Friday, February 27, 2009

Thinking Girl, Friday,, What are your thoughts on Heaven?

I havent done thinking girl in awhile...because I wasnt really thinking about anything worth posting...BUT...I've got something now. 2 days ago I was listening to a radio station I came upon with 3 pastors answering call in questions from folks across the U.S. I dont normally listen to stuff like this because honestly, I am very weary of radio preachers, or tv preachers. Anyhow,,,I drive alot for my job so I thought I would just listen a bit. A caller called in and stated she has pets, dogs and that she loves them like her children and was wondering if when they die,,will they join her in heaven? The pastors began answering her,,,and one of them finally says...Well, No, I'll you why, First of all they have no souls, or spirits, and 2nd of all,,,God has something much richer and better for you planned, when you get to heaven. I was appalled...I was literally like--this is why I dont listen to you ninkempoops! First thing that comes to my mind is this.....God is MY father--all of our's father...and any of that have had children know how a parent feels about his child. We want to give them what they want--what makes them you NOT think God wants to do this for anymore for us??? His children....2nd of all but probably more important---that pastor basically just told that call in that her pets were not special in Gods eyes and they surely werent very meaninful because God is going to give her something "richer and better". Who the heck is he to say that? To many of us---our fur children are like our flesh and blood children. I did get a feeling inside my spirit and I beleive this is my self protection that I get directly from God...that this simply wasnt true. That yes...our pets will be with us again...God created them to give us joy and companionship here--he knows how our hearts become so entwined with our pets...and in many places of the Bible--there is talk of animals...Obviously God himself has a need and love for animals.

Which NOW brings me to think about heaven! By the way I did continue to listen to the 3 Stooges (pastors) and some of what they said was ok--and some was just..well the ole preaching stuff that I think drives alot of folks away. What do you think heaven is? Do you think we will sit around and bow at Gods feet all the time and sing praises to him? Do you think we will have jobs...similar things here that we have on Earth but no sin, no pain, no tears? I have no idea..but I do know this--I would love to experience life--without the pain, worry, sin, greed, wars, death, illness...I would love to sleep in the open,,surrounded by those I cared about here...and walk hand in hand with my creator and talk to him and gain knowledge of all the Why's I've had while here??? Yes I want to worship him for giving me all the gifts of life he has--my children, my marriage, my material gifts--and most of all even my pains of life... I truly didnt mind my pains because they made me who I am today. Walking thru fires...does something to us.

I hope that heaven allows us our creative sides, our joy and laughter...ideally like i said--just like here--but without all the stains of sin. When you really think about our afterlife--what do you hope and think its going to be? What about our partners? Now I wouldnt mind spending the enternity with Baldyman,,with breaks of course--lol...but I'm thinking more of those who are widowed young...of course in their lifetime they have loved possibly a couple of partners...who would you be with? It does make sense to me that we wont be aligned with our partners because of this reason---but that we would know each other and know what we had here on Earth. I'm interesting in all of your hopes and wonders about heaven...even fears if you have them. I normally dont post on weekends--so have a great weekend everyone and please leave me your thoughts on this!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bathroom Jar of Bath Soaks!

Here is a nice jar full of Bath Soaks. As you can see I make them in various colors with various scents. The mold I use are the Wilton Cake Molds so they are always coming up with new molds for the holidays and seasons, which means I've always have pretty bath soaks! I havent seen anyone else do it this way and I think they are much prettier for our bathrooms then the round ones. This jar I'm giving to my MIL for her 85th birthday. Funny story behind this....on her party last weekend I gave her a bunch of my products, now this 85yr old isnt what you would think. She's much younger looking, still golfs, travels, lives in her own home etc. She asked me what the bath soak was, ( i had given her 1 of those) and I told her you place it in your tub and its got all kinds of goodies in it like epsom salts, shea butter you not just smell good but feel good. She says to i put this whole thing in the tub? I said yes--she goes...Well I'll need more than one!!!!! I just about crapped...because I had given her MANY other things I Sooo feeling about 1 inch tall, I made her a whole bunch and even bought the dern jar! I then went after baldyman and told him--Your mom is greedy--lol and he has to at least pay me for the jar and materials. Now that she is into bathing again, I have a feeling I will be getting calls for these all the time. I tell ya--these MIL's are sneaky arent they?

Anyhow, have a great day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just in time!

