Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Review!

Seven Pounds. We rented this last week. Normally I'm ok with Will Smith movies...but the last couple I've seen....I think he must be bored and just not sure what to do anymore. Seven Pounds I found to be very depressing. The overall message of the movie was about a man who could not forgive himself for an accident and felt he had to make right. I just found the movie hard to take, and dismal. For one, in real life I'm sure this has happenned more than any of us would ever want to, and I cant imagine anyone spending the remaining time of their lives doing what he did--every human being he encounters he has a purpose for the meeting and its all about trying to make himself feel better for what he did.

Anyhow, if your looking for a good movie to watch..I say pass this one up. If your feeling down and want to continue feeling down or just feel like having a good depressing cry with a box of Kleenex---go get it!

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Joy said...

Interesting - I've heard pros and cons for this movie, but I haven't seen it yet.

Shellmo said...

I haven't seen this yet - but lately I've been in the mood for comedies and nature documentaries. So I'll probably either nix this one or wait till later. Thanks for the moview review!

rosemarie said...

dawnie ,suzette said pretty much what you said,and she told me not to watch it..but tiffany and justin seen it and they liked it..go figure..i recently went to see race to witch mountain ,it was pretty good..and yes about meeting up when we come to your place..

Sassy said...

yep...I have heard props and cons as well...right now I need more of a good laugh...

Ginger said...

I haven't seen this movie yet. It came out the same day as Marley and Me and I had to buy Marley.
Sorry to hear it was a disappointment.

Mrs. B. Silly said...

I know your opinion seems to be the majority but I really liked it and have spoken to a couple of other friends that liked it as well. I personally would recommend this to friends. I really like Will Smith but I haven't seen his end of the world movie, whatever that was called. A big box of tissues is required for 7 Pounds though.

grammy said...

Thanks for the heads up. You would laugh and cry watching Marly and Me. Have you seen it?

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