Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Before & After, my new car!

Ok so I dont have any new decorating going on in my house BUT I do have something new to share with ya! Last July I turned in my Pontiac was leased for 4 years, I loved it, but then decided I didnt want to buy it and I wanted a break from payments. Our son had just bought a new car himself and gave me his old one...which is this black Taurus. Its rough looking, drove fairly well and I loved not having any payments. About a month ago-it started sounding like it was gonna blow up. He couldnt figure out what was wrong and I decided its time to get a new car again and know that while I'm out there working I'm going to be safe. I drive alot on side roads and highways and dont like feeling like i might be stuck out there. I also know I like cheaper payments and for me, leasing is the way to go.
I got this car just like the G-6- we called someone Baldyman does business with, told him our payment range-etc..he called us back told us about this car--and thats the one we got. No test driving--got it sight unseen. Drove 2 hours to pick it up. I love it! Its a Kia Forte 2011. I have it 3 years, by then I'll be ready to say goodbye to it. Its got that neat feature where you just talk in the car, you dont have to use a phone AND I have Sirius Satellite Radio. The salesman said I wish there were more like you--just call up--say ok, come on and sign and drive off. Well, I'm not a shopper so this works for me, and I also dont get attached to things or have preferences over types of vehicles..I just want something that will be under warranty, is comfy and lower payments!

So, this is what I do have going on thats new in my life...AND I will do my best to keep this one clean.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is here!

I got home early from work today and decided I need to get back to blogging. I walked outside to take a picture of my few daffodils and standing out there is Ms. Ellie! This is our 3rd grandaughter. She lives on the same street we do. Lately, she has a habit of just "showing up" lol. I dont mind,,,BUT I do worry because there are so many sickos in the world. I've been asking her to call Grandma first, see if I'm home and its ok to come over and then I will watch for you. Well, so far its not working....I will keep trying!

We dont have many daffodils but the few we do have I love. Notice all the yellow spots on the lawn from Genie fertilizing it all winter. I wonder why some lawns dont get bothered by their pets and some do...anyone know the answer to that, share it with me!

We have decided to sell our permanent trailer site..long story but after getting the motor home--thats where our heart is plus with all the flooding in recent years our sons have gotten tired of redoing their sites and also the expense is just to much...sooooo we are all saying goodbye this spring to our trailers. We will be driving to ours today to clean it out--and put it up for sale. If all goes well--that will be our Las Vegas money for vacation in July!

Other than that--work is keeping me on my toes as well as my business. I've made several more new products and the feedback is EXCELLENT! I also had my first home show and it went awesome. I just have to keep finding time to do it.

I hope to get to everyone's blogs this weekend and my goal is to get back to it regularly!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


While I see no one has been around inquiring if I'm alive or not (lol) I just wanted to let anyone know--that I am! I've been overwhelmed lately....but I do hope to get back here quickly! I'm trying to make some personal changes in my life, I miss having time. I also miss reading blogs....I hope everyone is well and soon I will get my buns back here!