Genie jumped up on our bed as she normally does this morning. This morning was different--her paws got caught in it and she tore it. It looks like crap. Last Saturday we went shopping when we were in Racine and I went to the Seventh Avenue Outlet Store. I fell in love with this bedspread. Its white with Roses on it. NOW anyone with half a brain knows we should NEVER have a white bedspread, especially with kids or pets around.
Isnt this beautiful though? The price was normally over 100.00,,I got it for 29.00. I figured I would use it next month for Spring and Summer.
Well after she tore my spread this morning, I'm going to put it in today. Alittle early but I cant look at this ugly torn spread..and I dont feel like sewing it right now. Baldyman thinks its to feminine but hey....this is the first time in my life I got something feminine for our room. He's gonna have to deal with it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flowers one way or another!

I'm beginning to finally crave spring! No flowers around here for quite awhile though. Even my little crocus that were popping up probably went back to sleep after this last snowfall. Sooo, last night I made some flower bath soaks. I found this mold at Wal-Mart and knew it would make pretty bath soaks in tulips and flowers. I'm making a whole variety of scents and colors and then adding them to a pretty glass jar. A jar full of flowers! This scent here is Heather and Hyacynth. It smells so summery and fresh its amazing. I'll get my flowers one way or another! My bath soaks are full of good for your skin ingrediants like shea butter, epson salt, sweet almond oil, from those that have used them, they all say you do not need a lotion after using them. Anyone interested just send me an email!

We may hit 40 today, and I'm so excited. Maybe some of this snow will melt. It was still below zero this morning and Genie refuses to go outside in this cold. She will just quickly do her duty and run back inside. No walk for her this morning--so tonight she will be feisty. I went to bed last night at 9:30., slept all night and still felt like sleeping this morning. Thats how I know winter is getting to me. I'm off to work, have a great day everyone!

P.S. I have a glass jar that I've filled with the bath soaks and will get a picture on tonight. It really does look really pretty to place on the bath for anyone that has a nice soaking tub.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Storm!

And we thought we might escape another winter storm! NO way...this is Saturday. Our 2nd son pulled the 3 girls on a sled thru our yard. This is our 3 grandaughters. Ms. Ellie is buried, you can barely see her. She was suppossed to spend the night with us on Friday but stopped at Jons for a visit with her cousins and decided she wanted to stay there. So, Baldyman and I walked over there and spent some time with all of the girls. Saturday they came for breakfast and were pulled over on the sled. It snowed all day long, I think we got about 7-8 inches. Saturday afternoon we drove down to Racine for celebrate Baldymans Mother's 85th birthday.
I'm hoping it warms up and most of this melts this week,,if we are lucky we might hit 40 by Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope everyone had a great weekend, and now its back to work!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who had the Scalloped Potato Recipe?

I need it! Thanks for whoever can help me!

I cant wait!

I'm a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, fan of Tyler Perry. His character Madea rocks my world. I love the pistol toting, loud mouthed out of control naughty Grandma character she plays. I've been waiting months for this movie, and today is the day! I'll be at the first showing. Tyler always inserts some values, morals and Godly messages in his movies. I like them not only for that, but also because well, he's just plain funny. In the work that I do, I an escape and this is one for me. You have to have humor I think in todays world or you wont make it. You have to have the ability to laugh...and sometimes at things that maybe we shouldnt...but have to to be ok...does that make sense? Well, I hope you all have a great weekend...I know for me--starting my weekend with Madea--I'll be one happy girl. If you need a laugh--and want to see a movie that always has a message with some crazy insane comedy---go check it out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Artichoke Dip!

Its been awhile so I thought I would post another recipe! For Valentines Day Dinner, I made Artichoke dip for our appetizer. This time I added some tiny shrimp for extra flavor! You can eat this with just about anything, I used wheat thins. Fresh veggies would be nice, I've even seen it with toasted bagel pieces. And, you can get creative and add extras, like the shrimp, tomatos, etc. Have a great Thursday!

1 can Artichokes cut up
1 80z pkg. Grated Mozzarella Cheese
1 Cup Parmesan Cheese
1 Cup Mayonnaise
Dash Garlic-I used Minced

Mix all together. Easy huh? Bake 350 until top is golden brown, approx 30 minutes.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Purse!

