Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing like a bowl of homemade Soup!

With all the Flu going around, I came home from work last night and just didnt feel to good. I went to bed thinking how nice it would have been if someone had made a big pot of Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Sometimes you just wish you were young again and had a Mom that did this for you. So, I went to bed early, so did Baldyman and I woke up at 530 and made him a list and off he went to the store. I had my pot of Homemade Chicken Soup done by 8:30 AM! And let me tell you, it is SOOO good. I added some white wine, extra garlic and some of Paula Deen's House Seasoning, Thyme and Oregano and the flavor is just heavenly. My grandaughters are officially going thru the Swine Flu. Both of the girls are getting better so that is good. I cannot tell you how many times I've been exposed to the Flu and other illnesses in the last 2 weeks. So far all I've gotten is some mild aches and pains and just overall fatigue. Today I'm feeling pretty close to normal and gonna go enjoy a movie and some shopping for my business. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Karen said...

Glad you are feeling better. Think I'll make some soup when I get back home to Texas. I'll keep it in the freezer... just in case!
Ladybug Creek

Fairy Footprints said...

Blessings to you and thank you for stopping by today for a visit. I hope you have a wonderful Halloween.

Soup sounds good for dinner :0)


Lady of the Mote said...

that soup sure looks good,feel better

squawmama said...

Oh Dawnie I sure hope you miss that horrible bug and I pray your granddaughters make a speedy recovery... Soup looks so yummy... Have a SPOOKtacular day my friend!

Happy Halloween

mbkatc230 said...

There is nothing better than a big bowl of chicken soup when you're feeling bad. Glad that whatever you had seems to have passed. We did not get our flu shots yet this year, and then I got the flu! Have no idea if it was seasonal or H1N1, as our Dr. is recommemding that you just stay home if you're sick, and if you're REALLY sick to go to the hospital! Hope your grandaughters make a speedy recovery. Kathy

Ginger said...

Hi Dawn:
I hope you had a fun Halloween and are feeling better today. Don't want you sick. I hope the grandkids are doing better too.
I love homemade soup, anytime of the year, but especially when it's cold out.

Melissa Miller said...

Dawnie I hope you are okay and don't get sick. The soup looks delicious! We have a good soup recipe I should post soon as well. Chicken soup is so good for us during flu season for sure.

Thank you for entering and posting about my giveaway sweet friend. I appreciate it!

Tootsie said...

I know exactly how you are feeling! I am aching all over and trying to tell myself it is just arthritis! lol

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Dawnie, Your immune system must be pretty good for the flu to leave you alone. I get that way too...just feeling kind of yucky like I am trying to come down with something but I don't. Chicken noodle soup is one of Bobby G's favorite winter meals. I have never added white wine to it though so I may try that. xo Lynn

rosemarie said...

the soup looks great..i was going to make some for jim but he went out and bought can im glad to hear the girls are doing better..see ya in a few weeks...

Laura said...

I'm happy to hear you're feeling better! You've inspired me to make some homemade soup tonight! I'm going to make homemade tomato since that's what I have ingredients for but I will have to purchase ingredients for homemade chicken soup on my next market run. :)

How is your business going? Mine is going slow but here's to hoping it picks up soon! :)

A great weekend to you,

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