoy it for acouple of days. Our oldest son is taking this so its still in the family. We've had many fun, happy meals around this table. Our children grew up on this table. Many relatives that are now gone sat here with us and enjoyed holiday dinners, birthday dinners. Many of you know how that is--Memories!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Strawberry Angel Cake

Here it is! In all its glory. I dont know why--but it didnt collapse this year. Probably because I told all of you it does.....this sucker held up! If you look close you can see how it kinda started collapsing...
This photo shows just how much it was going downnnnn....I figured after the first cut--it would split wide open....but....
look! It didnt collapse! It just stayed together! Amazing! This cake is very refreshing...pretty easy to make. I cant guarantee you it wont collapse on ya--but go ahead and try it. Even it does fall apart-it dosnt affect the taste.

1 Angel Food Cake--I dont EVER use off brands--I always use Pillsbury or Betty Crocker

1 Large Cool Whip--actually you can go smaller
3 Large Pkgs. Strawberry Jello
2 Boxes Frozen Strawberries

Cut around the cake about 1 inch from the edge..pull out the pieces and set aside.

Add 3 pkgs jello to 2 cups hot water. Stir--add frozen strawberries--Chill this until firm.

Once firm--add the broken cake pieces to the jello mixture. I also throw in some Cool Whip until you like the taste. Place this inside the cake,,,and cover with Cool Whip. Chill until ready to serve! Its delicious!

P.S.---We did end up getting a new dining room set! It arrives on Friday. We took our daughter in law to shop for a new mattress set and as we were walking out--all 3 of us just said--Hey look at this one...we sat on it and new instantly it was the one we both liked. Its not fancy by any means...its a high counter top set with stools and armless chairs. For us, its perfect. I'm excited and cant wait to show ya!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cracker Barrel!

Ok I went to look at the dining room set AGAIN, I emphasize that because this will be our 2nd LONG time looking at it. We left without ordering AGAIN. I dont know why, we both like it--but for now nothing! I'll keep yas updated but I do think I want to go check one more store. When your getting an item that you know will probably be your last purchase, you want to make sure its "you". Okkk, so on to other things. We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner which was amazing. Each of us had dinner and we split a dessert and our bill was only $22.00. We were sooo happy. Thats a deal in these times. I had the fish fry, baldyman had the chicken soup in a bread bowl and for dessert we had the bread pudding. The food was great, we sat right in front of the roaring fireplace. It was heaven! Sooo, after dinner I had to shop. Anyone who has been to Cracker Barrel knows they have really unique things. Sooo for starters, I got this Relax sign. Dosnt this rock? I put it in our guest room which always has a breathing body in I never get to enjoy it....this is totally me.

And when I saw this pillow I literally laughed out loud! I dont even eat truffles but yet it just struck me. This is gracing my chaise and I love this to.

And this--well all people that love chocolate--nothing more needs to be said! This is a little doorhanger that also graces my guest room with a forever breathing body in it. I have it on the bed that I never get to sleep in!
And the last is this pitcher. Its quite large actually. Its a Valentines Pitcher but you wouldnt know it. Its ceramic and I love it. I'm going to get some pretty flowers for it today and it graces my old dining room table that for some odd reason I cant get rid of..but will soon! lol... anyhow so that was my Friday shopping adventure. They had some adorable things-but since my birthday is coming up I let baldyman know thats where I would like to go...he says this year there are no gift exchange..I said I cant go without gifts yet. I hope he dosnt stick to that! Happy Weekend everyone.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Not sure what everyone has planned but whatever it is--have fun doing it! For me, I'm thinking its time to finally go get my dining room set. We've had one in mind for awhile now and both of us like it--so i might finally take the plunge. It's exciting to think of a new dining set--I've had this one for 25 years! Our oldest son is taking it, so for the memory part, at least its still in the family.

I've got a new Lip Balm Fragrance, Hazelnut Latte. I DO NOT drink coffee, never could develop a taste for it--BUT this fragrance is divine! Pure mellow scent, not overwhelming. I will be making it in my new Spring containters, colors of yellow, rose, lavender, blue, they are petite in size--but the balm will last a while. Price on these will be $2.00. Again--made with Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E! Great stuff for the lips.

Other than that, I have no plans other than to be a domestic mouse. Baldyman's birthday is on Monday--so I'm cooking dinner for him on Sunday. He always requests his favorite cake he grew up with as a child--and each year I ruin it. While it tastes great--it collapses EVERY year...EVERY year. I swear under my breath--ask him why he insists on me making this--and yet here we go again! Everyone laughs when you first cut into the cake--and poof--it all falls apart. Maybe thats why they want me to make it--so they can laugh at me!
Have a great Friday and a Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friend or Enemy?