I cant remember whose blog I saw this on or I would highlight it--sorry but i'm telling ya my memory is going bad...real bad! BUT she challenged us to show our purses--give some information about them, a story if we have one and then show the inside. I was scared to do this because my inside of my purse is a sad story like the one of the side of my bed. BUT...after I took the photo--I was ok--you cannot see how bad it is! Sooo, here is my purse,,yes the one I use daily. There is no special story behind it. I bought it at Kohls, for probably less than 30.00 because simply, I am cheap. I cannot afford an expensive purse nor would I. Not because I wouldnt love to--but simply because I wreck these types of things. I'm mean to my purses. This one is being nice to me right now. It holds alot of things for me. I like that. I need that in my job.

This is the inside of my purse. If youc an see--I have a book that I bought to learn more about Mr. Obama and I have had that book for about 4 months with no reading of it at all. I dont think I will ever learn about obama--and I'm thinking I dont care to. (nuff said on that). I should probably take the book out--I offered it to my kids but they wont look at it either. I tried to follow my SIL's advice and learn about him--I hope she dosnt ever question me on it. I have checkbooks in there, hopefully some Pez candies, change all over the bottom, broken pens. I also carry a bunch of lip balms--lip stick and ALWAYS a small toothbrush and toothpaste because I'm a fanatic about brushing my teeth right after I eat anything. Yes, that means I probably brush my teeth upwards of 20 times an hour--lol! I however, dont brush them after M'M's. For some reason M'Ms clean my teeth! (yeah and I'm blonde and thin and young)

Anyhow--I'm ok showing you my purse. I wont be ok showing you my car. Which I have to do...and I want Cindy to show hers to. If you saw my car you would all take donations to hire me a cleaner. Yes its worse than my side of the bed and its worse than that bad!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten Things I love with the Letter "B"

Okkk, let me think on this one... I'm playing with Ginger on this can find her here

1. Books, I love books, although you wont find me reading that often, its tough for me to find books that keep my mind going.

2. Baldyman--lol--husband!

3. ohh yeah here ya go---Blogger! where would I be without my blogging buds?

4.dang this is tough....banks-I love to go to the bank!

5. trying to think how i can incorporate my kiddies into the letter B-hmmmm

6. I obviously need to think and come back! lol

7. Butter from Donna! your right...we all love butter!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meet Grandpuppy!

LOL-----is this funny or what? this is bugsy, at least i think thats his name. Our 3rd son Joel came for the weekend with his new puppy. He looks like Toto. He isnt potty trained yet, so Joel went and bought him diapers. I never knew that they made dog diapers! He pooped outside but he did pee inside! He's lucky he's so cute.
This is bugsy getting abath! Joel said he threw up on the trip here! lol
Unreal! My son is treating this dog like a baby. He already has clothes, jewelry, shampoo, all kinds of toys. He gets blow dried to! I must have raised this boy right. I'm putting this together Saturday evening--for Monday morning. I'll fill you in how the rest of the weekend went with this newest grandchild.

Friday, February 13, 2009


OH LA LA! Dawnie went to Hobby Lobby on Friday to seek out some jars for my body care products. I guess I got sidetracked by these beauties!

Look at em shine, they sure are pretty.
I also bought this pretty dish to put my bath soaks in so my bathroom will smell pretty!
Here they are alone..they are pretty pink crystals. Nice thing is--they were half price, so these bling blings only cost me about 4 bucks! Now thats my kinda bling.

Happy Friday--Anti-Aging Butter~!

YIPEEEE for all of those who work outside the home--today is it! You made we get 2 days to work INSIDE the I dont normally post over the weekend so I'm leaving this picture of my newest product. Anti-aging butter. I'll be honest, at first I wasnt sure I liked how body butter is, it will appear greasy at first. THEN,,,once it soaks into your skin--your skin is so soft and stays soft. I will never use lotion again. I put mine on after a shower. I do notice a distinct difference in my skin and how it feels and looks. This butter has different butters in it so I'm calling it Anti-aging. Olive butter is excellent for anti-aging and mature skin as well as shea butter and i also put in some avocado butter and various oils. I always mix the oils so that we get the goodness each one has to offer. I put in some Vitamin E and the scent is Romance--Sandalwood and Rose. Add alittle sparkle so your skin has the lightest glow! Click on the picture to see how pretty it is. I've seen body butters with these quality ingrediants in the $30.00 price range...mine's a steal at 15.00. So thats my newest product.

