Saturday, December 5, 2009

The best Ornament!

I saw this in the Hallmark store and couldnt stop laughing. They had a baby bib also and that to was adorable. I try to buy a new ornament or two each year, well this one is home sitting on my tree.

My first craft show was a disaster financially BUT is was a success in learning for us. We learned all kinds of things we will do next time to promote my stuff, market it better which hopefully will help things out. The crowd was not that great which didnt help. The other thing I didnt like about this one is that we had to get up at 430 AM to be there and get everything settled. I was so tired that I didnt have the best personality. Anyhow, its over, I'm relaxed and ready to begin my Christmas baking!

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Fairy Footprints said...

The ornament is charming. It looks delightful on the tree.


Anonymous said...
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Shelley said...

That ornament made me laugh too! Like it! I lost money on my 1st craft show - but on the 2nd one I got better and am learning to pick better venues. It's a learning experience so don't be hard on yourself!

squawmama said...

Hey Dawnie, That ornament cracked me up... It sounds like so many people I know including me! ☺☺☺ Sorry your show was not great but at least it was a learning experience. Have a fun day baking (send them to me) and be safe!


Judy said...

Hi Dawn, I love your new ornament. I'm sorry your craft show didn't go well. Getting up at 4:30 wasn't much fun. I think it takes time and learning tricks of the trade. My antique booth is struggling but I'm learning.

Maya said...

I guess..., like with everything else, you get better with practice, right. The ornament is sweet..., so is your tree! Mine is about half the size!

Melissa Miller said...

Such an adorable ornament Dawnie!

So sorry about the craft show. Next time it will be awesome!

Enjoy this joyous season!
~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Nina Diane said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I just wanted to let you know that those candies on my blog....are way too easy! That's why I no longer do cookies....these are easier and baking. just let me know if you want the recipes.

Anonymous said...
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Rhonda said...

Hi Dawn,
Thank you for visiting me! I look forward to browsing your blog!

Merry Christmas,

Mrs. B. Silly said...

I love it, I think the sentiment is perfect. I need one of those too! lol

Ginger said...

I buy a Hallmark ornament every year too, it's fun to look back on them year after year.
Sorry about your show. Next one will be better!!