Look at dosnt even look nice. It LOOKS mean. It is mean. I hate it. I dont even like going down into the basement to look at it. Its been living with us for 3 years now and I still dont like it. When it first moved in, we were dedicated. Baldyman and I were down there faithfully 3 to 4 times per week. It kicked my butt. Literally for the first few weeks--I crawled back up the basement stairs when it was done torturing me. If you look at the creature, the bench, well the top part comes off and you just have that little seat...that slides back and forth on the machine and one part of the exercises you add alot of weight and place your heels against the weight part of the creature,,,well DO NOT ever attempt doing that while wearing socks. When the creature was new and we didnt know how mean it was--I wore socks. My feet slipped off that back part and because of the high amount of weights I was pulled into the that part of the machine. I slid so fast there was nothing you could have done to stop it. You dont get hurt--its just the funniest freakiest thing you ever saw in your l ife. Baldyman's eyes nearly popped out and I was so scared I blew enough gas to start a fleet of cars. I'm tellin ya--this creature is NOT nice.

Ohh, for awhile I could tell I was trimming up nicely--still fat but firm fat. There's something to be said about that! About a year ago--we slacked off. I'm sure you all know how that is--time gets away and before you know it--its been nearly a year. Well, Baldyman said NO MORE. We are going back to the creature in the basement. Soooooo, every other day I sadly walk down the basement stairs. For about the first 5 minutes I swear under my breath and use inproper sign language. It dosnt answer me back--it already knows what its going to do to me. Soo, you tell me,,,is this my friend or enemy? Today is my day off thank GOD! So , i can walk by the basement door and smile and use that sign language. Tomorrow--well I'll deal with that in the morning!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Easy Delicious Cream Cheese Dessert!

Here ya go! Another easy, just a few ingrediants fantastic tasting dessert! A Co-worker brought these in on Monday and I already whipped up a batch last night. I know my picture dosnt do it justice--believe me its good!

2 pkgs Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
2 pksg Philidelphia Cream Cheese--dont subsitute--there the best!
1 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla
1 egg--both the yolk and white need to be separated

Lay one pkg of Cresent Roll Mix along the bottom of a pan--smaller than 9x13--I dont know what that size is--lol. Mix 2 pks cream cheese, the sugar and egg yolk and vanilla until mixed.

Place that over the Crescent roll. Place the next pkg of crescent roll over the top of the cream cheese mixture. Spread with the egg white. Sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar over the top! Bake at 350 about 30 minutes! Thats it! Serve it with whipped cream maybe a few berries-and ummmmm its good! It was tasty warm but cream cheese is best served chilled.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History being made is awfully expensive

History will be made today. Surely and exciting day across our land, for many reasons, for many people. Even for those who didnt vote for Obama--you have to admit--there is still that teeny tiny spark of --HOPE. All of us no matter who we voted for, wanted a change. We want the war to end, our soldiers home safe, we want our country safe, we want better economics and the overall feeling in this country to change from dismal to hope.

Today is it--its here. No going back now. Obama starts and all we can do now is wait and see. Yesterday at work the ladies had a discussion about today. All I could think and it popped right out of my mouth was--I realize history is being made, but what I cant justify or understand is the cost of what its going to be--to make history. Everyone--was like--There ya go--thats how I feel to. Maybe being in the field we are in-makes us a different breed I dont know. All we can think about are the jobs lost, the homes being lost, businesses closing, homeless shelters full, food pantries empty, mothers and children not having their needs met--programs not having anything available for low income families due to funding being gone, and here America sits willing to spend $170 million PLUS for a darn party. YES its history,, I get that..YES its cause for a huge celebration of some sort. BUT...I said I cannot imagine having a dress put on me that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would literally puke. I cannot fathom that. I cannot fathom getting into a vehicle that is brand new at a cost of hundreds of thousands--when the other vehicle is still superb and fits the needs a President has. I cannot understand this. All of us regular folks--know full well a beautiful dress can be had for hundreds of dollars...period. Haircuts and styles dont have to be hundreds--they can be $20.00's lol.

Theres just something very wrong when our country is in the place it is, to see this kind of money being spent. I'm not saying its Obama--heck in fairness to him alot of it probably isnt. I've seen some of the donations some of these Corporations are giving--well heck--take those donations and give those to trustworthy charities so that we can ensure human beings have food, shelter, medical care, personal supplies etc. Give those donations to Human Service Organizations that will provide services to families to keep them from falling apart. There are endless needs across our land that can use that money to ensure basic human needs are met. I can tell you what wont be met--beautiful gowns, plates of overpriced food, overpriced exotic flowers, over priced hair salons,over priced jewelry, and on and on.