For this weekend, there are so many birthdays in February that I decided instead of having everyone over once a week, I'm just having one big birthday bash on Sunday. So, that means I'll be a cooking fool--tomorrow and Sunday. I also think my 3rd son is coming for the weekend AND he's bringing his new baby puppy--it looks just like Toto. He's cute as a button--but remember he's a puppy which means--NOT potty trained, and naughty! I think I'm in for a hell of a weekend. To bad my flask isnt ready. I will try to remember to take a picture of our Valentines Dinner and I hope to see everyone else who is staying in--their romantic pictures to!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Its official, I'm now 51...YUCK...I know, I know, what can you do? Well I wont be doing this....this is what I did last year. Since Peter left his bartending job, I have no favorite bartender anymore so I have no where to go! I'm going to have lunch with Baldyman later today and dessert at Cracker Barrel. He got me a gift which I will post at a later date because it needs to be engraved. Its nothing special and some may think I'm nuts for wanting it. Well, I am nuts....working where I work,,, I freely admit I've gotten alittle off balanced. I wanted a Flask--yep a flask. I'm going to fill it with Irish Whiskey and whenever I need a quick pick me up--I'll have it! He got me one that looks like a cell phone, I dont plan on carrying it on me--I'll keep it in the freezer,,,lol. You cant drink Irish Whiskey warm--it has to be ice cold or you will lose it. AND he got me my favorite candy-chocolate raisins. Ummmm, I ate so many last night I had insomnia--LOL!

I'll be back later to post pictures of my goodies...ya know I"m going to treat myself to something today! OH and I have a new body care product--I have to take a picture of and post. Its anti-aging Body Butter in Romance. Its very soft scented--Sandalwood and Rose. It contains an olive butter which is superb for anti-aging properties. I used it last night and my entire house smells delicious.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Thanks everyone for your thoughts for me yesterday! I planned on coming back but I ended up pretty much resting the entire day. I feel better,,not tip top but better. Sadly, I will return to work today....Anyhow, yesterday was near 60 for Wisconsin. This is what we have now. The one thing about our meltdowns as exciting as they are...they end up exposing things like this. The discoloration on the grass is Genie's winter pee-pee stops. Of course you can still see my Christmas wreath..that was about a week ago almost entirely covered in snow and ice. If you enlarge the picture which I'm sure you wont want to when I tell you can see a pile of Genie's poop....(YUCK) I hope you werent drinking coffee or eating when I said that.

Now this picture you might want to enlarge! This contains no droppings from my genie--this one contains the exciting part of the warm up. My crocus popped yesterday! You can see the tips just poking thru the ground. I think I might have 3! lolllll....I hope Tootsie stops by so she can see what an avid gardener I am NOT! Today its going to be in the 40's and rain., still a good day for these crocus to continue popping up.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling sick

I"m not feeling very good today. I called into work and taking the day at home. My tummy and stomach are not cooperating today....YUCK. today is going to be a very nice day to...our first one near 60 or above. NO I didnt call in sick because I want to go lay in the sun or shop or sit outside and enjoy the first warm breeze.....all that does sound good though dosnt it? I was exposed to the flu at least 3 times in the last few days and I'm thinking its got me. I just hope its only a day thing because I dont want to be sick for my birthday.

I'll be back later--have a great day fellow bloggers!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Early Birthday Gift!

This week happens to be my 51st birthday...YUCK huh? Well, it will be alittle easier to swallow when I sit and admire this. My cousin Rose, she has a blog here, gave me this gift Saturday when we spend the day and night visiting. Its like a small windowpane with this lavendar floral design in it. I think its beautiful. Funny thing is, I was looking at a design similar to this the very day she gave it to me. I was in a gift shop before I went to her house. I dont have anything like this so it will be a nice edition to our little home. I want to place it where the sun will hit it so the colors will shine thru.

I'm NOT happy at all about turning 51. It stinks...but yes I know the other choices all to well. I'm not ready for those either. I doubt God wants me yet--there is still to much to be done with me.

I'm taking Thursday off so I can be a domestic diva on my special day. Baldyman is going to take me to Red Lobster for Lobster Linguini and then to Cracker Barrel for a dessert we both enjoy. Other than that I plan on lounging in bed with my dog and being a total slug! Come on Thursday!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pay it Forward!

I'm joining Fat & Sassy on this little sweet thing to do! Just in time for Valentines day.....if anyone wants to join in,,just follow the rules and lets all do something sweet and little for someone else!

The Rules...

1. Be one of the first THREE bloggers to leave a comment on this post, which then entitles you to a handmade item from me.

