Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm going to Disney!

Well, I'm not but this little guy is and is there now.  This is Karson, or Karsy as well call him, our grandson. I took this photo as we dropped them off at the airport.  I think the expression on his face is a perfect fit for, "I'm going to see Micky".  His other grandpa gave his 3 daughters and families a trip to Disney for their Christmas gift.  I"m sure they are having a great time and I'm sure Karsy will enjoy his time with Micky. 

Its been warm here, we had a couple of days in the 70's even lower at night and it felt great to get that reprieve.  I guess we are headed back into the 90's this weekend.  I'm really enjoying the ease of the warmer weather.  I hope you all are to!  Any vacation plans?   We are still up in the air about what we are going to do..might just camp at various places.  I never tire of camping so thats just fine by me. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Turtles and Weddings!

I'm kinda weird in that I like driving and looking for turtles.  Your almost always likely to find one...but normally I just miss it and go back and its gone.  Turtles are NOT as slow as we would think.  I was on my way to a wedding on Memorial Day weekend and lucky me saw this HUGE turtle sticking his head out.  Hubby went back and we got out and snapped this picture.  We also saw him poop.  Now if you've never seen a turtle poop, your missing out, well your not really missing out because its gross. It shoots out from its back and it goes quite far and its alot.  You would NOT want to get in its way when its doing its duty.  This turtle was very big, the picture probably dosnt do its justice. 

This is my co-workers, former co-workers wedding reception right before everyone came in.  Her wedding was beautiful, she was beautiful.  I was so happy to be able to get dressed up and get out....forget cancer for a short time.

This is my and hubby's place setting.  I was so hungry i ate 4 of those bags of hershey's kisses.  The two folks that were suppossed to sit next to us, did not show--so hey, I ate their candy!  I hope everyone is enjoying the outdoor weather. I sure am loving it.  Easier on my bones.  I have scans the end of this month,,,please keep me in your prayers that my cancer continues to decrease and leave my body....and not return for 25+ years.  do you think thats possible?