Today begins a new journey for our Country--I'm scared to say the least. Very scared. As the excitement is being promoted by the Media--all I see are the continuation of loss of businesses, lack of services for the needy, and a continued high need for basic needs for our fellow Americans. That really bothers me as a human being. For me, I cannot rejoice and party (unless its a small party) when all around me there is an ocean full of sinking people. I dont know how those in our government can do it...I just cant.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ronda's Interview with Dawn!

I was willing to be interviewed and here are the questions! You can visit Ronda here!

1. What is your favorite part of your day and why? The older I get my most favorite part is early morning. I love the quietness of it, the silence, the birds feeding and the sun starting its job of warming us up!
2. As a fellow 50 year old, I am curious... What do you think is the best and worst part of being 50?
For me, the shock of turning 50 was hard. Just hearing yourself say...I'm 50, just dosnt feel right. I do know now what people mean when they say they feel younger inside, that part of me feels the same as when i was 20 or 30...the body part--well you do feel your aches and pains. What i do like about being 50....I know what I want--what I need, I know whats important and what is not. I also understand about picking your battles, some things are just not worth your energy.
3. My Hubby loves being an empty nester but I still struggle with it. How has your life changed since becoming an empty nester? Well honestly, sometimes I feel it hasnt. With 5 kids, 3 grandkids--I feel my household is still to busy. Its very rare I have quiet time and I need it. That is why I have the goal of being able to stay back home full time so that I can carve more time out of the day for me. I think the struggle when I do feel it--is that I just cant believe our kids grew up...and there are many days you wish you could have them small again so that you could do things different or better. We remember all our mistakes as Moms--hopefully the kids dont!
4. We have the ups and downs of having our own business...How do you like or dislike having your own business? I'm just beginning in this little far-no complaints. I dont want to get to big though because i dont want anything to rob me of the joy I am getting from it. I just want to earn a small income and create good things that are good for us ladies-and allow us to pamper ourselves more.
and last but not least...
5. Have you always lived in Wisconsin? And tell me why or why not I should visit there! Yep I've always lived in Wisconsin. I would say I hate it--but at times I dont mind it. The 4 seasons can be absolutely stunning here. We have many beautiful places to visit..the scenery here can be amazing. I think if your ever planning on visiting this area--I would encourage you to visit either Door County, Mincoqua, Wisconsin Dells in the summer, Madison or Milwaukee. Those cities have alot going on culturaly and for things to do. Plus add the lakes and views and its pretty amazing. What I dont like about Wisconsin--I think our business climate does nothing to entice or attempt to keep businesses. Our taxes can be overwhelming and from what i hear its very hard to keep a business going here. So many leave--you would think our governor would figure that out! I also think our winters are about a month to long. By Febuary--end of it-early March--we've all had enough. Perhaps thats why our drinking statistics are so high. We joke about it--but really--it does get so hard to be inside so long.

Thanks for asking me these questions!

If anyone would like me to interview them--Please let me know on here and I'll ask you 5 questions!

Here are the directions:
Here's the directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Announcing My Giveaway Winner!

I took a yellow piece of old ugly paper--wrote all the names down, pulled one out ANDDDDDD.... (can you hear the drum roll) its SHELLMO!!!! Email me your address and I'll get it out within the next day or two. I hope you enjoy it.


Another Giveaway-Ends tonight!

Go here and sign up! She has an adorable blog--alot of great posts. I love supporting new bloggers as I'm VERY understanding of how exciting it is to gain new followers--regular posters and new online friends. Its not easy promoting yourself--so lets all help each other out. Besides, a giveaway is something we can never pass up!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Check out this giveaway!

Please visit this blog and check out her giveaway.. great stuff, and just in time for Lovers Day.

Her cats are sooo cute and her dream home is already what i live in, I just dont think she knows that yet...but heck either do i!

P.S. I know I"m behind on my giveaway--I'll do it tomorrow--I promise!

Calming Scents-Body Care Products by Dawn!

