Monday, May 7, 2012

Grandpup Bugsy and State Park Camping

Bugsy is my grandpup.  He and our 3rd son came home last week for a surprise 4 day visit.  I had just happenned to purchase a crab for our grandchildren to watch and bugsy was mesmorized by him. 

Here he is again staring at the crab.  bugsy would do this all the time, just sit and watch him.  Do you think if Bugsy could get the crab he would have played it to death or just left it alone??? I think the crab would be LONG gone in crab heaven.  To bad they dont grow big enough I could steam him lol.

Baldyman and I went camping officially for the first time this past weekend.  We went to the State Park Wyalusing. Its beautiful there, but very treacherous driving.  At least I think so.  The park has camping spots that overlook the Wisconsin River and other places I believe the Mississippi River.  There are bluffs and steep woods everywhere in this park.  Its not easy to navigate when you have a motor home.  Thank goodness we have a smaller one. 

You cant tell how high this is,,but believe me it is..and you would not want to not pay attention while parking your camper.  Its beautiful to see, at night all the lights of the town glow.  I bought a nice pair of binoculars so we are officially into checking things out now.  We came home yesterday and after we unpacked i was ready to leave again.  Does that mean I'm getting ready to live in a RV full time??? We are tossing that idea around.  I'm looking for a bigger motor home reasonably priced in good shape.  If we find that perfect deal,,,we may trade ours in and slowly adjust to possibly doing just that. 

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Lynn said...

Hi Dawn, I bet you enjoyed the visit with your son and grandpup. The days are always too short when loved ones are visiting. Looks like a beautiful area that you went camping. Did you like camping? You know when hubby was getting ready to retire, we kicked around selling our then townhouse and buying an RV and living/traveling. The Lord never opened the door for us to live that dream and we love where we are now in our lives. However, there is still a part of me that find the idea very romantic and feeds my "gypsy soul" so I would say to continue to ask for His guidance and I will pray for that also. There was a huge group of people who were bloggers perhaps, way before I ever heard of a blog, that lived the RV life. Lots of tips and experience. Sure you could locate a great web site and make great friends who would be able to answer any question you or your husband might have about that lifestyle. Blessings.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Dawn,
It's so pretty along the Mississippi bluffs! We are only about an hour from La Crosse so not too far from them.
I think a full-time motor home sounds like a great idea!
And those doggie shots are just priceless!
So happy I can keep up with you on fb too!
Big Hugs my friend,

Always Nesting said...

Hi Dawn.

I see we both have Cindy in common. She is a wonderful person and love following her life on her blog.

Now I know I'm not the only one with a granddog. I now have more granddogs than I do grandkids.

When I read your comment on my blog about your cancer it brought up so many questions for me. Stage 4? Was yours missed somehow. My cancer did not show up on mammograms or a biopsy and I wonder how many women that happens to. I've finally stopped reeling and know that I have so many more days to worry and wait. My MRI is Tues, meet with surgeon again then from that, we go on to the lymph nodes.

It's been 7 months for you. I'm guessing you've had chemo. Are you sick? Your hair? OMG, I could just pick your brain forever. I'm so sorry you are sick. Please please please keep in touch and we can lift each other up. God is in control, that I know for sure and believe with all my heart, but does that have to be so hard on us?

Big, big squeezy hugs to you!!


Always Nesting said...
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Rebecca Nelson said...

My inlaws wanted to live in the RV and just go about living. They took lots of trips and loved it before my papa-in-love fell ill.

I say do what you love...

I laughed OUT LOUD over the crab!!!


Vicky said...

I came over to tell you I'll pray for you! So sorry you are having to do another port- mine has worked like a charm and I am so grateful to have it. What treatment will you be doing? I'm typing and trying to ignore the massive heartburn I have- ugh :) Yes, - keep on trekking- thats what we do! Hugs and prayers to you- let us know how the port placement goes on Monday!

Debbie said...

Yes, I think the crab would be history if the pup could get to it.
The campground looks pretty scary to be driving around in to me too! Can you imagine having to park at night?! Yikes!!!
I'm glad you had a good weekend, Dawn.

Lilly said...

Morning Dawn, I hope yesterday went well for you. Thinking and praying for you always. The crab and the puppy are so cute together. Love the photos. It is a wonder the dog did not dive into the water, ha ha. Yes I think it would have been a dead crab for sure. I am so glad you enjoyed the camping. Wow, that view is just incredible, really beautiful. I hope you have lots of trips like this Dawn. And there are many people out there doing just that. Take Care and lots of good wishes your way.