Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Before & After, my new car!

Ok so I dont have any new decorating going on in my house BUT I do have something new to share with ya! Last July I turned in my Pontiac was leased for 4 years, I loved it, but then decided I didnt want to buy it and I wanted a break from payments. Our son had just bought a new car himself and gave me his old one...which is this black Taurus. Its rough looking, drove fairly well and I loved not having any payments. About a month ago-it started sounding like it was gonna blow up. He couldnt figure out what was wrong and I decided its time to get a new car again and know that while I'm out there working I'm going to be safe. I drive alot on side roads and highways and dont like feeling like i might be stuck out there. I also know I like cheaper payments and for me, leasing is the way to go.
I got this car just like the G-6- we called someone Baldyman does business with, told him our payment range-etc..he called us back told us about this car--and thats the one we got. No test driving--got it sight unseen. Drove 2 hours to pick it up. I love it! Its a Kia Forte 2011. I have it 3 years, by then I'll be ready to say goodbye to it. Its got that neat feature where you just talk in the car, you dont have to use a phone AND I have Sirius Satellite Radio. The salesman said I wish there were more like you--just call up--say ok, come on and sign and drive off. Well, I'm not a shopper so this works for me, and I also dont get attached to things or have preferences over types of vehicles..I just want something that will be under warranty, is comfy and lower payments!

So, this is what I do have going on thats new in my life...AND I will do my best to keep this one clean.

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Calming Scents said...

dang it looks like a scratch on the car--but its not--now i gotta go check my camera.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Congrats Dawnie,
That's a cute little car and I bet it gets good miles. I have a Ford Focus and I love that it gets 35 miles or more on the hwy.

Flor Larios Art said...

Cool! I like your new car :)
Enjoy it!

mbkatc230 said...

Congrats Dawnie! It's really cute. With your job, a dependable safe car is really important. I love to look at cars, hate to shop for them. This sounds like the way to go! Kathy

Ginger said...

It's always fun to get something new, especially a car.
I am with you...I want something dependable and safe when I am on the highway. Enjoy it!!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

That sure takes all of the pressure of making a decision out of car buying! Great car. laurie

Jackie said...

Sorry about the Pontiac. I must say, it's a good model. I also had to find a replacement for my Altima, so I went out yesterday and searched for used cars (Indianapolis, IN area) with my husband. I haven't decided yet on what to consider 'coz there lots of 'em. But I basically want a car that is comfortable, light, and yes, easy to pay.

Congrats on your new car! You should really take good care of it.