Here it is-the onset of my new little venture! Body Spritzs begin the show--8 oz of Spritz for $6.50 a bottle! There are 0 chemicals in this--hence no color...but the fragrance is awesome--Essential Oils are used for the Scents!
These next little gems are my Foot Fizzies. These are best used in the foot tubs, 2-3 per foot bath. Fragrances are Spearmint-Peppermint--or Eucalyptus, or a combination of Eucalyptus and Lemon. These sell for $6.00 a container.
My favorite Bath Soaks! Called Bath Bombs-Bath Fizzies...I am calling em Bath Soaks! Why? Because thats exactly the best way to use these. 1 per Soak and its enough. They are made with Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Epson Salt, Cornstarch, Baking Soda, Citric Acid and a Scent. The Scents I have available now are Sweet Orange, Jasmine (this is DIVINE), Rose, Lavendar, Eucalyptus, Tranquility, and please check for my list of Scents which I will post Below! These sell for $3.50 per Bath Soak
This is also one my favorites! Lip Balms in a neat little carrying packet of a Seashell! How cute is that? These are made with Shea butter, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil & Beeswax. The scents I have available right now are Spearmint, Vanilla Vanilla, and Sweet Orange. I will be adding to these as we go along. Be good to your lips--Shea Butter is awesome for anti-aging, and moisturizing. Price $3.00
And to end my little show...Bath Salts. These are made with Fine Sea Salts and Essential Oils, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil..just a tad of this. Its mainly used again for Soaking and Relaxing yourself. I however have been using mine for everyday washing and I havent noticed a problem with my skin. These also have Epson Salts in them. You cant beat this for pampering our skin either! These sell for $8.50 an 8 oz jar. The Scents I have in these are Soothing, Sweet Dreams, and Energize. The Essential Oils used for these Scents will be a mixture of Oils to promote Soothing and Healing, Relaxing at the end of the day--Scents to promote a feeling of Creation and Excitement in being alive!

I will be making Massage Oils and those will be available next week--I will add those Scents at that time. My goal is to continue learning and creating products that are good for us--promote Relaxation and Pampering and Self-Love. All my life-I've been on the quest for Serenity and this is a way for me to express that and incorporate into my everyday life. I hope to share this with everyone else who want it--as well as products that are not full of chemicals. Anyone interested in anything just contact me by For purchases $25.00 and up--I include a Spa Duck--because every woman enjoying a soak needs alittle cutey companion! I will also include some samples of products that dont look well--but have all the right ingrediants--these are just things I've flopped while making!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Attention all my Blog Followers

Unfortunately you may be drawn into my birth family's sick and disturbing harassment. They attempted to comment on my blog and since I blocked them they are now choosing to email the blog list. Please forward all these emails and comments. I will be taking those to our attorney and see what legal charges can be pressed for this harassment. I'm sorry you are being drawn into this and hopefully this will end soon, my wish is that legally they will face some criminal charges. Again, I apologize for anyone being drawn into this!

P.S. I did not forget the drawing, I will do it tomorrow--between all my computer problems and me trying to launch my body care business, I've had no time to breathe!

Did I really hear this?

Last night on TV which I rarely watch...but hey Baldyman was gone and its -40 below zero..anyhow..I'm sittin on the couch with Genie watching Lifetime--(she's farting up a storm) and I see this commercial come on. New Charmin Ultra Soft--the tag line???

Fewer pieces left behind!!!! OMG--did I really hear that??? YEP--I sure did..I started laughing my butt off. I mean picture that...fewer pieces left behind. Who thought of that..and what an EUUUU thought. If you havent seen it yet-I'm sure you will. Soo, the next time your in the Supermarket shopping for necessities, pick up a package of this. After all, it will mean fewer pieces left behind, or fewer pieces left in the behind! EUUUUUUUUUU but LOL!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dont let it fool ya!

It might look nice out here but its NOT! This is a picture i snapped about 730 this morning. Sun was just peeking out and it looks really nice out.
The temps today on the way to work were -11. Add the wind chills to that-and we are talking close to 40 below zero. All the schools are closed..many businesses to. I made it in and thru the day but i tell ya--its bone chillin. You can only be out for a few minutes and you can feel the pain of the temps. We have one more day of this--tonight is suppossed to be the worst of it. They say by noon tomorrow it should begin to warm up....lucky us we may see 7 or 8! Grab your shorts and sun bonnet and head on over! I'll light up the grill....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Virus!!!

My computer is NOT right...add that on top of the mess I have from not being able to change the background--lol. I do think I have some sort of virus..but so far its not detecting it. If I'm not around for awhile--its because my computer is on the fritz! Hopefully Baldyman will be able to figure this out tonight--I am pretty good at removing viruses but nothing is getting picked up to remove as of yet.

Just Because

Just because I like this picture. No other reason. Its snowing here today, its below zero--and going to get colder yet. This is how many of Thomas Kinkaid's paintings look and I absolutely love them. I wish the snow was animated in this picture but I dont know how to do that. To me, this is how I would hope my home looks on a cold winter night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cutest Blog on the Block?

