Sunday, August 19, 2012

A day at the beach

These photos were taken end of June.  It was a beautiful day at a very quiet, peaceful beach in Kenosha Wisconsin.  The perfect place to go to bring a book, lunch or dinner and enjoy the Lake Michigan.  For some odd reason, this beach is rarely used. Its tucked away off a very quiet road.  Thats a good thing because most beaches are full of noise, litter and just to much ativity to really relax and feel as if your on vacation.  I wanted to go back there before summer was over, but its looking like I wont make it. Every summer starts out with such good intentions, things I want to do.  I started out really well, but then once July hit, I found myself struggling to do anything.  Every weekend something was scheduled.  August has been the same.  In some ways I'm so blessed to have so much to do with family and loved ones, in other ways I crave some more free time to just be still.  I'm a person who loves to do nothing, to just enjoy the scenery, listen to the sounds, watch time stand still.  thing is, it dosnt stand still does it?  As we are nearing the end of August, I find myself once again sad that summer is being put away once again.  Fall is wonderful, but for those of us who live in 4 seasons, we know what that means!  I hope these pictures create a feeling of peace within you...picture yourself here, just enjoying the quiet.

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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I want to find that beach Dawnie! And I know just what you mean too.
Summer seems like an endless time of sunshine and possibilities.
Then swoosh it's gone and Autumn is fabulous but goes very quickly.
Our winters are way too long and I need to start preparing myself mentally for they will be here before we know it.

Carol B. said...

Dawnie, thanks for visiting my site. I so have not been working at my art and posting. Then I see you have been there and I am encouraged. I truly hope you are doing fine and having a beautiful summer.
Much Love to you.
Carol B.

Lilly said...

Those photos of the beach are beautiful. It does look restful and how lucky that it is deserted. There is nothing worse than a crowded beach is there? Yes, we are getting a bit warmer here and Spring is on its way. Yes we are all the same. We always have so many plans for summer, too many to mention and have no possible way of getting them all done. Just sit out in your back yard and shut your eyes and think about this beach. Hope you are well and I think about you often.

Marla and Steve said...

Dawn, You have been on my mind since yesterday and I wondered why I haven't heard from you. I checked my blog roll and dashboard and you weren't on it. I know I lost my blog when I tried to change it and wonder if that might have been the glich. I fought with blogger and had to start building over.

Anyway. I will check back with you. I've got to meet Steve right now so I'm reloading you on my blog. Soooo weird.

I hope you are doing good.

Hugs, Marla

Marla and Steve said...

It's me again. :) I have no idea what is up with blogger but it wouldn't let me load your blog and why you were gone in the first place??? Finally, on the third try blogger cooperated. Anyway, I hope you are doing really well. Yes, You are very blessed to be so busy with family and friends.

Lilly said...

How are you Dawnie? I think of you all the time and hope your summer has been a good one and you are doing well. xx

Lilly said...

Just checking in to say Hi Dawn. Hope things are gong well for you. Always thinking of you and hope you are busy and haveing a good time. Lilly xx