Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little Pink House of Hope

This is me on my way to Buxton North Carolina.  We stopped in Kingsport Tennessee to meet up with Janice, a lady I've been chatting with on Facebook.  Janice has the same type of cancer as I do, it took me quite a while to friend her on FB as she ignored me for months!!!! Just teasing Janice, but its true, lol.  Once we began chatting, we've been enjoying each other.  Janice runs a Chocolate Store and a Tea Party business.  I was lucky to visit both and her store is beautiful as well as Janice.  The lower picture is of me and Janice at the Smokies.  She took me and Baldyman for a drive thru the Smokies.  They are beautiful beyond words. 
This is Greg at the lighthouse in Buxton North Carolina.
Little Pink House of Hope's van.  Jeannie and Terry began Little Pink less than 2 years ago.  It was her dream to see that women and families struggling with breast cancer be able to spend some time on the beach with no concerns other than enjoying themself.  I cannot tell you how wonderful this trip was or how wonderful the people were.  They truly "served" us and were so kind.  I will never forget this gift.
Date night is part of the Little Pink trip.  We were treated to a wonderful dinner on the ocean.  Here is baldyman checking out the menu.
This is the home we were blessed to enjoy for a week.  The owners donated this home to Little Pink. The owners wife had been battling cancer for nearly 7 years and sadly she passed while we were here.  She had hoped to spend the week with us and get to know us as well as cook for us.  Her presence could be felt in this home.  I've never been in such an amazing home.
The dock overlooking the sound.  This is where paddleboarding occurred and just enjoying the view.
Finally, me on the Atlantic.  I look as rough as those waves!  BUT...this vacation was a dream for us.  We will never forget the kindness and beauty of this trip.  Almost 7 days to when we left the area, it was hit by hurricane Sandy.  It meant so much to us as we literally walked and slept this place.  I've been praying and hoping the damage wasnt to bad.  I havent heard.  I'm still enjoying my life as much as I can.  I will get the results of my latest scans this coming tuesday. I hope my cancer is still quiet.  Please keep my in your prayers.

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Lilly said...

Wow Dawnie it looks like you and the Baldyman had a wonderful, wonderful holiday. Just beautiful. That house is something else. And it never ceases to amaze me what great people there are in this world. And it just shows how the online world can be used for a power of good that you were able to connect with Janice like that.

You look really fantastic and have such a beautiful smile. As Always.

It is really horrible about hurricane Sandy and the damage it has caused. I sincerely hope all is well.

You are always in my prayers and please let us know how it all goes. Take the best of Care and continue to enjoy life.

Lilly said...

Just me again, that is funny I just saw your comment on my blog. I am doing really well, positive and everything is under control at present. I am off on a cruise to New Zealand with my mother and daughter over New Years. It is the first time I have been on a cruise so very excited. We just have to keep on keeping on hey. I still cannot get over the house you stayed in - its like a fairy tale. What a great experience and so many memories too.

Shelley said...

You are in my prayers Dawn! I may not be blogging much - but you stay in my thoughts. I'll keep checking in. (And maybe do a post soon.)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

I hope your cancer is quiet Dawnie.
What a beautiful getaway for you both.
I hope it was spared.

(ps I came via Lilly)

Marla and Steve said...

Yes, you are in my prayers! What a beautiful, loving vacation for you and your hubby. Treasured memories.

My Vintage Studio said...

sending & hugs your way.

Vicky said...

Oh my goodness-its like a trip of a lifetime! How fabulous for you! To think what that area must look like now after Sandy is just heart wrenching. And to know we lost another sista is also very sad- she sounds like she was a caring and giving woman- deepest sympathy on her loss. Prayers for a good outcome on your scans!

Carol B. said...

Keeping you in prayer, Dawnie! Sending you hugs!

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Lilly said...

Hi Dawnie, just checking in to see how things are with you. I think of you often. xx

Anonymous said...

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Ginger said...

I'm so glad you and Greg were able to spend time at that beautiful beach house. It looks a lot like the house that was in the movie Nights in Rodanthe.