Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Waterfall

Baldyman took this picture of me this weekend in St. Charles, Illinois. The waterfall and Fox River were beautiful. There is a boardwalk where we were walking and all along they had craft vendors. Of course, I didnt take many pictures. I still have a few to post. I want to take some pictures of the goodies I found which I will do sometime this week or weekend. I loved that part of Illinois,,very scenic, hilly, colorful. Normally whenever I"ve travelled thru Illinois all I see is the flat dryer part of it. We are at our Peak color for Fall right now and many trees are already bare. The maples are so beautiful, I want to go collect a basket full and dry them. You've made it to Wednesday fellow bloggers,,,2 more days until the weekend! I have plans to hit an estate sale, do some cooking and baking. Tonight its going to be Cream Cheese Frosted Pumpkin Bars! Make sure you come back for the recipe!

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Good Morning, My son lives in Illinois about 40 minutes outside Chicago. And you are right, it is flat land. When we are driving it seems so strange to me to see corn fields, then a shopping center, then corn fields again. Have a super great day.