Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Livin

This is early Summer at our sons house. If you look close you can see Pheney and Bugsy romping in the pond. Pheny is out here all day long until night and I'm not exaggerating. This dog swims all day, barks at the fish and then just enjoys the wildlife. Its so fun to watch him. Bugsy our other sons dog comes out to visit and then swims with him.

Today for the first time I went swimming in the pond. It dosnt look anything like this picture now, and this was taken just a few weeks ago. Since this photo, our son has had a beach put in, filled the pond with some sand and then colored the water. I will take some photos tomorrow when we go back. It really looks like a beach now. He has umbrellas, chairs, sand toys, its just beautiful. The only thing that hasnt changed is Pheny! I had my grandaughters racing tonight and Pheny was swimming right next to them and of course I didnt have my camera but what a picture that would have been. I'm not much of a water baby, I dont even know how to swim. I brought a raft and enjoyed that. The fish come up and nibble at ya which is pretty strange.

Tomorrow our grandson turns 1 and they are having a party, fireworks and all. Should be nice and i will bring my camera and get some good photos!

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