Friday, July 15, 2011

Unfinished things

This post is about unfinished things.  We all have them, all different but we all have them.  At the beginning of Spring I went and bought these two books, both had decent reviews and I thought if I picked them up in Spring I would surely have had them read by now. Each time I go camping, or take them to work and read them during times of the job that I could, at night before I go to get the idea.  I figured I had plenty of time to get these done.  I actually have 2 other books that I started and the story is the same...they are lying around unfinished.  
I had a list of projects around the house at the beginning of Spring also that i wanted done.  For the most part, they are all.  I think I may have even surpassed what I wanted to accomplish.  The books, I dont know, i start reading and then I get to doing something else.  Unfinished stuff like this is frustrating me.  It means I am not taking enough time to just be still and let my mind go off into something interesting, something different than my ordinary routines, taking the time to de'stress--detox.   I continue to try to find ways to end some of the chaotics of my life, but I'm in a constant struggle.  
Summer is about half over, I'm hoping to have these books completed by then.  I will have new goals then, perhaps new books, but I would really like to be able to commit 100% to not letting life take over my mind.

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Debbie said...

Hi Dawn....It's hard to believe summer is half over already!!! I am trying to hang on to each and every moment.
I just read Water for Elephants. I haven't seen the movie...but the book is really good. It took two days to read. I'm so weird...I can't stop reading until it's finished!!! and that usually means hours and hours of reading.
Hope you get a chance to relax before summer is over.