Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Decorations are DOWN!

I felt really sad putting it all is all cleaned up--no more pretty lights, no more whimsical things to look at and smile. All the pretties tucked away for one more year. Each year i notice it gets harder and harder for me to put it all away. Its almost like as we put things away--we also know we are putting away the extra good moods people are in this time of year, the goodwill thoughts of men, the hope and excitement of everyone...all that gets put away in the boxes also. We find ourselves now thinking about getting thru a couple more months of rough weather, tax season, and the longing for our bodies to feel the warmth of the sun once again. January can be a pretty gloomy month.

I've put out the few Valentines Things I have--but it dosnt help much. I'm going to have to find some ways to give myself some cheer to get thru to Febuary...that month for me is much better. The days are longer--sometimes warmer and we find outselves trudging thru the stores to check out the newest garden gadgets, yard ornaments, deck least we have that to get thru Febuary!

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Michelle said...

Hi Dawn! Nice to meet you. :) I know what you mean about taking all the Christmas decorations down. I refuse to put my pink tree down. I am going to make that my "seasonal" tree and decorate for every holiday or season. Who says we have to follow rules? ;) I love your blog....I love anything by the sea as well!!

Happy New Year!

Lady of the Mote said...

it is so true,that empty cold feeling when you first take them down,
I never used Valentine Day decor,
so it will be nice to see what other bloggers use,
I need the ideas,
I keep telling myself its 75 days till spring,but that seems like a long time away now.

Shellmo said...

I am dreading putting my xmas decorations away when I get to the cabin next weekend - I know how you feel! By the way - you inspired me with your puzzles. I found a site that I could make a puzzle out of my photographs.

Raggedy Girl said...

I enlarged the photo and really looked at your undecorated living room and it looks cheery to me and I would be nice if I was there. I do Snow in January. I love each month having a theme so there is always a small celebration going on.
Roberta Anne

mbkatc230 said...

Hi Dawn. Thanks for your visits to my blog, it's nice to "meet you" I know what you mean about the house looking empty, DH says that's no excuse to go out and buy more stuff - silly man. BTW, I love that fireplace, it's gorgeous! Kathy

Meadowsweet Days said...

Cheer up, girl! Spring will be here before you know it! I'm forcing some tulip bulbs and tiny crocus bulbs indoors~ just some little touches of very very early spring..... indoors! :)


Anonymous said...

I took my minimalist Christmas decorations down today and my house looked NAKED. I didn't even have all of my decorations out this year but the living room looks bare. I thought I wouldn't notice because I didn't decorate like I usually do.

Somehow decorating for Valentine's Day just isn't the same.