Friday, January 9, 2009

Rose Scented Bath Fizzies

Here they are! This is my final product, they include Kaolin Clay, Rose Scented Essential Oil, Epson Salts, Sweet Almond Oil, all kinds of natural ingrediants that are good for our skin. They have a real slight soft Rose fragrance. I'm going to make a bunch more of them for my upcoming presentation at work. My plan is to set up a little body care boutique and see how it goes. I think they look really good. Once you get the feel for it, its easy as heck to make them.

This Valentines Towel is going to be included in my Giveaway. I will be doing a post on that on Monday. Also included in that giveaway will be some samples of my new body stuff.

Its Friday, I dont know what I"m doing this weekend other than making my body stuff and hanging at home. We are heading into a deep freeze, gonna see wind chills of 30-40 below. I"m so not looking forward to that. In fact its scary. Cars dont run right and transporting children in this weather is quite scary to me. I havent quite figured out why in the summer we dont see above normal temperatures that often but yet in winter--we get these darn deep freezes every other week! If your cold like we are--stay warm! If your in a warm climate--Your one lucky duck!

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Lady of the Mote said...

they look so pretty,good luck with the presentation!

Bridget said...

The rose fizzies sound great. My daughter lose rose essence so I'll be watching for those to be for sale.
Have a warm toasty indoors weekend.
Hugs, Bridget

Shellmo said...

Those bath fizzies do look so pretty on that gorgeous towel! Hope the weather doesn't get too bad for you! We're under a winter storm warning right now in Michigan.

Lori said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by me today :)
I can't wait to catch up on your blog♥
Happy Wisconsin Winter Weather!

HektikLyfe said...

In's a little warm today but in the morning it was a little cold. Foggy even.

squawmama said...

Wow Dawnie they look so wonderful... Sounds great and it looks like you are really getting a good start into this new adventure of yours... I've been missin ya but now I have good internet so I should be back on for a while...Love Ya

Stay Warm

Ginger said...

I hope you have a great weekend, Dawn. It's supposed to storm here in Utah also this weekend. I am staying in!!!

Tootsie said...

I am not in a warm climate and I am jealous of those who are! it is supposed to be a warmer weekend here...but still darned cold!
I think the product looks fantastic! I hope you post your little boutique....and good luck with sales...stay warm friend...and have fun creating.
I have had an idea...and I am going to try to do it works out I will actually have somethng to post about on Monday!!!! see ya then

Diane said...

They're so pretty! I love bath fizzies. What other fragrances do you make? ☺ Diane

Anonymous said...

They are really charming Dawnie. It looks like everything is moving along at a great pace.

We're in the middle of a snow storm in Illinois. By the time it's finished we're suppose to receive about 9 inches.

Stay warm this weekend!

Raggedy Girl said...

The rose fizzies look so cute and it sounds like a fun bath experience. Stay warm or you could come here because this is where the sun is spending the winter. In No-Snowville!
Roberta Anne

Nancy said...

OOOH those sound like they would be great! Good Luck at work! Blesings, Nancy

Connie said...

Just found you tonight. I just turned 50 in December and have been married 30 years also. Your bath fizzies look pretty. Congrats on your new business. I will be back! Connie