Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

This first picture is of this morning after the blizzard.  Baldyman snowplowed a path to our sons house and then of course so Genie could get out and walk around and find a place to do her duty.

This picture is what you see when you open our front door.  This is before Baldyman shoveled. 

This photo is last night before the blizzard hit full force. 

This also is of last night before the major winds and snow hit.  We have to snowplow a maze out for Genie, otherwise the snow is up to her neck.  She has heart problems and sometimes when she treds thru deep snow, she collapses so I want to make sure she can get out there and play or due her duties.  For our area we didnt get as much as they predicted but with the drifting we surely have areas of well over a foot of snow.  Now the fun comes, wind chills below 20 and high winds.

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The snow certainly looks thick and heavy.