Friday, October 3, 2008

The Big "30"

Happy Birthday! My firstborn child and oldest son turns 30 today!!!!! A milestone birthday. Tomorrow he gets married....Happy Birthday Jason.

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Daffodil Hill said...

Nice to meet you, Dawnie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed yours as well. Hope the wedding goes well tomorrow. : )

Nana Net said...

Aw, Dawn congragulations to you and your son both. First for him turning 30 and for you getting a new member added to your family! Here is wishing you both blue skies and sunny days ahead! Plus a gorgeous day for the wedding! Make sure to take plenty of Kleenexes with you! "0)

Nana Net

P. S. Thanks for stopping by. You bring a smile to my face when you do!

Nancy said...

Happy birthday to your son! And a wedding too! Wow, you will be busy this weekend! Hope the wedding goes great! Nancy

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

OOOh....I am anxious to hear about the wedding. :)

SavvyD said...

Well, that's no fair. I am still looking for a quality guy and if he weren't already married I would say, Hey, set me upppp!!!
Have a great day!!