I've noticed they've had major problems with their site the last several days. They did the design on my blog. I was told I could change the background easy enough on my own. I requested help before I attempted to change it--didnt get much of a response and so I tried on my own...and here i sit with a mess! I've been trying to contact them--no answer. I see their site is still down. If anyone can help me with fixing some of this--please let me know. I lost my signature--my background. I did restore the 3 column template. I cannot get a background on here for the life of me. If i dont get help from them soon--I guess I will be looking for a new blog designer!

Your time?

This topic for Thinking Girl Tuesday is kinda weird, BUT its a biggie with me and I"m just wondering if this is important to other women, or do I swim pretty much alone in this boat.
I grew up in a large family-8 brothers and sisters. I was always surrounded by people, always in a crowd. We had 5 children, again--always a busy hectic household. Thru all this, even when I was a young girl, I valued and craved and NEEDED my quiet time. It never bothered me to be alone. I like it. That is one of the ways I found i restore myself.
My husband is self-employed. In other words, he is home alot. He claims he isnt..but I think he is. 2 years ago he bought a new computer because he said the one I was using was ancient, slow and he was tired of seeing me frustrated with it. So he comes home with this new computer for what he said was my birthday present. Now mind you, Baldyman is kinda like me,,cheap. He dosnt buy expensive gifts for anyone! Well, he would buy expensive for his kids before me--lol.
I should have known there was an ulterior motive--but I didnt pick up on it. So here I am thinking and feeling kinda guilty because he bought me a computer. Anyhow,,,I notice, more and more-HE is on the computer. He slowly and quietly and eventually had all his business stuff transferred onto "my" computer. As of today--its entirely on the computer and he probably uses it more than i do now! AND...he's home alot. Somedays I actually have to call him to see if he's gone because I want to come home, and have some quiet time or hope to have some...AND be able to use "my" computer. Actually, I do that alot! I call him--and I tell you most times--he is at home. Now, I like the fact that he can let Genie out when I cant...but I'm getting awfully frustrated that its almost appearing if he's retired without telling me!
I read so many blogs where I see women will say how much they love their husband--still googly eyes after all these years....Okk I get that...but tell me does your husband actually LEAVE the house for awhile? Do you get to cook alone, bake, listen to your music, enjoy the scents of candles instead of burps and farts???? Now thats a biggie for me...we have 2 bathrooms--one at each end of the house. He will use each bathroom--right after the other--its almost like he starts in one and finishes in the other so that the entire house smells like crap! I'm not kidding--this is what this man does!
I told him yesterday--I dont know how much more i can take and I said it on a serious note-he thinks I'm not. I'm seriously considering buying a container potty and placing it in the basement and making him go down there. It would be worth paying someone to empty it once a month and have my house not smelling like butt all day.

Ok I dont know how I got onto to that topic--but probably because he's home to much. The thought I'm trying to get across is, I miss my ME time, I miss having a quiet home to restore my soul, I miss using my own computer NOT full of business crap that I think slowed it down and he swears its not his stuff but my stuff. Are any of you able to enjoy "me" time each day...or how often, or do you even need it? I cant imagine loving someone so much that you never need a break from them. I tell Baldyman--give me a CHANCE to miss you! I dont know--this is my thinking girl topic for today....I thrive on being alone and having some quiet. I'm just curious on how other women feel or even men. Is it something you value, or need, or could care less about. I'm very curious to find out!

P.S.--I am on the lookout for a small desk for my bedroom window--AND a very inexpensive laptop so that for real I have my own computer!

Monday, January 12, 2009

January Giveaway!

Ok here is my Giveaway for January! There is a Valentines Dish Towel, Serenity Rock, Calming Tea, a Coaster that gives off a scent when your coffee or tea is placed on it, a little Journal, and a bookmark! I will also throw in a Bath Fizzie in Rose Scent and another one of my fizzies for Cold and Flu Season! All you have to do is place a comment on this post! On Friday I will draw a name and ship it out. January can be a "blah" month for all of us so lets get something going to give us a little cheer and break from the wintertime blues! Heres off to a new Week! Comment away!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last Nights Full Moon!

Did anyone else get a chance to get outside and see how big and bright it was? I thought it was gorgeous. Baldyman went and took these pictures for me so I could post them for those who missed it. It was the biggest and brightest moon of 2009 they say. It was so light out there--you almost could have sat outside and read the paper.

I went to bed and opened our bedroom curtains beacause it was so pretty. I could see the bird feeders from the bed, all the tree branches..I should have taken a picture of that also. Every time there is something going on in our skies, me and Baldyman will usually stay up late or get up in the middle of the night to check things out. We've sat on our deck many a nights watching for shooting stars, planets etc.

