Monday, January 19, 2009

Ronda's Interview with Dawn!

I was willing to be interviewed and here are the questions! You can visit Ronda here!

1. What is your favorite part of your day and why? The older I get my most favorite part is early morning. I love the quietness of it, the silence, the birds feeding and the sun starting its job of warming us up!
2. As a fellow 50 year old, I am curious... What do you think is the best and worst part of being 50?
For me, the shock of turning 50 was hard. Just hearing yourself say...I'm 50, just dosnt feel right. I do know now what people mean when they say they feel younger inside, that part of me feels the same as when i was 20 or 30...the body part--well you do feel your aches and pains. What i do like about being 50....I know what I want--what I need, I know whats important and what is not. I also understand about picking your battles, some things are just not worth your energy.
3. My Hubby loves being an empty nester but I still struggle with it. How has your life changed since becoming an empty nester? Well honestly, sometimes I feel it hasnt. With 5 kids, 3 grandkids--I feel my household is still to busy. Its very rare I have quiet time and I need it. That is why I have the goal of being able to stay back home full time so that I can carve more time out of the day for me. I think the struggle when I do feel it--is that I just cant believe our kids grew up...and there are many days you wish you could have them small again so that you could do things different or better. We remember all our mistakes as Moms--hopefully the kids dont!
4. We have the ups and downs of having our own business...How do you like or dislike having your own business? I'm just beginning in this little far-no complaints. I dont want to get to big though because i dont want anything to rob me of the joy I am getting from it. I just want to earn a small income and create good things that are good for us ladies-and allow us to pamper ourselves more.
and last but not least...
5. Have you always lived in Wisconsin? And tell me why or why not I should visit there! Yep I've always lived in Wisconsin. I would say I hate it--but at times I dont mind it. The 4 seasons can be absolutely stunning here. We have many beautiful places to visit..the scenery here can be amazing. I think if your ever planning on visiting this area--I would encourage you to visit either Door County, Mincoqua, Wisconsin Dells in the summer, Madison or Milwaukee. Those cities have alot going on culturaly and for things to do. Plus add the lakes and views and its pretty amazing. What I dont like about Wisconsin--I think our business climate does nothing to entice or attempt to keep businesses. Our taxes can be overwhelming and from what i hear its very hard to keep a business going here. So many leave--you would think our governor would figure that out! I also think our winters are about a month to long. By Febuary--end of it-early March--we've all had enough. Perhaps thats why our drinking statistics are so high. We joke about it--but really--it does get so hard to be inside so long.

Thanks for asking me these questions!

If anyone would like me to interview them--Please let me know on here and I'll ask you 5 questions!

Here are the directions:
Here's the directions:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

9 Thanks for your comments!:

JEWEL said...

NIce interview Dawn. I totally agree with your comments re: Wisconsin. You mentioned Door County and Minocqua. I have been to the Dells. Have you visited these areas? Do you have any recommendations to see, go or eat in each of those areas?

Ginger said...

Hey, it sounds like fun and will give me something to post about.
I liked your answers by the way.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh man, I am the first to beans. I would love to be interviesed, says the little ole' overextended in girth, Nana in the back row, waving her hand like a maniac!!!! Thank you also for mentioning my give away......waiting for my oldest grandson to come and pick a # so I can announce the winner........haven't quite grasped the automatic draw thing challenged you know.

Raggedy Girl said...

What a fun blog and the interview thing is really neat. Thank you for sharing.
Roberta Anne

squawmama said...

Hey Dawnie... We are now over getting Tassie serviced... Like my friend say they are a big money pit... LOL LOL I loved your answers to the interview... what fun this post was to read... Thanks for posting it...


Cynthia said...

Hi Dawn,
Thanks for coming to visit and the nice comments on my hubby's garage. I like your interview,we do have a lot in common!! I don't have any grandkids yet ( my oldest son is married and a teacher) but now that I'm 50's too, I guess I am ready. I love your points about Wisconsin, it's beautiful but the winters are rugged,especially this one. Working with Chips families is hard,yet rewarding as I'm sure you know. Come back often for a visit. Cindy

Sandra~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi Dawn, I live in Michigan, so I guess we can relate about the long winters.

Thanks for stopping by, always nice meeting new bloggers. So you like that rug? You know I have gotten alot of things from ebay in the past. Lately I don't think Its up to par these days.

Turning 50, was a big denial in my life. My goodness, I could remember my mom turning 50. I thought it would take forever to get there. Well I'm past the big 50, I'm now 51..I don't want to think how fast It would be turning 70. Oh gosh!

Anonymous said...

I loved learning more about you and I second your choices for places to visit in Wisconsin. I adore Door County best of all and would live there if I could. I especially love that there are zero chain restaurants north of Sturgeon Bay. It is so cool having local restaurants and zero McDonalds to spoil the charm.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

What a good way for me to come to your blog for the first interview!! That helps me know a little bit more about you.
Thanks for stopping by!! I LOVE new did you find me? Just curious..Do come back again..I am from your part of the world too..Illinois. We have lived here in Savannah for almost 8 years now!! Come by again..Sandy