Friday, September 24, 2010

Its not to soon!

This is my Table Setting for Christmas 2 years ago...I loved it! Yesterday I bought my first Christmas gift, I was so excited. I saw something, knew it would fit a person in my family and bought it. I'm thinking I'm going to wrap it, and begin placing gifts around the house. After all, right after Halloween, I begin decorating for Christmas..its really not to soon!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Day Off!

I have the next 3 days off, just about the last of my vacation time. I'm spending it at home. The UPS arrived today with my newest ingrediants for a new project I'm wanting to try. I wanted to make soaps for boys with toys embedded in them..perhaps a Christmas Gift. Anyhow, here is the result! Now only does he have an alien in him, he glows in the dark. Its just a clear based soap, scented in Buzzy Bee fragrance and I think he turned out really well.
You can get an idea of how he glows from this picture. It actually glows very well. I dont have any products for kids really, so I'm working on learning soaps because that seems to be becoming quite popular. The soaps I've made so far last very long and are very soft for the skin.

I plan on making more Fall and Christmas candles as well as continuing to decorate my house in more elegant and deeper tones. My decluttering is going well. I'm not missing anything and I'm enjoying the "sparseness" around the house.

Monday and Tuesday I worked 18 hours, and I was thinking if I was only part time--I'd have all this time each week. I'm praying "hard" God provides me with a part time job after the 1st of the Year. I really need the income but I also really want the time at this point in my life. Not sure I've mentioned it yet,,,but March 8th, my oldest son is expecting twins. That will make me a grandma of 7 at 52! I really want to help them out as well as enjoy being a Grandma and also catch up on things like lunch with freinds, and who knows maybe even alittle show in the afternoon. Today was so nice, the time didnt zoom buy like it does at work and I had time to smell the roses. Full time work is just not for me anymore!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farewell to Summer

I got to see alot of this, this summer. My husband Baldyman bought this little boat from one of our neighbors and the grandkids used it in their pond. The dog (Phoney) lives in that pond literally from Spring until the water is to cold to go in. He is in it so much, he's not allowed in the house until Frost. They have a sofa and place for him to sleep in the garage where he comes and goes. He chases the fish all day long and never tires of it.

I asked the girls yesterday if they've been swimming and they said they tried to on Friday but the water was already to cold for them. September here in Wisconsin, came in with a roar,,the temp change was immediate. Its time to put away the rafts, swimming toys and get ready for the ice skates!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Alittle early, but BOO!

Yep, it got chilly here in Wisconsin and I got happy! I dug out my Halloween decor and started decorating! Also, I made Apple Crisp, Chili, lit the fireplace, it was all good. At night we've hit the 40's already and thats low considering only a couple days ago we were well into the 90's.
This is one of my new Halloween monsters this year. Mr. Bones. I placed him at the table, he's waiting for someone to feed him. The broom on the table plays witch laughs and scary music and goes around the table and when it reaches the edge it goes back. I cant get enough of that "fun" stuff this time of year.

I've got the "itch" to move., to look for a house to buy. This one is to small and I feel overpriced. I've been blessed to live here for 8 years but I'm feeling like I need to begin searching for a place that gives us more room, maybe more privacy and quiet. We looked at one today in the country, but its more pricey than we can afford also. Its a hard time of life, kids are grown, yet we are still young enough I dont feel like going into a condo or anything. Hopefully something will come up that fits my needs and wants and also the budget.