Its Sunday, I'm going to spend the day being a homebody, I hope everyone has a great day. This week brings us a deep freeze. It will be interesting to see just how cold we actually get!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How cold is it?

Can anyone guess what this is????? I think this stuff is so funny during this time of year. Me and Baldyman have a hot tub right off of our patio doors. You dont have to walk but maybe 10 steps to get into the tub. At this time of year though--we have alot of ice on our deck so we lay towels down so we dont slip. When we get out of the tub and walk back in the house...most times we're running to get dressed we forget to grab the towel we stepped on. Sooooo, here it is in all its frozen glory! Have you ever seen frozen underwear or frozen shorts? Its the funniest sight..they just freeze in the position you leave em in. Sooo, here is our towel Baldy brought in last night. It had to sit on top of the washer for awhile until it thawed out. Maybe I"ll get brave and do a bra or underwear---lol

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rose Scented Bath Fizzies

Here they are! This is my final product, they include Kaolin Clay, Rose Scented Essential Oil, Epson Salts, Sweet Almond Oil, all kinds of natural ingrediants that are good for our skin. They have a real slight soft Rose fragrance. I'm going to make a bunch more of them for my upcoming presentation at work. My plan is to set up a little body care boutique and see how it goes. I think they look really good. Once you get the feel for it, its easy as heck to make them.

This Valentines Towel is going to be included in my Giveaway. I will be doing a post on that on Monday. Also included in that giveaway will be some samples of my new body stuff.

Its Friday, I dont know what I"m doing this weekend other than making my body stuff and hanging at home. We are heading into a deep freeze, gonna see wind chills of 30-40 below. I"m so not looking forward to that. In fact its scary. Cars dont run right and transporting children in this weather is quite scary to me. I havent quite figured out why in the summer we dont see above normal temperatures that often but yet in winter--we get these darn deep freezes every other week! If your cold like we are--stay warm! If your in a warm climate--Your one lucky duck!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2 Awards and a Possible Name!

Look at this! I have been awarded 2 awards, (that means I didnt have to thief)! I love the embarassing part is, that I saved the awards and didnt jot down who gave em to me....(did i even admit that) but yes folks that is what I did. I'm tellin ya the work week for me is insane. I dont breathe from the minute I walk out this door and my head is truly up my butt. Sooo, I have to go dig and find out who gave these to me so I can thank them.

Okkk now for the 2nd part of my post...I may have a name, I may not, please continue offering your words of suggestion. I thought of a funny tidbit in the wee hours this morning during my bout of insomnia. I'm so bad with names--this will help you realize just how bad I am. When my twins were born, they were girls after 3 boys. I had names picked out kinda in my head,,,Tina and Tara. Well, Elisa came out and she was HUGE! She was over 8lbs which for a twin is very big. She had the fattest face..and I looked at her and said well she dosnt look like a Tina thats for sure. Then Tara comes along and she was sooo tiny to me--6 tiniest baby.. I had big babies i'm tellin ya! I thought--yep--Tara is her alright, so she was named. Elisa wasnt named...she was placed in her little bassinet and wheeled away as Baby Demet. She sat that way for 4 days! Neither Baldy or i could think of a name. On the 4th day we were due to go home. Nurses called me and said Look you have to name your daughter before you leave. I said I know but I still dont know what to name her! They ran me up a hospital baby book and I leafed thru it and saw the name Elisa ( we pronounce it Allysa) and i kept saying Elisa, then Elisa Ann...and I knew! I called Baldyman and i said I have a name! He says--what--I told him and he says--Thats it! Your right--so there she was named on the very last day of her hospital day...only because they wouldnt release us with an unamed baby! So there you have it-I couldnt even name my own child. goes..tell me what you think and please leave me more ideas! Calming Scents --Body Care Products by Dawn. Thats what I got so far, I keep trying to stay focused on the calm, serenity thing and the scents thing just because once I learn more I can customize them for what folks are looking for.

Now I gotta go dig up who gave me these awards before they stop blogging with me!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thoughts for an Acquaintance

I didnt know this person personally, only thru someone close to me. About a year ago, this woman was diagnosed with brain cancer..terminal. She has adult children plus one still at home--and a husband. A husband that made it very obvious he didnt love her. Not only did he not love her--he must have really disliked her, despised her. Thruout the last year of her illness her sisters and extended birth family have taken care of her. They have fought all the battles she needed fought. It was good she had them, she was never left alone to fight her disease. BUT...thru being ill and fighting to try to win this cancer...she had a partner that was so cruel to her. So cruel. I want to know how does one try and fight a deadly battle when your sad, angry, broken hearted? Surely that had to mess with her immune system and her strength. Not only did he not help take care of her,,,he verbally let it be known he didnt want to, didnt want to be around her. He complained when her sisters used pillows in the house to make her more comfortable---Those were HIS pillows. Sorry fellow bloggers, but the only word that comes to my mind right now--is what a useless F!