2. Winners, you must post this challenge on your blog, meaning that you will Pay It Forward, creating a handmade gift for the first THREE bloggers who leave a comment on YOUR post about this giveaway!

3. The gift that you send to your Three Friends can be from any price range and you have 365 days to make/ship your item. This means you should be willing to maintain your blog at least until you receive your gift and have shipped your gifts. And, remember: It’s the Spirit and the Thought That Counts!

4. When you receive your gift, please feel free to blog about it, sharing appropriate Linky Love!

I hope someone will join in on us with this. I think its a small way of doing something kind and uplifting for another. Remember, it can be something small...just a token to let someone know your trying to brighten their day! Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Before.....and After!

Here we are on our way to they look excited or what? I was alittle scared of how Ms. Ellie would handle it--but I tell ya, she was a real trouper. She didnt cry once, and she was 100% mesmerized and entralled. Lucky for us, the whole roll of seats behind us were empty so we could put our treats there, coats and move around. The show was GREAT! It was one of my favorites. When we first arrived, the girls wanted snow cones....for 3 snowcones--$30.00!!!! All I could do was laugh. I knew it was pricey and since we only do this once a year--you have to have the attitude that your going to pay thru the nose. Our mission is just to have the grandkids have fun, and kinda get spoiled. All 3 of them loved the show.
Just me!
Now this photo says it all! All 3 of them AFTER the show, after the goodies, after the toys. When we first got into the car they were still talking about "Disney" and how they liked it--I'd say in about 5 minutes they began dropping like flies. The only one who dosnt have to get up today is Ms. Ellie. The other 2 have school unless mom and dad let them snuggle in after their night with Grandma and Granpa. It was a really fun night and I"d do it again in a minute. Ms. Ellie is now included on all our outings!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Disney on Ice and Annie!

Here is one of my twins. Her name is Elisa--BUT since she was a little girl she's been called Annie. She watched that movie so many times when she was little it broke. I couldnt go a day without playing that movie. She also has always had a fascination with Band-aids. It was so obsessive we actually began buying her bandaids for gifts and one year we bought her this HUGE First Aid kit. She went thru it all--and loved it. We refilled it many times. I'm tellin ya, if you have a box of band aids in your home even to this day--she will go thru em like nothing. She just graduated and is an RN and recently began working. I was checking out Annies and came across this Annie doll on Ebay--and couldnt pass it up. Its called First Aid Annie...and she comes with a little purse of ----BAND Aids!!! How perfect was that? I have never purchased anything on Ebay--and when I learned I had to bid--I was kinda scared. I knew I wanted this doll for her--but I also knew I wasnt going to pay something that insane. I picked out what i knew was my highest bid and placed it. And prayed....and I got it. Annie arrived today--and funny thing--Annie was here doing the wash when the package came and had no idea it was for her. When I got home from work I called her and told her she needed to come back because something came for her today and she needed to check it out! Sooo here is our Annie--with her Annie!

And....this is our once a year tradition we do with our granddaughers. Today is it! Disney on Ice...we've been doing this for about 4 years now. We go on opening night. We take them out to a Buffet dinner and then head to the show. Its a night of "whatever you want, you get". We spend a ridiculous amount of money--eat a ridiculous amount of crap,,but love it! This year we are bringing Ms. Ellie the 2 yr old...I'm not sure how I feel about it--but Baldy wants to try it. He will be the one to walk out with her if she gets that bad. I LOVE ice shows--and so do the girls. I'll be sure to take pictures. I know I'll be coming home--tired,,,broke but happy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Below Zero

Once again we are well below zero. This past weekend I bought a bird bath that is heated for the birds. I've wanted one for a long time that I could attach to the deck so we could watch them drink and bathe. I figured this would be a good time since water is scarce for them. It looks like its working, despite the frost being all around the edges. This is about 7 am this morning. Its not looking for tempting to head outside is it?

Suppossedly today is our last day for sub zero temps and then we begin a warm up. By Saturday we could see 50! Maybe then I'll snap a picture of this bird bath and you'll see a couple of chick a dees sun bathing!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caring from a Distance

I'll admit I was at a loss this week about what to post for Thinking Girl Tuesday. And the reason is this....not because of lack of topics that I think about....but mostly because I'm pretty content with life these days and its hard for me to focus in on things that trouble me or trouble others, or trouble world.

