Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Blooms!

For the life of me I cannot remember the names of these beautiful flowers.  I planted them from a seeds from a former family that I worked with.  They had them in all kinds of beautiful colors and i was mesmerized by them.  They look like a cross between carnations and roses.  Our warm season has been a mixture of cool temps, rains, and now the heat.  Not the best of summers but not the worst and from so many whose weather has been cruel, Wisconsin cannot complain!
We took a vacation this past week to Denton, Texas, near Dallas.  It was amazing.  We hadnt yet had very warm weather so getting temps daily in the 100's was GREAT.  I lived in the pool for 5 days and did not get sick of it.  We visited our son who is now RV'ing living there.  We drove our RV, and had a problem free trip.  I loved what I saw in Texas, and the people were amazingly nice.  For one day we visited San Antonio, Riverwalk, I loved that also, but wished we could have spent a night or two.  

Now its back home, a couple days to enjoy the home, catch up on things like this and then back to the grind.  I've applied for a different job, in the schools, which I pray I get, because then I will have off all summer to RV, visit kids and grandkids and just enjoy the deck.  I also will no longer have to fight for time to enjoy the holidays since I would follow the school schedule.  Another part of a different job like this--I can do the farmers markets in summer to promote my business.  I'm still loving that, but just dont have time to do much with it.  One good thing I learned recently was that while on vacation in Texas, I use whatever samples i'ved saved from hotels and old body products that I had before I started my business. I did not bring my lotion or body butter with.  I was amazed at how "bad" the lotions I had to use were to what I make.  That dry intense heat wreaks havoc on our bodies and the lotions I had, did not hold a candle to what I make.  That just intensifies my zest for promoting and believing in the products I make.  You cant put enough value on an natural body butter filled with great ingrediants to keep our skin supple and well moisturized.

My family is well, twins are coming along great, they are 4 months now.  I will have to post some pictures. 

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Calming Scents said...

AHA,,,I remembered the name of this flower! Its Hollyhocks!

seanymph said...

They look like double Hollyhocks. :) My gramma had the singles near her back door and I used to run up the stairs cuz it was full of bees!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Dawnie,
Love your Hollyhocks! I planted some this summer and i am anxious to see how they do!
Hope you get the new job and would love to see pics of the twins!