Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm going to Disney!

Well, I'm not but this little guy is and is there now.  This is Karson, or Karsy as well call him, our grandson. I took this photo as we dropped them off at the airport.  I think the expression on his face is a perfect fit for, "I'm going to see Micky".  His other grandpa gave his 3 daughters and families a trip to Disney for their Christmas gift.  I"m sure they are having a great time and I'm sure Karsy will enjoy his time with Micky. 

Its been warm here, we had a couple of days in the 70's even lower at night and it felt great to get that reprieve.  I guess we are headed back into the 90's this weekend.  I'm really enjoying the ease of the warmer weather.  I hope you all are to!  Any vacation plans?   We are still up in the air about what we are going to do..might just camp at various places.  I never tire of camping so thats just fine by me. 

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Lynn said...

Hi sweetie, I know you love camping, looking forward to seeing you take some special trips with hubby. Any trip is special when we have hubby with us, right? It is HOT and Humid here, but then its summer in FL, so no surprise. I am antsy for a road trip, but the heat makes me want to hunker down at home and wait until Fall, which is my favorite season anyway with Foliage. Thank you for your precious prayers for my son and our family. Keeping you close in prayer as well. Yesterday went ok? or as OK as it could? Big hugs.

Lilly said...

I hope you have a lovely time this summer Dawnie. You are always in my thoughts. Xx

Lilly said...

Just checking in with you Dawnie and hoping you are having a wonderful summer and you are well. xx