Friday, August 14, 2009

Middle of the night monster!

Every morning I kid you not, I wake up to this! Every rug in my house is messed up. Doesnt miss a room.
These are my new ones, and last night she must have really been mad because she really messed this one up.
and here she is, the middle of the night monster of the house....Ms. Genie. She's on guard right now watching the UPS man. Whenever the UPS man comes she runs thru the house like a nutcase, barking and howling. When I get a package she's really insane. I dont know why she does this at night--but when we go to bed I can hear her start scratching at the rugs and pulling on them. By morning, she's hit every room.

Do any of your pets do weird things around your home while your sleeping?

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Shelley said...

Maybe she doesn't like the way the rugs are arranged?? LOL! During the night - if we forget to shut the bathroom door - our kitty likes to pull Q-tips out of the garbage and leave them laying all over the house!

Judy said...

What a cute post. My rugs are sometimes a mess when I get up in the morning. I think Anna and Bailey are chasing each other and playing and they slide into the rugs and they end up in a heap. Bailey used to tear up a whole roll of toilet paper but he doesn't anymore...thank goodness!!

Ginger said...

That is pretty funny. You should set up a video camera and catch her in the act.
Our dog, Zeus, is pretty good, but once in awhile I find the throw pillows on the floor...that means he snuck up on the couch.

squawmama said...

This is so funny Dawnie... She is soooo cute I know you can't get mad at her!

Have Fun

Laura said...

Hahaha! How funny!!! I wake up to messed up rugs and open cupboards and thought it was just my kitty who was a nut! He learned to open the cupboard doors when he was little and we've never "child proofed" them so he keeps doing it. He doesn't get in them, he just likes to see our (my) reaction when he does it..then he runs off laughing. ( he's not laughing physically but I know in his mind he is!) just have to love them!
Have a great weekend.

mbkatc230 said...

This is so funny! Sax the cat tends to not leave the bed once we retire, but when we had dogs you just never knew what you would wake up to. My show dog Christy figured out how to open the frig (had a dishtowel around the handle) and I woke one morning to a strange thumping sound. She had gotten the frozen turkey out and was rolling it around the kitchen floor. Thank goodness it hadn't thawed yet and she didn't get the packaging open or we may have had roast whippet that year (just kidding! have you seen a whippet - no meat on the bones lol) Thanks for the cute post and bringing back a fun memory. Kathy

Melissa Miller said...

My goodness silly Miss Genie girl! She must think you have treats hidden in them for her. LOL!

Have a great weekend. ~Melissa :)

PS Chestnut has so many silly little things he does. Hmmm...
He pops his back leg straight in the air to clean it. It's sooooo funny! We call him "Puss & Boots" when he does this move.

rosemarie said...

yes and his name is

Cindy said...

That is cute! I think they have so much energy and just need to burn it off. Our kitties are always keeping us amused. Cindy