Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bella and Tomatos

I've been laying low recently as last week i had a new port placed in my chest and let me tell you, it was NOT a good day.  It in fact was one of the hardest days for me since my diagnosis at the end of Sept.  I'm glad its over, I'm glad I have the port but gosh did that knock me right on my butt!  This week I had my first treatment with the port and it was a blessing to have it,,,although it did hurt as they accessed it thru the incision point....OUCH.  BUT praying everything goes well, I now dont have to be reminded that I am a cancer patient for 3 weeks!  Sooo, this is Bella!  Bella is a statue, a yoga lady that sits on my living room floor.  I treated myself to her when I got good scans for the 2nd time.  She reminds me of peace, tranquility, all the things I treasure in my life....and have searched so hard to find. 

This here is my tomatos. Country living's spring issue included a free pack of tomato seeds.  I being the savvy consumer, planted them.  Of course this was weeks ago...I now have officially 6 tomatos to place in the soil.  IF, they make it, I will post more pictures later.  Its getting nice and warm here on a regular basis now.  I love it.  I treasure each day I'm able to even just sit outside.  My flowers are all in the ground and summer things are out.  I hope each of you are also enjoying those nice warm summertime temps.  Summertime foods also are a huge hit this time of year.  For those of you who enjoy a good Sangria,  check out my recipe for Red Sangria.  Its amazingly good!

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Marla and Steve said...

I have so much to learn. What is the port for? I can only guess how painful that was to have put in.

Seems like every day I learn more and more in this Cancer 101 class. It's overwhelming but once I have the information I need, I feel better.

How are you feeling? Do you sleep well at night? Do you nap during the day. Does your energy come in spurts? You are amazing in your spirit and attitude.

Marla and Steve said...
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Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

You are an inspiration Dawn!
Look at all your doing in spite of what your going through.
Even your little tomato plants, how cool is that!
Marla is such a sweetie too, just reading her note.
Take Care friend and let me tell you I think and say a prayer everyday!
Oh that Cottage Garden place is just right outside Waupaca on hwy.54.
Very cool place!

Vicky said...

I'm so sorry to hear the port was such a painful experience for you! I lucked out and had the port placed and then had my PET scan the same day. So glad the first treatment is behind you now and you can step out of cancer world for a few weeks!

Lilly said...

Hi Dawn, phew you got that over with and you can look forward and as you say have a break. You are strong and will get through this. I love Bella. She is a wonderful symbol and a reminder of everything positive. And gardening is so relaxing and such a wonderful pastime. I hope your tomatos grow my friend and amaze you. I love growing herbs. Keep looking forward and looking after you. I am doing ok this end and have to have an operation soon. I try and put it to one side and dont let it overwhelm me. Hard to do hey? But live goes on and every day is a new one. Take Care and you are alwyas in my prayers Dawn. xx

Lynn said...

Hi Dawn, I am challenged to keep blogs and FB straight as to who/when I visit where! Yikes!!
A "mature" women of my age (hehe) would simply make a list of blogs she needs to visit, sit down and one by one, visit, enjoy, comment. Done, right? WRONG! First, age does not mean maturity in my case. I am still, always a kid in that I see so much wonder in the world, so much beauty, inspiration, that I don't sit quietly and analytically do anything!! I bounce all over blogs, FB, soaking up beauty, inspiration,blessings. This is wonderful!! But......kind of confusing to keep track of where I have been and when, hehehe. I touch base more with you on FB then your blog so here I am. Like I said on FB, it is difficult at times to think of you fighting cancer because you have such a positive, uplifting spirit and attitude. I believe that is a gift and so beneficial to healing/recovery. I truly see the connection between mind/body/spirit in meds and I think everything you are doing is leading you in the right direction. Bless your heart, I keep you in my prayers, not just for good scans but for Him blessing me with such a special blog friend. Go tomatoes!! Look forward to seeing them "grow up!" Blessings.

Debbie said...

I just named my new puppy Bella. She's adorable.
They put a central line in for my meds. and it worked well for me. I'm sorry you had problems with yours.
I hope everything goes well from here. It can be overwhelming at times....I pray for the peace that transcends all understanding for you, Dawn.
God bless you, Sweetie.

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