Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An elephant in my kitchen!

I should have taken a photo of before so you could see what a mess we have going on right now.  We had a small white refridgerator that came with the house 8 years ago.  We decided we wanted a new fridge, complete with all the bells and whistles and one that belongs to us.  So what did we do?  We went shopping, after going to 3 stores, opening up everyone and then some, we both opened this and we heard the angels sing.  Sooo we bought it.  Come home, and waited for delivery.

Heres the delivered fridge!  It dosnt fit.  I have an elephant in my kitchen.  Neither of us thought to measure.  All i knew is that we both loved it.   I also know i want a freezer on the bottom and a larger space for everyday things.  

Well, we had to call the store--go back to the store which where we live is a distance.  We werent even smart enough to buy locally.  Anyhow, we measured this time...and the new one comes tomorrow.  For now, I walk around this HUGE item.  I'll post another picture once the other one is in and hopefully it will all go well.

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone - my mother wanted a freezer on the bottom and did the samething and the appliance delivery guy offered to cut the cabinet back because the top was 1/2"tooshort for refrigerator-- only our cabinets are metal so that took care of that-- back to the store and a shorter model. Love the freezer on the bottom-- you will love it when it fits too!
Karyl Dawn!

Kat said...

Good grief, it's huge! It's so hard to buy things for smaller spaces without measuring, nothing looks as big in the store. I found that out the hard way with a sofa one time. Unfortunately, it was a closeout and we couldn't return it. Good luck with the new one! Kat

Carol said...

You're not the first!
It does look mammoth, though, doesn't it?
Looking forward to seeing the final set up!

Connie said...

You are not think that they are all about the same size but they are not! It's a beautiful refrigerator. This is another thing to talk about in your old age!! Ha!!


Ginger said...

Oops!! lol. I thought I was the only one that did things like that.
When we bought our home here in Utah, we moved the big fridge in and had to cut the bottom of the cabinet over the fridge. It's a tight squeeze but it fits.

Shelley said...

Wow - I could only dream of having a fridge that big! Good luck w/ your new one!!!

Anonymous said...

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