Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grandpa and Grandson Cutting Grass

My son is gone working and has been for a week now--he wont be home for at least another week.  Karson is 2 and is the apple of his daddys eye.  They are inseparable.  One of Karsons favorite things in his little life is to cut grass, ride on tractors and just do man things with his dad.  My husband went to pick him up today to spend time with him doing those "manly things".  Karson has been pretty sad, missing his dad.

This is the cutest photo isnt it? 

Here is a good shot of little Karson and Grandpa.  Karson wears glasses.  I think he's so cute he should be on a box of Wheaties lol.  I hope the time he spent with his grandpa today eased his sadness of missing his daddy.  To a 2 year old, 2 weeks can seem like 2 years. 
Its still kinda cool here in Wisconsin.  I'm just waiting on the warm weather to arrive and then stay!  We are still trying to figure out where to go for our little summer vacation.  At first I was thinking Georgia..but with gas being so crazy-we are leaning towards something closer.  Now i'm thinking Missiouri camping on the Lake of The Ozarks...or by the Ozarks.  If anyone has any tips for that area please let leave them for me! 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink!

This is my new bike!  I cannot believe that at the age of 54 I got my first brand new bike but its true.  I've always purchased used bikes just to peddle around the neighborhood.   I decided I needed to try out bike riding as my joints and legs are just in such discomfort from the cancer meds.  I cannot walk to far as I'm afraid I wont make it back home!  Soo, biking should work out as when I get tired or sore, i can take a break but peddle quickly back home.  I also decided no more used bikes for me.  I want one new bike in my lifetime.  This is from Wal-Mart, nothing expensive at all, but very nice to me.  It reminds of a beach cruiser which is what I've wanted for the last 2 years.  All  I need now is my wicker basket for picking up treasures on my rides or for small shopping here in town.  I didnt really think about "pink" until after i got it home and then i remembered pink is the standard color for fighting breast cancer.  Currently, I hate pink...hate it.  I choose red for "fight".  However, I do love how this bike looks so I'll just tell myself its just pretty in pink!