However after talking with both of my Aunts yesterday there is something that think about that isnt to painful to pull out and has meaning in my life--maybe even some of yours.

Sometimes in our lives--we have to separate from people. We choose to live apart from them and not have anything to do with them. For some of us that can mean basically no contact at all,,or minimal contact. In my personal life--with my birth family I have made a decision many years ago and it actually continues to not have contact with many of my family members. I come from a large family, I'm the oldest of 8. It seems like every year I add No Contact to more and more people...actually I'm run out! I used to question if i was doing the right thing. In my mid 40's I stopped questioning--I knew I was doing the right thing. Some of these people would question my caring or love for people or even my ability to forgive. I used to wonder about that also--but no more on that either. I've learned--you certainly CAN love and care and forgive others and do it from a distance. One thing about getting learn self love and self care are of the most important because if we dont take care of ourselves FIRST--how can we be a good Mom--good wife, good friend, good worker--etc..when we are so wore out from caring for others? How can we be any good as human beings if we are so beat up from others beating us up? Self-Protection....its imperative if your from a family that is so horribly dysfunctional it could possibly kill you from stress. While some may perceive me as self absorbed--uncaring, distant---what it really is--is self care so that I can be at my best for my own family, my self, my life. I made a choice many years ago that I no longer wanted to stand in the middle of the road and let semi trucks roll me over constantly. The older you get--the harder it is to pickyour up and dust yourself off and continue on. I chose....peace and serenity. I cannot live in a world of constant fighting--back stabbing, lying, manipulation and game playing. That is no kind of life at all. If one wants a better life--you can make it--its your choice to do. People cannot change others--only you can change you.

Its a fact you can care from a distance. I continue to pray for those I care about--and yes it does trouble me that some of them may end their lives never knowing peace and tranquility. Some may never know a true genuine freindship or smile. Some may never know what its like to have a day of smiles, fun, pure joy and happiness. Its their choice, not mine. Again, it dosnt mean I dont care--I do--but I also care about my self and my children and grandchildren. I care enough to show them a better way of life--I care enough that I wanted to give them a life that I never had--and not material things--a life of safety, happiness, protection, and love. And to do that--sometimes you have to let go of others that intend to trample on that--and you have to move forward. Caring from a distance....thats what I do. I find myself praying more and more for alot of my birth family members---the turmoil continues to grown, the evil has permeated so many of their lives---the next generations are tasting it now. Its very sad to watch some of the children of the children--repeat the cycles of dysfunction. Still, from a distance--all you can do is pray--and hope..hope that someone else will want a better life and get some help and change the process. Remove themself from the insanity and start walking the road to change. Its not easy--but it can be done.

I dont know if any of you have chosen to care from a distance--it can be lonely at times--and sad. And yes even times you feel guilty that maybe you dont really care..but you also know deep down you have to do this--because if you dont--they will pull you down to their level and thats a level that is so full of hatred and self destruction its aplace we dont want to be.

Today for those we've chosen to care for from a distance--lets end up a little prayer for God to be able to touch their hearts and souls. Just maybe, someday they can figure things out and perhaps make a better life for themself and those around them--before its to late.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tootsie, this is for you! The Real Dawnie!

Okkk here is Baldymans's side of the bedroom, now mind you this is the side you see when you walk into our room so of course I will be a good homemaker and make sure this is very neat and tidy. DO NOT notice that i have not changed the little linen on baldymans nightstand--yes its still from Christmas. I'm tellin ya, I'm bad! But do note that I have my Valentines Day Lion on the bed and he purrs when you touch his hand! I vacumn daily...but I rarely dust. I'm one of those cleaners that only cleans what you see...and here is the proof!
Yep, this is my side of our room!!! This is how it is every single day...I'm not lying! Sometimes I will pick up the magazines and neatly stack them so i can vacumn around the bed because I'm sure there are popcorn kernels there or m'ms or genies hair and god only knows what else! Also, note my nightstand--is that NOT a pig???? I thought I would be embarassed but I'm not...I should be though huh? Just looking at this is making me quite really is bad. So there ya go dirty side of the room! I should have taken a picture of our shower that we never use. When I opened the curtain I nearly barfed. I was like--why didnt someone tell me it was this dirty! Baldy and I never use that shower so I had no idea cooties took over. BUT...I did clean that and I'm checking it now. Problem is, I have alot of company and I forget to check that bathroom!

Ok ladies, I cant be the only closet pig! I dare you to show me the dirty side of your room!