I was going to post about my business today but I got to thinking about this after reading Tootsies comment...because it triggered in me--when we have spouses that are not treating us well. Now dont misunderstand what I'm trying to say--i know at times all our mates have been morons--I know I have...I'm talking about those of us who would ever have had the very sad experience of maybe spending time in our lives with someone who truly cannot stand us. Thru all Baldymans bad behaviors-I can honestly say--that man would DIE taking care of me or his children--I always knew no matter how badly he behaved, he loved us with all his heart. Anyhow, i heard yesterday this lady was about an hour away from leaving this earth. I called Baldyman and he said--Can you imagine how sad she had to be? She is leaving her knowing--her husband couldnt stand her...she had to have had a really broken heart. I just felt so bad for her...I cannot imagine the depths of sadness she had to feel at times. Thank God she had a small army of loving sisters, neices, children, friends to care for her....that is awesome. But still..her life partner had to to make this last years battle so hard for her. It literally breaks ones heart. I hope she is at peace now and that her family is at peace, because they've had one hell of a year caring for her and loving her. I do know God will take care of the creep--who at one point in his life--committed to loving this woman thru sickness and death....he didnt honor his words to her or God. I cannot imagine ever doing this. For those of us--who have a loving partner--think today on how good you must feel inside knowing if we were to be diagnosed with something fatal--how our partners would make our time here good and loving...and if sadly anyone has a partner that they think wouldnt---think quickly about fastly removing them from your lives. You never know when our time will come...this lady sure had no idea she was going to get diagnosed with a brain cancer that would take her in a year. She was only in her early 50's and living a very full busy life. Life happens that way--my heart is very sad for her today. I just pray she has found love and peace, thru her family and God.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Blame Game

Todays thoughts are on the Blaming game..I need to take my mind off a name for my body care business before I fall over. You guys got me going though!

Anyhow, I'm sure every one of us knows something that for some "odd" reason always is in a crisis mode. Something is always wrong, there is major drama going on, things are chaotic, AND its NOT ever caused by some poor choice they made or some poor thing they did. Its ALWAYS caused by another. Does that NOT drive you nuts?

I see it in my work almost daily, I grew up in it--I married it. I remember my husbands mother used to say--There's just a black cloud that follows you and Greg poor kids. Well, it took me a few years to figure it out--but there was no black cloud--it was GREG! He made alot of poor choices--bad decisions, lived a lifestyle that wasnt appropiate for a what do you think is going to happen? Do you think our life would be easy--fun, un eventful, full of peace and joy???? NOPE...when you live a chaotic lifestyle, you will be in constant drama--constant anxiety, constant stress. The key to getting out of it--is to learn it really is all about YOU and what your doing. I used to tell Baldyman, I'm using all this energy and life of mine to deal with things that are preventable in life...when unpreventable happens to me--I wont have any energy left. Do you know how scary that was to me? I kept thinking--what if a child of mine gets very ill---dies, or I got sick--or he did? I wouldnt have had the coping skills back then--all my energy went into dealing with his everyday insane decisions. Today at 50, I still see how i lack energy or things that happen---I see myself clam up and pull away.

Now, when I deal with this thru my job or my adult children--or family members I come right out and tell them---If you want things to change--YOU have to be the one who changes. You cannot blame the world--the economy, your spouse, whatever, the change and ending of the blaming game--starts with you! I learned by doing it. I stopped blaming my spouse, his parents--his choices,,I just got up and did what I needed to do--to get the life I needed to live for me and my children. We can blame all we want--but at the end of the day nothing will be different. A lady I work with--not to long ago told me after a court hearing--She wants us in her life--that way she has someone to blame! I was like--WOW--I hadnt thought about that way for this particular client--but she was dead on. This person, takes 0 accountability for anything in her life 0--yet all around her because of decisions she makes or dosnt make--her life is falling apart.

Sometimes I think to try and save someone a few years of their life--you just need to come right out and tell them how it is. Dont beat around the bush--just lay it on the line. It may not change a thing--but thats ok. I feel if you've done your part in sharing with them why things are the way they are--its up to them to learn from that. If they dont want to--then can sit in their boiling pot alone. I'm practicing that more and more in my job--just laying it out there. Dont waste my time trying to convince me its everyone's fault your in this crappy place in life...accept the decisions YOU'VE made or not made and look at yourself first.

