Thursday, January 8, 2009

2 Awards and a Possible Name!

Look at this! I have been awarded 2 awards, (that means I didnt have to thief)! I love the embarassing part is, that I saved the awards and didnt jot down who gave em to me....(did i even admit that) but yes folks that is what I did. I'm tellin ya the work week for me is insane. I dont breathe from the minute I walk out this door and my head is truly up my butt. Sooo, I have to go dig and find out who gave these to me so I can thank them.

Okkk now for the 2nd part of my post...I may have a name, I may not, please continue offering your words of suggestion. I thought of a funny tidbit in the wee hours this morning during my bout of insomnia. I'm so bad with names--this will help you realize just how bad I am. When my twins were born, they were girls after 3 boys. I had names picked out kinda in my head,,,Tina and Tara. Well, Elisa came out and she was HUGE! She was over 8lbs which for a twin is very big. She had the fattest face..and I looked at her and said well she dosnt look like a Tina thats for sure. Then Tara comes along and she was sooo tiny to me--6 tiniest baby.. I had big babies i'm tellin ya! I thought--yep--Tara is her alright, so she was named. Elisa wasnt named...she was placed in her little bassinet and wheeled away as Baby Demet. She sat that way for 4 days! Neither Baldy or i could think of a name. On the 4th day we were due to go home. Nurses called me and said Look you have to name your daughter before you leave. I said I know but I still dont know what to name her! They ran me up a hospital baby book and I leafed thru it and saw the name Elisa ( we pronounce it Allysa) and i kept saying Elisa, then Elisa Ann...and I knew! I called Baldyman and i said I have a name! He says--what--I told him and he says--Thats it! Your right--so there she was named on the very last day of her hospital day...only because they wouldnt release us with an unamed baby! So there you have it-I couldnt even name my own child. goes..tell me what you think and please leave me more ideas! Calming Scents --Body Care Products by Dawn. Thats what I got so far, I keep trying to stay focused on the calm, serenity thing and the scents thing just because once I learn more I can customize them for what folks are looking for.

Now I gotta go dig up who gave me these awards before they stop blogging with me!

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Dawnie said...

OKKK I"m back! thank you to Joyce from a A cup of Joe, lord knows I probably killed that to...for the proxide award...dam I know I killed that! lol

AND to Empty Nester for my lemonade award which i do think I just made lemonade out of lemons of my memory! OMG I'm so blonde! lol

Shellmo said...

Dawnie - I like what the word "calm" evokes. For the heck of it, I typed in the word on to see what other words mean calm. Here's what it came up with: solace, lull, soothe, still.

Lady of the Mote said...

congrats on the awards,
when the perfect name comes you'll know it.

Ginger said...

Hi Dawn:
The story about not being able to name one of your girls brings back memories. I had the same problem when I had my twin boys. I only had girl names picked out because I was positive I was having a girl. (one girl). When two boys popped out, boy was I shocked. This was in the 70's before they did ultrasounds regulary. Same thing as you, the hospital said I had to name them before we left.
Everytime my ex would say a name I would say Nah...that reminds me of so and so. lol.

Anonymous said...

I like Calming Scents - it sounds restful and soothing. I think it will look pretty. Go with your heart.

LOL - about remembering who gave you the awards and you're welcome. It's tough keeping everything's the thought that counts anyway.

Lilly's Life said...

Congrats on the awards. I like the word calm too. The shorter the name the better because you want people to use it a lot and its harder if its too long. Calming Scents sounds cool. I would buy anything with the word calm in it come to think of it. Thats what people are after in their lives, relaxation, calming, quiet time - well I am anyway. How exciting it all is.


Hello and
Thanks for stopping by. Sorry, I'm no help as far as a name for your business..good luck and something will just sound right at the right time.

Raggedy Girl said...

I like the calming part but I like the Dawnie part best of all.
Roberta Anne

grammy said...

Funny story about your daughters name. It is not always easy to come up with a name. I like calming scents.