Monday, July 28, 2008

My Newest Yard Project!

Good Monday Morning! This week's project is this little ole fence. Not much, but yet its making a huge difference in how it looks in the front. Today after work, we will lay the weed plastic down, and plant the perennials which hopefully next Spring will blossum enough to fill this up.
I already have dreams of pumpkins, mums and hay in front of it for Fall, and then something festive for Christmas.
3 houses to the left of me, a lady won the Beautiful Garden Award. I hope to take that away from her next Spring. Mind you, I have tons more to do! I dont even hold a candle as to what she's done. For some odd reason, when someone gets into their yard close to mine it puts a fire in me. I went thru the same thing at my little trailer. I ended up beating that lady simply because she left the campground! The lady next to our house though--she's not leaving and she adds things every I guess I better get to plantin!

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