Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday--Anti-Aging Butter~!

YIPEEEE for all of those who work outside the home--today is it! You made we get 2 days to work INSIDE the I dont normally post over the weekend so I'm leaving this picture of my newest product. Anti-aging butter. I'll be honest, at first I wasnt sure I liked how body butter is, it will appear greasy at first. THEN,,,once it soaks into your skin--your skin is so soft and stays soft. I will never use lotion again. I put mine on after a shower. I do notice a distinct difference in my skin and how it feels and looks. This butter has different butters in it so I'm calling it Anti-aging. Olive butter is excellent for anti-aging and mature skin as well as shea butter and i also put in some avocado butter and various oils. I always mix the oils so that we get the goodness each one has to offer. I put in some Vitamin E and the scent is Romance--Sandalwood and Rose. Add alittle sparkle so your skin has the lightest glow! Click on the picture to see how pretty it is. I've seen body butters with these quality ingrediants in the $30.00 price range...mine's a steal at 15.00. So thats my newest product.

For this weekend, there are so many birthdays in February that I decided instead of having everyone over once a week, I'm just having one big birthday bash on Sunday. So, that means I'll be a cooking fool--tomorrow and Sunday. I also think my 3rd son is coming for the weekend AND he's bringing his new baby puppy--it looks just like Toto. He's cute as a button--but remember he's a puppy which means--NOT potty trained, and naughty! I think I'm in for a hell of a weekend. To bad my flask isnt ready. I will try to remember to take a picture of our Valentines Dinner and I hope to see everyone else who is staying in--their romantic pictures to!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lori said...

Have a wonderful Valentine's weekend♥

Lady of the Mote said...

Have a wonderful Birthday,Valentine,weekend!!

Shellmo said...

I can't wait to see that flask! I think if I had one - I'd put wine in mine. (Yes, I'm a wimp!) Have a nice Valentine's day!

Karen said...

Your February sounds like my May! 5 birthdays!! Plus Mothers Day. It's crazy!
Take pictures! And enjoy the new scoundrel puppy.
And yup, my prize was awesome. And the tea is so nice - especially today, when it is cold and rainy out! Perfect! I love it! And my husband is taking me to the snow tomorrow. A little town called Big Bear Lake - about 2 hours from here. But they just got 4 feet of fresh powder, so it might take a little longer. I have a cousin who lives up there and we are going to go visit for the day. Looking forward to it!
Happy Valentines Day! Hugs. Karen

Susan said...

Have a great Valentine's day...and weekend!


Connie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day! Your new body butter sounds great. Connie

Vicki said...

YUM!! can I eat it? hahaha
it looks amazing!!!

Sassy said...

The body butter sounds awesome and my whole body probably needs to be slathered in it...sounds wonderful!