If you know someone like this--dont let them waste one more minute of your precious day--lay it on the line--we could all wake up every day and blame someone or something for what happens--but for some of us--we've chosen to take accountability for the quality of life we live, and we step up and make changes when something interferes with that. People wont move forward until they can accept their part in where they are you really are helping them but not letting them play the blame game. Most of us truly want to help---so think of it that way...Go help someone today!

Monday, January 5, 2009


I NEED HELP! I"m not the most creative person on this earth---I"m so lost! I've got pretty much everything I need to begin making the body scrubs, spritzs, fizzies, that i want to make..for both men and women! I finally got my containers today. I got the recipes down pat. I've written a couple people to help design my web business....BUTTT and this is a HUGE but....I dont have a name for my little business. I'm at such a loss here. I was going to use Dawnie's Delish and i love that name but its more for food..not body care.

If i leave a few ideas here on what I want to focus on--I'm hoping someone will be able to drop a few ideas for me. Here is my main focus--peace, serenity, calm, self care, personalized scents..etc. I want for us to be able to feel pampered, rested, gentle smelling, and best of all--all natural! I've seen so many names like Serenity--so I dont want that--but anyhow--hopefully you get the idea.


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Welcome my cousin Rose to blogging!

Help me welcome my cousin Rose to the world of blogging! I help set her up last night when she was visiting us over the weekend. She lives about 2 hours away from me. You can visit her HERE and hopefully she will find the enjoyment we all have from our blogging buddies!

Christmas Decorations are DOWN!

I felt really sad putting it all is all cleaned up--no more pretty lights, no more whimsical things to look at and smile. All the pretties tucked away for one more year. Each year i notice it gets harder and harder for me to put it all away. Its almost like as we put things away--we also know we are putting away the extra good moods people are in this time of year, the goodwill thoughts of men, the hope and excitement of everyone...all that gets put away in the boxes also. We find ourselves now thinking about getting thru a couple more months of rough weather, tax season, and the longing for our bodies to feel the warmth of the sun once again. January can be a pretty gloomy month.

I've put out the few Valentines Things I have--but it dosnt help much. I'm going to have to find some ways to give myself some cheer to get thru to Febuary...that month for me is much better. The days are longer--sometimes warmer and we find outselves trudging thru the stores to check out the newest garden gadgets, yard ornaments, deck least we have that to get thru Febuary!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Winter Project

Thomas Kinkaide puzzles, i love em! 1000 piece puzzles, alittle crazy I know but for some reason I find myself doing these each winter. Last winter I completed 3 of them...the very last one, was missing 1 piece. I was so frustrated after all that hard work so I tossed it. The other 2 I'm going to put that permanent glue on and then find a place to put them, I used to make puzzles when our kids were little and put them on their dresser tops. I doubt they would want Thomas Kinkaides though....even though they are quite stunning.
This fall I found myself searching out a perfect table to work on puzzles thruout the colder months. What I was doing was insane, Baldyman had a huge piece of whatever he could find around the house--I placed the puzzle pieces on that and carried it from dining table to underneath something when I needed the table. Now I found this perfect card table that when not holding a puzzle actually looks pretty neat in my office.

Do any of you have anything you like to spend time on in the colder months? Everytime someone comes over I tell em to pull up a chair and help me with this--of course most of them scatter like June bugs just like they do when i ask them to play Scrabble. There are a few though that will get mesmerized like I daughter in law last winter was my house cleaner and one time I came home and found she had spent more time on the puzzle then cleaning!

I dont know if your a puzzle person or not--but if your looking for a past time that will capture your attention and pass these cold days--Walgreens has a nice selection of these puzzles. They come in a series so you can actually have a few of them. When your done, glue them and they do make nice coffee tabletops or dresser tops--or maybe a piece of furniture you have on a sunporch!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I made these tonight and I"m telling ya these are GOOD! I havent had a cookie this good in a LONGGGG TIME! Baldyman and I had a hard time stopping eating them and Genie LOVES cookies right out of the oven and even she was drooling as I pulled them out. If your looking for a little snack, thats pretty easy to make--here ya go!

1 Cup Butter Crisco Shortning
1 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup Sugar
2 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1/1/2 Cups Flour
1 Tsp Baking Soda
3 Cups Oatmeal

I tossed in some Raisins and some pecans I had laying around. Bake at 350 and Grab yourself an Ice Cold Glass of Milk and Enjoy!