Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Well hello there! I hope at some point someone out there in the world of blogs will find their way here.

I've visited some very interesting blogs and decided its time for me to begin one of my own. I have alot of ideas but also alot of work to figure out how this all works. I want an interesting blog--and to do that it has to be eye catching!

Until then, if anyone does find their way here....heres alittle about me!

I'm a 50 yr old woman of 5 grown children, 3 sons, and twin daughters. I now have an empty nest. I also have 3 grandaughters. My husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage this past March....and no it wasnt always fun and laughter. Long long story of which at some point I will detail that in my blog. To put it short...I married him twice!

I work full time right now in Social dream is to end it within the next year or so and end my working years somewhere close to water and hopefully working in a gift shop that I own. I have absolutely no idea on how I will accomplish guess is, it will literally come from God.

I live in Wisconsin...and I hate it. I dread it...despise it. I simply was...born in the wrong state. However...I will not leave because I will not leave my children or I'm stuck. Hence the name of the blog---IF by the sea...because I dream of it--but probably will never attain it.

We have a dog named Genie that is our furchild and she is the light of my day...I LOVE coming home to her and cant get enough of her..I will post her picture later.

For now--this is enough..hopefully I will figure this out soon and make this blog so desirable it will bring alot of folks to chat with.

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Anonymous said...

All the best, but why u hate wisconsin?

Dawnie said...

Wisconsin CAN be a beautiful state, BUT...the as I got older, I realized I really need the sun and warmer weather. We can go for days with no sun and our winters can be to long.