Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its Easter Duck Time!

Yep its that time of year once again!  We dont have him up yet but he's going up hopefully tomorrow.  I thought I would be able to post at least once a week, but life is still keeping me running.  I so miss keeping up on here and visiting blogs.  I could say I will be more regular but it seems every time we say that, something eats up our time again.
I'm still working full time and still praying for part time.  I have to say though with this icky economy and gas, it is such a blessing to have extra money.  It helps me help my kids and also get things for my business that I would not be able to afford.  I'm still adding new products very often and loving every minute of it.

We are longing for warm temps here in Wisconsin, they are still eluding us.  Its quite frustrating because at this time of year we are craving to be outside. 
I hope everyone is doing well and I'll be around to check out your blogs!